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Tips to Revitalize Your Body

Detoxing your body to rid your body of toxins can help you lose weight and improve your health. What most people don’t realize is that your body doesn’t need a special diet to rid itself of toxins. Your body is actually designed to release toxins through a very efficient process which utilizes the skin, kidneys, liver, gut, and lymphatic system.
However, there several things which can hinder your body’s effectiveness in processing wastes and toxins. Stress, poor diet, and illness can all contribute to a sluggish system.
There are several simple ways in which you can revitalize your body and boost the detoxification process. Let’s take a look at 5 things you can start doing to help cleanse your body:
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1.    Sleep
Everyone’s sleep requirements are different, but in general most people need at least 7 hours of sleep each night. Taking time to rest during your day is also beneficial. It doesn’t have to be a nap (although a short nap can be great!), taking 5 minutes to meditate and center yourself can work wonders.
If you find it difficult to fall asleep or to stay asleep, make sure to practice proper sleep hygiene by:
·         Avoiding blue light at least 30 minutes before you go to bed. This type of light can disrupt your brain’s sleep signals so make sure to turn off all electronics such as your phone, tablet, and laptop.
·         Practice meditation or use guided imagery to relax. There are several apps which can help you fall asleep.
·         Get some exercise every day but not right before you go to bed. Going for a walk after dinner or working out at the gym after work, will burn up excess energy and make it easier to fall asleep.
If you find that you’re still struggling to fall asleep each night, consider going to bed an hour before your usual time. This will allow you enough time to relax and fall asleep without stressing out about how long it’s taking.
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2.    Reduce Stress
Your body produces a hormone called cortisol in response to stress. This can end up having an impact on your appetite which can lead you eat unhealthy foods. Ultimately your overall well-being is impacted, including your body’s ability to detox itself.
The quickest way to relieve stress is to find out what is causing it and remedy the situation as quickly as possible. Effective stress management techniques include yoga, meditation, exercise, and counseling.
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3.    Stay Hydrated
Water does a lot more than keeping you hydrated. It maintains your body’s temperature at safe levels, helps with digestion and removes unwanted toxins from your body.
Water repairs your body’s cells so it can break down nutrients more easily to be used as energy. You’ll need to drink around three liters of water per day which is adequate to help the digestive system break down nutrients and remove waste.
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4.    Avoid Processed Food
Process food or junk good fills you up with empty calories so you’re not getting all the nutrients you need. Instead your consuming large amounts of sugar, fat, and sodium. These unhealthy foods can cause you to gain weight and ultimately increase your risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease.
These diseases can slow down your body’s natural ability to release toxins and eating foods high in sugar can lead to fatty liver which damages your liver.
Replaced processed food with whole natural foods and adopt a clean eating lifestyle. You’ll find over a week that you’ll have more energy too.
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5 ways to use less salt
5.    Consume Less Salt
Consuming foods high in sodium will cause your body to retain water, and it will struggle to be flush out toxins.
Retaining water can cause bloating and gas, and although it sounds counterintuitive, the best way to get rid of excess fluid is by drinking more water.
These 5 tips can help revitalize your body so it can function at optimal levels. Eating clean and ensuring you get enough sleep and regular exercise can make a huge difference in the way you feel.
Tips to Revitalize Your Body
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