Holistic Medicine Secrets: Food Intolerances Can Drastically Affect Health And Vitality


People don’t realize that a severe reaction to a meals, referred to as Coeliac disease, isn’t the only kind of food intolerance.

Reactions caused by food intolerances could be more subtle and worsen over time. You might not be aware that your health is far from optimal even.

Symptoms of meals intolerances include – sluggishness, exhaustion, migraines, gastrointestinal problems diarrhea especially, inflammation + swelling.


Gluten in wheat, wheat especially. Chronic nasal or sinus congestion is usually an indication of an intolerance of dairy products.

Rheumatoid arthritis may be the result of intolerances for nightshades such as potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, and tobacco. It is recommended to be tested for particular intolerances always.

The existence of IGE, one kind of immunoglobulin, will cause the serious reaction of throat difficult and swelling breathing. Many labs don’t check for the other styles of immunoglobulins, a significant one being IGG.

Just how do we develop meals intolerances? In some full cases, people are born with food intolerances.
Some develop over time as a total result of poor digestion. Unless you properly digest your meal, large food particles might enter the bloodstream then. The body considers these huge food particles foreign items, and can trigger the disease fighting capability to react leading to antibody production.

Over time, these antibodies will have a cumulative affect causing all sorts of symptoms as described above. So healthy foods and nutrients that are not properly digested can actually make you sick.

The better you digest your food, the not as likely you are to build up food intolerances. In case you are on the run, chewing too fast or consuming under strain you shall not digest your meal as well. Poor nutrition plays a part in poor digestion.

For optimal digestion:

1 . Eat in a calm, relaxed, stress-free atmosphere

2 . Thoroughly chew your food to break it down and blend it with the salivary enzyme, amylase

3. Eat raw foods as much as possible because they contain enzymes

4. Eat fiber as much as possible – important for proper elimination.

5. Support digestion by taking digestive enzymes, such as pancreatic enzymes, probiotics and betaine hydrochloride to increase stomach acid

6. Simple changes in lifestyle and diet can dramatically improve your health and quality of life!

I recently saw an individual who had a dramatic improvement in her energy after getting evaluated for meals intolerances and building dietary adjustments. Shweta ( not really her real name) have been told by a health care provider to consume cottage cheese and bananas for breakfast and she do this faithfully each day. A blood check showed elevated antibody amounts to bananas and dairy.