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Everyday Yoga For Everybody : Class 1 – Getting connected – Yoga

Everyday Yoga For Everybody : Class 1 - Getting connected - Yoga

Everyday Yoga For Everybody : Class 1 – Getting connected – Yoga

Take a big step to the end of your mat and bring your feet together.

Keep your big toes touching and heels slightly apart, so that the outer edges of your feet are parallel to the edges of the mat.

Ground your feet. Lift your toes, spread them apart and place them on the mat, taking a moment to feel the ground beneath. Breathe. Close your eyes for a moment and connect to your breath. Put all other thoughts aside for the duration of this practice and concentrate on yourself, be present in this moment, feel your body inside and out. Take a deep inhale, feel the air coming into your body, allow it to lift your chest and abdomen, then exhale completely and take all the stale air out.

Slowly, on the next inhale, lift your arms up parallel to your ears and reach up towards the sky. Keep pressing into your feet and try to reach the crown of the head up. Spread your fingers and let the energy come into your body.

Close your eyes once again. Notice your breath, notice how your body is feeling. See if there is any tension in any particular area in your body and if you find it, take the breath there.

Take one deep inhale and on exhale roll your upper body down towards the ground, keeping your arms parallel to the ears. Slowly, with control, reach your fingertips all the way down towards the mat but keep your hips level and square, keep pressing down through the feet. Hold the posture and breathe deeply. Exhale completely and on your next inhale contract your abdomen and lift your upped body all the way up. Exhale and slowly lower the arms down by your side.

Once again inhale deeply and on exhale round the spine and bring your upper body towards the mat, touching the tips of your fingers to the mat and keeping your feet firmly pressed into the ground. If the pressure in the back of the legs is too much, if you are feeling the hamstrings a little too tight today, feel free to slightly bend the knees and bring your palms to the floor, letting the weight of your body fall into the heels, resting the chest on your thighs (as demonstrated in the upper left corner of the screen). If your hamstrings are stretched, please place your palms down on the mat, in front or in line with your feet and bring the weight of your body forward, toward your toes.

Inhale and lift your arms parallel to the ears one more time. Keep pressing into the feet as if you want to lift up on your toes, but your feet are glued to the ground. Feel your spine lengthening, press the crown of the head even higher up, grow tall and make space between the vertebras. Your opinion are precious and we want you to write about this Video in the comment box below and share this Video with everyone whom you know. Subscribe to DXN Health and Wellness to get instant look at New Video published. ***********************************************************

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