If you are sitting there with your 21-Day Fix bundle, and you are going through your workout plan, you will notice something different during week 4. Week 4 is when the routine changes and you will start doing double workout days to up your routine and boost your results. This may be frightening for you at first, and your first thought may be that you can’t possibly do it. Though that may be your vantage point right now, there are some coping methods you can use to make those double workouts easier.
Make Sure to Rest
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The first thing you need to do is make sure you are resting. Make sure you are taking breaks and that you are not overdoing it. You know your body best and you know when it needs to stop and breathe. This doesn’t have to be a huge thing. You can take a rest by getting a massage, sitting for a few moments doing nothing, or watching your favorite movie. Just make sure that you take some down time and let your muscles and system rest. This is important throughout the plan, but especially on days where you are doing a double workout.
Back to Back Workouts
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Timing is the thing that really throws most people off when it comes to double workout days. You may be busy and have found it difficult enough to get in one workout, much less double. One way you can handle this is by doing back to back workouts and knocking them out in the morning or in the evening. If you feel like it is too much on your muscles, and you don’t have enough downtime or rest time, consider doing them in the evening so you can shower and rest for several hours and during sleep. Though this may not work in some cases, it does work for people who have very busy schedules.
Take an Extra Week
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At the end of the day you are not perfect. No one is. There may be things that keep you from doing double workout days. In fact, some people may have a doctor telling them to avoid this part of the plan. If that is the case, do not feel  bad about taking an extra week and relaxing for a bit. Just don’t do doubles, take a fifth week, and work on you.
By incorporating these four coping methods you can get through those double workout days and make the best of them. Just remember, this isn’t about being perfect. This about getting through, trying your best, and meeting your goals to create a habit that you can maintain even after the 21 days.