The succeeding III questions will throw light on who will make you wealthy and guide you to where you need to focus your resources.
Who will make you wealthy? Who will guide you to where you need to focus your resources? The succeeding III questions will!
The succeeding III questions will throw light's on

1) Who will give you Business?
2) Who will take you forward in Business?
3) Who will make you stay in Business?

The succeeding III questions will throw light's on

There are 3 categories of people who are involved in all the above :
b) Striker
c) Stayers

Based on the above 3 categories let us see who runs a business machine : 
Consumers: They are freshmen & Stoppers. They consume for their particular, recognized needs. Without a consumer no business can run. They are like oil for an engine. But the trouble is as soon as their needs are satisfied they tend to stop consuming.Therefore it becomes necessary for a business to keep on finding new consumers or strategize to retain the existing consumer.

The succeeding III questions will throw light's on
Many in DXN tell me that a lot of their earlier consumers had stopped using the products. On account of this, distributors get demotivated. There is no need. It’s a natural behavior of all Consumers. We need to understand this. So what is the next course?
A) Find a
fresh Consumer
B) Read about the next category

Customers: These people are both consumers and promoters. Not only they use the products but at every given opportunity they promote to others also. If you have more customers in your team they will take you forward in your business. However if they see a greener pasture they will Strike their loyalty. They are unstable and are not satisfied with whatever they get. They easily get carried away on small inducements because they are capable of promotion or they may also induce some existing people along with them and the business will suffer. That you can see in your team itself. These people are known as Striker. What to do in this situation so that business does not suffer. For that read about the next category.

Clients: These are Stayers. Come what may they will stay with you. They Use; they Promote and they Stay. These are the people who will make you stay solidly in business.

In business also we need to make more Clients. But no one will become a Client overnight. It’s a process. You need patience.

One has to be a CONSUMER first, then evolve as a CUSTOMER and then blossom forth as a CLIENT

*Consumer is your foundation. This has to be strong and wide. They will certainly give you business. Go daily recruiting at least one consumer. The same consumer can be a new consumer for another product.

** Customers are your trunk. They will promote and therefore your tree will grow.

☺☺Clients are the fruits. Once the base is big and trunk is strong all you need to do is provide proper nutrition and you will enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

Our business strategy should aim at creating more and more Clients out of Consumers and Customers.

This requires strategical planning and implementation. We have to develop training modules to achieve this. That is what I am focusing on.


It is the III ‘C’s Consumer, Customer & Client who will make you Wealthy

But Recognize,

It’s the Client who will make you stay as Wealthy