Symptoms & Triggers of Eczema

eczema foreverSymptoms of Eczema

Eczema is always marked by dry skin. The eczema pores and skin cannot guard itself from increased rate of evaporation, and the loss of moisture leads to further dryness. In turn, the dry pores and skin gets more irritated and more itchy, leading to improved scratching that worsens the rash. Bacteria, like Staphylococcus aureus, may colonize the inflamed pores and skin. Some scientists believe these bacteria possess a protein in their cell wall that leads to increased itching.

Aside from the very itchy rash and dry skin, one may observe abnormal changes in the arteries of your skin also. There exists a tendency also, often inherited, to become hypersensitive to allergens, producing eczema even worse in the existence of the allergen even though these usually do not touch your skin directly.


Eczema and swelling of your skin go together, as the immune system is responding to the foreign protein causing the allergic reaction.Inflammation causes the redness, and in extreme cases this can be widespread, involving the entire skin.

The inflammation tends to encourage itching. As it progresses, the inflammation appears like small red bumps (technically called papules), and the tops of the papules frequently get peeled off by scratching. Eventually the papules link up, and bigger areas of thickened skin or plaques develop.

Secondary Skin Infection

The skin with atopic eczema is more susceptible to bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. The staphylococcus bacteria can easily infect the skin, and may cause it to break or form yellowish crusts. Herpes virus thrives in eczema pores and skin, as
perform viral warts and the fungus that triggers athlete’s foot.

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Eczema Triggers

Typically, right now there are waxing and waning cycles in eczema, a flare-up period and subsidence then. There are numerous factors that may trigger the condition. Stressful occasions cause flares often, as will secondary pores and skin infections. There are known irritants which can be the culprits also. The normal eczema triggers ( that you should stay away from ) are:

Irritants, Failure to use moisturiser after bathing,Detergents and perfumed soaps.

Disinfectants of whatever kind Chemicals and fumes.Tough cloths and fabrics (like wool).

Allergens. Family pet dander (cats are more susceptible to shed dander than canines )

Pollen, Moulds, Allergens in food, House dust mites, Environmental Conditions.

Temperature extremes and sudden changes in temperature, Humid conditions, Excessive perspiration, Stress and anger.