NAME: Mr.T.G. VISWANATHAN & Smt Sivagami sundari
AGE: 72
Severe bronchitis, Vomiting of phlegm, wheezing, Loss of appetite

Case History
  • Severe bronchitis, Vomiting of phlegm, wheezing, Loss of appetite, Unable to take chill food, piles and suspected of TB (25 years back)
Present Position
  • Within one month of consumption, excellent control of Asthma, no wheezing, able to bath in chill water, able to ingest highly concentrated food, good appetite, stomach disorder gets corrected without any difficulty, toxic substances if any is eliminated within 4 hours, tremendous relief from piles
  • I started with 2 pairs and gradually reduced to 1 pair and 1 use Lingzhi coffee and paste regularly. I feel highly energetic and I do not get tired inspite of my age, I am able to do lots of physical work.
  • My wife, Smt.Sivagami sundari had been suffering from acute hypertension, fear complexion, giddiness, obesity and severe arthritis. After consuming RG/GL, body weight reduced, BP drug dosage reduced to minimum, excellent control in joint pain and now she is able to walk. Thanks to Dr. Lim siow jin for having given us a good quality life

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