Gano Massage Oil: MultipurposeGano Masage oil

Gano Massage Oil contains the finest palm oil and Ganoderma extract suitable for every massage need. It is all-natural and rich in antioxidant. Best for all skin types and ages. Use Gano Massage Oil as a revolutionary way to perk up your massage.
Ganoderma lucidum King of Herbs, does wonders on human body. It has sedative properties that can temporarily relieve ones muscle or joint pains. It also has calming effects on nerve ends to give you a sense of wellness and freedom from stress. Ganoderma lucidum is also said to contain anti allergic ingredients that can inhibit histamine release thereby preventing any allergic reactions. Apart from that, it can also speed up wound healing. Above all, it has anti-oxidant properties to preserve youthfulness-anti aging effects.

Gano Massage Oil Health Benefits:
● Relieves minor pains
● Recover from fatigue
● Reduces stress
● Relaxes and loosens stiff, sore muscles
● Enhancement of athletic performance
* Gano Massage Oil Penetrates the skin up to 7th layer.
* Relieves muscle aches and pain.
*Gives instant relief to joint pain, arthritis, rayuma, etc.

Natural Ingredients – 30% Ganoderma Extract and 70% Palm Oil

Rich in anti-oxidants – Vitamin A, E and beta carotene
Vitamin E promotes moisture to skin and hair provides pain relief through ganoderma’s action in improving local blood circulation which effectively deals with main source of muscle soreness spasm and lactic acid accumulation.
No salicylate, thereby avoiding the danger of salicylate induced dermatitis and drug toxicity.
Palm Oil triglycerides carry linoleic acid which favours absorption and availability for use in the body.
Adenosine in the Ganoderma mushroom helps improve muscle tone and contractible.
Suitable for all skin types and all ages.

Palm oil is said to be effective in reducing muscle pain. It also contains vitamin E and Vitamin K to give the skin a nice texture and colour. Gano Massage Oil can be used by anybody in any situation.

Athletes may use it to relieve them of muscle strain after the rigorous training session. A regular use of gano massage oil may also prevent an athlete from muscle strain in future.

Masseurs can use it while providing services to their clients. The calming and sedative effects of Gano Massage oil may leave their clients feeling contented and satisfied.

Cosmetic Applications:
For those women and men who care about their outer appearance, Gano Massage Oil can also be used as a daily facial massage complement, so that they look and stay younger without having to undergo any face lift surgery.

Elderly Persons:
Elderly persons may use Gano Massage oil to relieve them of their body stiffness. A rheumatic elderly may find Gano Massage oil a big help in facing his life struggle.

Gano Massage Oil can also be used to Speed up the recovery of minor cuts and scraps usually experienced by children.

Scalp Conditioning:
Gano Massage Oil can be used to get relief from Dandruff. Gano massage oil is made for everybody’s convenience. It is made odourless with the natural aroma of Ganoderma to gives the user a sense of comfort. It is light and grease less so that it does not give the user any sticky feeling. More over it easily comes off any fabric by. light washing and does not leave any stain on clothes. It gives a soft touch to the skin and makes a good lubrication for may purposes.