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In recent years, studies regarding adrenal fatigue have uncovered conflicting information, making it difficult to pin down exactly what causes it, so it’s entirely possible that different sets of illnesses and stimuli could be triggering events. Some cases can be attributed to something as simple as prolonged lack of sleep, or chronic stress, while other cases may be more difficult to diagnose because the real cause could be a serious condition stemming from depression or an autoimmune disease. Diseases like fibromyalgia are very difficult to detect, and are still misunderstood by many health professionals.
While very important pieces of this medical puzzle are still missing, there are quite a few symptoms that most people experience that point to some kind of deficiency of some essential chemicals in the body. These could include blood pressure changes, sudden changes in weight, feeling of restlessness or tiredness, skin discoloration, chronic nervousness, eating or digestion issues and pain the extremities or in your abdomen are all primary signs that you could have adrenal fatigue.
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The only way to be absolutely sure that you aren’t getting some of the important chemicals in your blood stream would be to do an actual chemical blood test to see what you may be missing. Once you have discovered that this is in fact a reality then you might want to begin looking at making some major changes. Try to get as much rest as you can in a day. Be sure to sleep when you can. Monitor your diet. Stay on a schedule that allows you to keep up with your rest, so that will mean that you should avoid staying up past when you feel tired. Take vitamin supplements like magnesium, and manganese.
Talk to your doctor if you think you might be suffering from adrenal fatigue.