Non - Healing ulcer From 1997
NAME: Mrs. Sona
AGE: 35
Non – Healing ulcer From 1997.
Case History
  • Dislocated the ankle of the right foot in the year 1984 due to a fall from staircase. Surgery performed at Bangalore to set right the dislocation.
  • Dislocated again due to a fall from staircase in the year 1985.
  • Surgery performed in the year 1989 at Mangalore to set right the ankle.
  • During 2nd Surgery, the blood vessels on the skin surface were damaged. The colour of the skin turned blackish.
  • Eumycetoma – fungal infection spotted on the same foot and treated in the year 1995
  • An ulcer in the same ankle did not heal since 1997.
  • Due to pressure on the foot, blood vessels ruptured, below the foot causing unbearable pain while walking and standing.
  • Swelling of the boot was there. Routine daily work could not be done because of pain.
Present Position
  • From April 2000 to April 2001,
  • Mrs. Sona was on 6 pairs of RG + GL and Gano coffee from August. There was very good improvement and investigations were done.Blood tests were done and doppler study of the limbs to find out blood circulation in both lower limbs
  • Dopper study reported that blood circulation in the limbs is uniform. No thrombus, no clots. Venous system – one perforator (Value detective) was leaking, for which a minor surgical correction was done in the last week of April 23rd 2001. From April to May the wound healed very well
  • The ulcer healed completely by May 2nd week. Mrs.Sona had completely healed from ulcer (Closed completely) before her Malaysia trip.
Treatment Given
  • Introduced to Ganotherapy in March 2000.
  • Started with one pair of RG +GL during first month
  • No Significant findings in the month of March
  • Started to consume 6 pairs of RG + GL in the month of March
  • Colour of the skin started improving very well. Veins on the foot started to show up.
  • Ruptures on the lower part of the foot stopped, and so did the swelling.
  • General health condition improved and the complexion
To Summarise RG + GL Very good for vascular system, helps in regeneration of healthy tissues, and improves the skin texture.

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