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REISHI GANO (RG): Fruit Part

It is a kind of mushroom essence (Ganoderma lucidum) widely known as “King of Herbs” because it has more than 200 active elements that are good for our body.

It is effective in:

  1. Scanning diseases
  2. Cleansing toxin
  3. Regulating body functions
  4. Ensuring recovery of health
  5. Preserving youthfulness
  1. Polysaccharides
  2. Organic germanium
  3. Adenosine
  4. Ganoderic Essence
  5. Protein
  6. Fiber
    RG contains more than 200 active elements Which can be divided into three categories Including 30% of water soluble elements, 65% of Organic soluble elements and 5% of volatile elements.
Important Active Elements:-


A. Polysaccharides (THE CLEANSER)

  1. Strengthen the natural healing ability of the body.
  2. Reduce blood sugar levels and assist pancreas functions.
  3. Help to cleanse toxic deposits from the body (detoxification).
  4. Strengthen cell membrane.
  5. Increase the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells.
B. Organic Germanium (THE BALANCER)    – Partially Soluble
  1. Increases the oxygen content in the body..
  2. Regulates the balance of electrical charges in the body (Electrical Charge Balancer).
  3. Removes abnormal electrical charges found around abscess cells.

A. Adenosine (THE REGULATOR)

  1. Lower cholesterol level in the blood and the amount of free fat.
  2. Lower the level of blood lipid and stabilize red cell membrane
  3. It can lower the level of platelets agglutination and enhance thrombolysis.
  4. Improve the function of the cortex of the adrenal glands to maintain endocrine balance.
  5. Regulate the metabolism for a youthful and energetic feeling.
  6. Balance the ph of the blood.
B. Triterpenoids (THE BUILDER)
  1. Bitter in taste.
  2. Enhance digestive system.
  3. Prevent allergy caused by antigens because it inhibits the histamine releasing mast cells.
  4. Reduce cholesterol and neutral fat in the body.
  5.  Activate the nucleus of body cells.

A. Ganoderic Essence (THE REGENERATOR)

  1. Can overcome skin diseases.
  2. For beautification of skin.
  3. Can be used for external application on skin diseases, mouth ulcer and external wound (Also to stop bleeding).
  4. Rejuvenates the body tissue.

Effects of RG

* RG is a scanner (1-30 days). RG has the wider range of scanning because it contains all the natural elements of Gano water soluble, organic soluble and volatile elements.

* RG does functions like cleansing and detoxification (1-30weeks). RG removes toxins such as uric acid, excess cholesterol, fat deposit, calcium deposit, bad tissue and chemical accumulation through 1) sweating 2) urination and stool 3) boils, rashes, phlegm and mucus discharge.

* RG is a regulator (1-12months). After the toxin removal from the body, RG exerts a balancing effect to restore the body function to normal.

* RG is a builder (6-24 months). RG builds and heals body parts that are injured or damaged. It strengthens the body; immune system, restores mental calmness and gives more resistance to disease.

* RG supplies essential elements such as Minerals and Triterpenoides for the recovery of body function.

* RG is a regenerator (1-3years). It ensures our body is functioning at its optimum level, which is actually a rejuvenating effect and thus restores youthful appearance, strength and peacefulness of mind.




It is the mycelium of ganoderma lucidum. It supplies a whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals to our body. It serves as an oxygen supplier.

1. Polysaccharide
2. Organic germanium
3. A whole spectrum of vitamins
4. A whole spectrum of minerals
The content of polysaccharide and organic germanium are four times more than that of reishi gano.

1. Strengthen body resistance.
2. Cleanse toxins out of the body.
3. Provide full range of vitamins and minerals.
4. Helps to maintain a healthy gastric and renal system.

1. Helps to stabilize and strengthen the body’s resistance system.
2. Reduces sugar levels in the blood and revives the pancreatic function.
3. Prevents the destruction of cell tissues.
4. Discharges water soluble toxins.

1. Increases oxygen supply to the blood system.
2. Revives cell tissues by increasing the oxygen supply to the body’s organs.
3. Relieves fatigue.
4. Cleanses the blood system.
5. Strengthens the circulation of the blood supply.
6. Increases the body’s rate of metabolism.
7. Stabilizes the blood pressure.
8. Stabilizes the electric function in the body.
9. Helps patients to recover from stroke.
10. Prevents numbness in the hands and legs.
11. Eliminates water soluble toxins.

Effects of GL

1. It supplies a whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals to our body. It serves as a brain tonic, oxygen supplier and provides the basis for body growth.

2. Through its polysaccharide content, GL effectively prevents growth of abnormal cells and controls their spread.

3. Helps in strengthening the body immune system.

4. Reduces sugar level in blood and revives pancreas function.

5. Discharges water-soluble toxins.

Through Organic Germanium
* It increases oxygen supply to blood circulation
* It revives cell tissues by increasing oxygen supply to body oxygen
* Relieves fatigue
* Cleanses blood
* Serves as a brain tonic and
* Stabilizes the nervous system
* Stabilizes blood pressure
* stabilizes electrical function in the body & 9) It eliminates water soluble toxins.

According to a report from Japan, GL contains 6000 parts of Organic germanium per million (PPM) whereas RG has 800-2000 PPM of Organic germanium. Thus it increases the hemoglobin content of oxygen by 1.5 times.
Thus both RG & GL should be used together for comprehensive results.It’s always recommended that they are taken as a pair.

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