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SPIRULINA is a special type of green spiral form algae, which contains All the vitamins, minerals, Trace elements, Pythonutrients that a man needs.

By consuming Spirulina we get 5 types of macro nutrients, 4 types of natural pigments & 100% natural nutrients.

1)      Proteins : Spirulina contains 65% of protein which is the higest amongst all the food found in the earth, the protein is 95% easily digestable our digestive system does not have to work & you even get relief from gas & constipation, where as for digesting protein from other food product our digestive system has to work extensively & because of this formation of urea & uric acid is generated & our kidney get extra load of work to do.

2)      Fats : Spirulina contains Fat GLA. It is a very scarce & valuable & can get only through mothers milk. There is no other source of this very Valuable GLA. It removes problems related to blood circulatory system ladies get relief from pre menstrual problems. It strengthen immune system. Spirulina also contains Sulfolipids & gltcolipids in good amount which save us from viral infections. Spirulina is 100% cholesterol free. It reduces bad cholesterol L.D.L & increases good cholesterol H.D.L which is very good for heart.

3)      Carbohydrates: From spirulina we get polysachride which is helping n cleansing of toxins.

4)      Vitamins : Spirulina conatains beta carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B12, vitamin E, folic acid & other vitamins. Vitamins B12 is very scarce & those who are vegetarians cannot get vitamin B12 those who are anemic (having less blood can find spirulina helpful, ladies having irregular periods must consume spiriluna regularly & get health benefits. Spirulina contains a good amount of beta carotene which is a precurser to vitamin A, deficiency of vitamin A gives eyesight & skin Problems & nowadays in  small age children eyes get weak & they wear specs. If children use spirulina regularly they can have solution from this Problem

5)      Minerals : Spirulina has all the minerals together we get iron, Zinc, Copper, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, Selemium, potassium, iodine, etc.. specially high amount of iron & magnesium, deficiency of iron results in deficiency of blood & you feel tired always of magnesium calcium results in weakening of bones. By regular use of spirulina you get strong bones & adequate amount of blood.

4 types of naturals pigments which are very scarce are found in spirulina. Phycociamin, Chlorophyll, Zenthofil Beta, Cartlene. Phycociamin helps in ulcers & blood, oozing piles problem & enhances immune power. It is also helpful in making of RBC & WBC.

Chlorophyll easily turns to Hemoglobin (blood) hence body deficiency of blood is reduced. Blood is increased. Chlorophyll is also helpful. In making digestive system healthy & reduce fatigue & tiredness, chlorophyll in spirulina is the higest amongst any herb or vegetables on this earth. Zenthophyll reduces the risk of cancer beta carotene works as the best anti oxidant. 100% natural nutrition which human body accepts wholely & gives amazing health benefits.


It is the oldest form of life nearly 3 billion yrs perhaps this started life on earth with time, it has developed & kept its existence.

There are more than 25000 types of varities of algae which are born in water. Spirulina is one of them. Spirulina is a special type of green blue algae which is found in sea in natural form. 1927 a german scientist Dr Darwin found out the existence of spirulina for 1sttime & looking at the shape. He named it spiriluna.

1962 a French scientist Dr Clement registered the presence of spirulina in Africa.

1973 discovery of spirulina was officially registered in the international protein of micro organism conference.

1974 F.A.O( Food and Agricultural Organization) Conference declared Spirulina as the best food for tomorrow.

1981 united states food & drug association declared spirulina as ( the best natural food supplement).

If u search on internet google.com for spirulina. There are 40,9000 web pages. To search WHO has learned Spirulina as the greatest food on earth in 1992 WHO said spirulina is full of iron & protein & very safe for children & full of nutrition.

NASA scientist through their trials & research have proved that 1kg of spirulina is equal to 1000kg of mix vegetables. Nutrients. 
It means 1 capsule of spirulina = 300 grams of green leafy vegetables.

IMSAM: An association throughout the globe on government level helping children struggling against malnutrition, giving them nutrition through Spirulina, American president BARAK HUSAIN OBAMA is one of the brand ambassador of spirulina.

Consumption of spirulina is very helpful.

For LADIES: In India 95% ladies have Anemia problem (deficiancy of blood)  & majority of them are facing Menstrual cramps or irregular periods problem resulting in Fatigue & tiredness for most of the time they feel weak, every man must give spirulina to ladies of his house  so that they not only make up for deficiency of blood but their weakness & tiredness is also eradicated.

For CHILDREN: Children like to eat things sold in the market& because of that they do not get proper nutrition hence their mental & physical development is not taking place,if we give spirulina to children they”l have sufficient & proper nutrition by which they will have good mental & physical development eye sight improves so no specs at small age.

For Field workers those who are doing tedious extensive running through out the day  in field, they do not get proper food at the right time, they eat food wherever whatever they lay their hands on & continue their work hence there is a deficiency of nutrition & energy, they are always full of STRESS & FATIGUE, they donot complete their targets by consuming spirulina they get sufficient nutrition  & enough energy to do their work efficiently & complete their  targets very easily.

For SPORTS PERSONS & GYMNAST: people of this category require extra energy & nutrition, the nutrition supplements available in market are made from different types of chemical substances  you get many side effects after using them if sportspersons & Gymnast use spirulina they get high quality nutrition which increases STAMINa naturally, along with that it helps muscle growth. In many countries sports persons of Olympics are given spirulina during their training & practice.

For 50 years & above : Aged persons digestive system is not working properly  they do not get enough energy result Tiredness, & Weakness. If they take spirulina there is no load on their digestive system because spirulina is 100% digestible  hence no load even on the Extratory system , they get loads of energy , Tiredness  & Fatigue  becomes past

For BEAUTY : body”s largest part is skin & like all other parts of our body  even skin needs adequate care & nutrition by consuming spirulina we get good amont of nutrition, the hardness & dryness of  skin is removed, skin becomes soft silky bright & shining. SPIRULINA works as an excellent  ANTIOXIDANT  so the process of aging slows down & makes skin vibrant & attractive.

For reducing weight: 4/5 spirulina 3 times a day ½  hour before meals supplies with all the nutrition that we need  hence the need & want of food diminishes & thus helps in reducing weight.

For becoming Healthy : 2 capsules 3 times a day ½ hour after meals increases hemoglobin level & makes us healthy, the weak becomes strong .

For Specific health problems: those ladies who have darkened skin below their eyes  if they take 2 spirulina 3 times a day & if they drink a cup of pomegranate juice or tomatoe juice after 60 days they can see a remarkable difference in their skin  & the dark circles will vanish.

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DXN Spirulina
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