AGE: 76

Case History
  • Known asthmatic for the past 40 years, was on regular treatment with Asthalin inhater and Betnesol and deriphyllin injection as and when needed. General condition very weak
Present Position
  • Advised to continue RG – 1.3-Morning, GL – 2.3- Evening, regularly for a period of 1 year without fail and to have constant follow up
Treatment Given
  • Ganotherapy started from August 2000 to improve his general condition and to get relief from frequent attacks of Breathing difficulty and Asthma.
  • 14.8.2000 – RG + GL – 1 pair daily morning. 22.8.2000 to 30.8.2000 – RG – 2 pairs – Morning GL – 2 pairs- Evening with gano coffee three times. Also advised to take deriphyllin tablets as and when necessary.
  • Periodic Examination Done
    Gives History of General sense of well being and wheezing remarkably reduced
  • To continue – RG – 1.3-3-3 x 6 months
  • GL – 2. Regular follow up through phone calls. 5.3.2000 General condition improved very well. Wheezing remarkably reduced

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