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Steps to a Longer, Happy and Healthier Life.

The issues that come with ageing are many. And yet the hurdles that must be cleared in your quest to remain fit are not all that hard to conquer.

Steps to a Longer, Happy and Healthier Life.Diabetes check
The sad truth is that diabetes (or, to be more precise, Type 2 diabetes) is now one of the most vital factors affecting our longevity. Presently, a person diagnosed includes a 50 per cent potential for already having problems, such as cardio vascular disease, kidney disease and an elevated threat of stroke or blindness. Producing the diagnosis previously means you could prevent all this and live life fully for longer. Women must have a waistline no higher than 80cm (31. 5in) and guys 94cm (37in). Waist lines bigger than this are connected with a raised threat of high bloodstream pressure, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Steps to a Longer, Happy and Healthier Life.Heart illustration
Heart disease
Cancer might feature in more headlines, but cardio vascular disease remains to be one of the biggest killers, with more persons dying prematurely each year. In the UK, one in six males and one in 10 ladies will die from heart disease. But there are several lifestyle changes that can influence your blood circulation pressure and decrease your threat of a coronary attack:

Steps to a Longer, Happy and Healthier Life.Smoking
In case you are a smoker, you ought to end now. Smoking doesn’t necessarily cause high blood pressure, but it adds to your risk of developing heart disease.
Weight : If you are obese, you should aim to lose weight gradually – one to two pounds a week until you have a healthy BMI.
Diet : For those who have high blood pressure, it is important that you address what you eat and aim to have a healthy well-balanced diet. But if you do nothing else, watch your extra fat intake.
Salt : You should limit your daily intake to six grams.
Alcohol : Drinking in excess can lead to an increase in blood pressure. Stick to the recommended 14 units per week.

Steps to a Longer, Happy and Healthier Life.Memory ideas
Memory matters
Dementia is the most serious form of memory loss, and the one people worry most about. There are lots of things that cause loss of memory, and often it is that you weren’t concentrating when the information went in. It doesn’t matter what it is, but do something every day to exercise your brain. Even a few minutes every day will reap benefits. Let’s face it, no one really wants to make it to 101 years but have no idea the proceedings all around us. Try these mind boosters: Arranged yourself mental problems. Try counting backwards from 100 in twos, threes or fours. Steadily make these problems more difficult.
Try mental puzzles such as for example jigsaws, sudoku, chess, bridge or crosswords. Memories things. Learning a poem or a music off by center is a great way to exercise brain muscles. Wean yourself off calculators. When looking at receipts or cafe bills, accumulate in your head.

Steps to a Longer, Happy and Healthier Life.Office Stress
People often complain that their work is killing them. If you have problems with work-related stress, this may be true. Tension qualified prospects your adrenal glands release a gluco corticoid hormones considered to damage DNA. Additionally, it may produce a selection of psychological symptoms, including lack of motivation or self-confidence, along with an inability to focus or make decisions. If you believe your well being is suffering due to work-related stress, you have to change how you work.
Figure out how to say no in the event that you can’t undertake extra work. If possible, lessen your workload. Sometimes you have to learn to release.Make an effort to make your functioning environment as comfortable while possible.


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