Case History
  • Six months back, a patient by name Mrs.Vijaya, 29 years, came to my clinic with the complaints of hest pain, giddiness, palpitation, on and off. I went through her past history with medical treatment.
  • After careful clinical, ECG and ECHO evaluation, it was found that she was suffering from arrhythmic cardiac problems with frequent ectopics.
  • Even though she was consuming anti arrhythmic drugs for more than 6 months, she did not get complete cure form arrhythmic problem. Later, I prescribed RG & GL Capsules to her 1RG + 1 GL – 3 times daily along with regular anti-arrhytmic drugs. Within 45 days, she was relieved of her cardiac symptoms and her ECG became normal.
Present Position
  • DXN – RG, GL Capsules are really a boon to the cardiac patients suffering from the complex arrhythmia’s
Treatment Given
  • This RG,GL capsules has acted on the cardiac myocardial function and has reverted the arrhythmia. Arrhythmia is a complicated cardiac problem which if not treated properly may lead to sudden death of the patient.

Treated by : Dr.S.Raghupathi M.S.,M.Ch., F.R.S.H. (London), F.C.C.P Ayanavaram, Chennai – 600 023. Caradio – Thoracic Surgeon.

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