M Mustafa Rangoonwala (Khumusi)

I am Mustafa Rangoonwala (Khumusi) and I’m a Holistic Practitioner.

I am also a Handwriting Analysist, Gano-therapist and M.NLP….

From my Interest to Profession

Back 2010 I discovered articles about ‘Holistic Approach to Wellness ’. I didn’t understand it at that time but that minute changed my life. I understand that statements like this,  belong on those cheesy ‘about such food dietary supplement,  such advertise item for $’ sites (don’t be concerned I’m not selling anything here forcefully) but it is actually true.
Within a day of reading this article I had began to search even more about Holistic Recovery &  its meaning – I started dealing with a food supplement company and started exploring about any of it.

As I started growing in reputation and also have begun to develop my knowledge & it became from a spare time activity (some would mention an obsession), to the right part time job to a fully-fledged business recently. I’ve slowly built my internet site into an “information supply” that has enabled me to dedicate increasingly more time to this medium to the point where I am currently as full time knowledge sharing website.

Why Holistic Meaning?

This site is focused on helping many people within their health using Holistic and also Natural Approach.
I started Holistic Meaning in September 2015 due to the fact I wanted to keep a record of what I was learning about Health and because I wanted to connect with people and share the same with them. Since then I trying my level best to share my knowledge here.

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