Spirulina Nutritional Benefits


SPIRULINA is a special type of green spiral form algae, which contains All the vitamins, minerals, Trace elements, Pythonutrients that a man needs.

By consuming Spirulina we get 5 types of macro nutrients, 4 types of natural pigments & 100% natural nutrients.

1)      Proteins: Spirulina contains 65% of protein which is the highest amongst all the food found in the earth, the protein is 95% easily digest able our digestive system does not have to work & you even get relief from gas & constipation, where as for digesting protein from other food product our digestive system has to work extensively & because of this formation of urea & uric acid is generated & our kidney get extra load of work to do.

2)      Fats: Spirulina contains Fat GLA. It is a very scarce & valuable & can get only through mother’s milk. There is no other source of this very Valuable GLA. It removes problems related to blood circulatory system ladies get relief from pre menstrual problems. It strengthen immune system. Spirulina also contains Sulfolipids & gltcolipids in good amount which save us from viral infections. Spirulina is 100% cholesterol free. It reduces bad cholesterol L.D.L & increases good cholesterol H.D.L which is very good for heart.

3)      Carbohydrates: From Spirulina we get polysaccharide which is helping n cleansing of toxins.

4)      Vitamins : Spirulina contains beta carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B12, vitamin E, folic acid & other vitamins. Vitamins B12 is very scarce & those who are vegetarians cannot get vitamin B12 those who are anaemic (having less blood can find Spirulina helpful; ladies having irregular periods must consume Spirulina regularly & get health benefits. Spirulina contains a good amount of beta carotene which is a precursor to vitamin A, deficiency of vitamin A gives eyesight & skin Problems & nowadays in  small age children eyes get weak & they wear specs. If children use Spirulina regularly they can have solution from this Problem

5)      Minerals : Spirulina has all the minerals together we get iron, Zinc, Copper, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, Selenium, potassium, iodine, etc.. Especially high amount of iron & magnesium, deficiency of iron results in deficiency of blood & you feel tired always of magnesium calcium results in weakening of bones. By regular use of Spirulina you get strong bones & adequate amount of blood.

4 types of natural’s pigments

  1. Phycociamin
  2. Chlorophyll
  3. Zenthofil Beta
  4. Cartlene.

1) Phycociamin helps in ulcers & blood, oozing piles problem & enhances immune power. It is also helpful in making of RBC & WBC.

2) Chlorophyll easily turns to Haemoglobin (blood) hence body deficiency of blood is reduced. Blood is increased. Chlorophyll is also helpful. In making digestive system healthy & reduce fatigue & tiredness, chlorophyll in Spirulina is the highest amongst any herb or vegetables on this earth.

3) Zenthophyll reduces the risk of cancer beta carotene works as the best anti oxidant. 100% natural nutrition which human body accepts wholly & gives amazing health benefits.

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