Super-Food : Yogurt


Yogurt is loved by many persons due to its creamy texture and yummy taste. It is also an extremely healthy food that provides many health benefits. It is a great source of proteins and important vitamins that are beneficial for your body and contribute to avoiding numerous health problems. In this article we will discuss some of the key benefits of yogurt and why it can be easily considered a super-food.
Here are some of the amazing health benefits that you can get from yogurt:

1) Packed with Proteins
Yogurt is packed with proteins and therefore adding it to your diet can be a smart way to take care of the protein needs of your body. Protein is vital for growth and efficient functioning of various body systems. People who want to eat a protein rich diet should certainly include yogurt in their diet.

2) Helps with Weight Loss
People who want to lose weight should certainly start including yogurt as a part of their diet. Amino acids present in yogurt helps in burning fat present in the body. There is a common misconception that eating yogurt daily may actually make you gain weight. This is a myth and on the contrary it can do much to help you shed those extra pounds.

3) Improves Heart Health
Yogurt consumption on a daily basis can be extremely beneficial for the health of the heart and preventing various heart related ailments. People who include yogurt in their diet can considerably reduce their risk of heart disease. Yogurt not only lowers blood pressure but also helps reduce your consumption of saturated and trans fats thereby making a significant contribution to heart health.

4) Effective Against Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is a health condition that results in weakening of the body’s bone structure. Weak bone structure can result in severe joint pains especially in old age. Yogurt can be highly effective against osteoporosis as it contains calcium and vitamin D as they provide strength to the bones.
Yogurt is one of the healthiest dairy products available. If you do not care for yogurt there are a variety of other ways you can incorporate it into your diet. It can be used in smoothies, salads and even in preparing some desserts.

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