Why do the B C G findings say that women are the biggest emerging market globally? Broad reasons for this may be deduced as follows :
A perceptible change is seen in the vision segment. What is this vision segment? 

Tunnel is dark but to see light in the tunnel one needs Focus. Women are by nature bestowed with Tunnel Vision. They can focus on anything much better compared to men. A very simple example will prove this. When going to a marriage function or any place where there is a large crowd, women can exactly pinpoint the jewel another woman was wearing, the sari color someone was wearing etc. The same thing, a man cannot recall with perfection. This is because of their Tunnel Vision capacity. It’s nature’s gift to them because in the good old days clear demarcation was done in societies, that women will look after families and children and men will earn for the family. In order to discharge such duties they needed strong focus.

Men by nature have the Scattered Vision as they have to find ways and means for earning. Opportunities are scattered. Multi tasking competencies are called for to excel in their field of activity. Therefore it is necessary for men to have a scattered vision and they are bestowed with the same.

However both vision types have their own strengths and weaknesses. While Tunnel Vision ensures safety, carefulness and a sense of looking thru, it shrinks their concentration to singleness. While Scattered Vision enhances multi tasking capability, hard physical work capacity etc, it derails them as they are not focused on the activity.
However in these days women started up competing with men in all field of activity and they surpass to a higher degree men in many areas. For the past 10 years in any school or university examinations, it’s the women who score higher marks than men. This is not confined to India but is seen all over the world. This means that given an chance to women can excel even in business because they have this Tunnel Vision they can focus on the nitty-gritty’s of the business. There is a very clear shift seen in the vision capacities of women from Tunnel to Scattered Vision. This has to be harnessed for their economic well being and that of their families.

Since women-centric strategies are not seen anywhere, the multi-level marketing Business provides excellent opportunities for women. Specific women-centric strategies are required to be drawn by trainers. Core women groups must be created and they should equal trained thoroughly into the vagaries of business. They must be empowered to perform and have enough material to train others as well.