Now that you know what an air fryer is and how it works, you may be curious about how
to use the air fryer for healthier foods. The main way an air fryer is healthier is by not
using an excessive amount of oil to coat your food and deep fry it. Instead, you get that
fast cooking time and crispy texture, but air is frying your food instead of fattening oil.
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Fried Food Without the Calories
Naturally, one of the top reasons an air fryer helps with healthier dishes is that you are
cutting down on the fat and calories substantially. Just a tablespoon of oil has over 100
calories alone, and you are using a lot more than that to fry up your food. With an air
fryer, no oil is being used as you are relying on the circulating air to cook the food and
give it a crispness. This allows you to have your fries, fried chicken, or mozzarella sticks
where the oil isn’t being added to the overall calorie count.
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Eat This, Not That!
You Eat Less Processed Foods
This is a really important benefit to your health that you should keep in mind. If time or
difficulty of cooking at home is what is keeping you from eating whole, fresh foods, then
the air fryer can be perfect for you. Not only can you make all your own favorite foods
right in your kitchen to help save money, but it is so easy and fast, that you are
encouraged to cook at home a little more often. This decreases how often you are
driving through a fast food restaurant to get the same fried foods you can make at
home, plus you are going to be eating more whole foods in the process.
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It Doesn’t Require a Lot of Space
Another thing that keeps people from eating healthier is lack of proper kitchen space.
You might live in an apartment or have a tiny kitchen without a lot of room for cooking
appliances. However, this should not mean you are going out to eat or ordering pizza
every night. Air fryers are small appliances, no larger than the standard slow cooker. It
should fit just fine on your countertop and is usually small enough to fit in cabinets with
just a little organization. Even with a small kitchen, you can use the air fryer for fast,
healthier meals.