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Everyday Yoga for Everybody : Class 7 – Releasing the Myofascial tension

Everyday Yoga for Everybody : Class 7 – Releasing the Myofascial tension 3 zone breathing (abdomen, chest, shoulders?) Clear your mind, find your breath and make it more profound. Lay on the mat on your back and find your breath. Breathe deeply into the abdomen, let it lift on each inhale and observe each breath you take. Empty the lungs completely on exhale, gluing the abdomen to the spine. On the next breath, inhale all the way into the chest, expanding the abdomen and chest and make the exhale complete, emptying the lungs. Take a couple of breath here. On the next inhale, let the oxygen come all the way into the clavicles, lifting the shoulders. Inhale and exhale deeply, expanding the abdomen, chest and shoulders and exhaling all the air out. This is the yogic breathing. Inhale and exhale completely, taking a few more yogic breaths here. Inhale deeply and lift your arms over your head. Stretch the arms and legs in opposite directions, stretching the whole body. Bend your left knee and bring it in, interlacing all your fingers and pressing the knee on the chest. Open the knee to the side, place it all the way down on the floor and press your knee down with the corresponding palm. Allow the hip to open. Breathe in and out deeply. Lift your knee and bring it across the right thigh, pressing it with the opposite palm to the floor, stretching the left arm down, in line with the shoulder. Keep the foot hooked on the knee. Look to your left side and allow the spine to twist all the way from the coccyx to the cervical. Breathe. Bring both legs on the mat and straighten them. Prepare to change the side, bringing your right knee to the chest, interlacing all your fingers below the knee and pressing the knee on the chest. Breathe and prepare to open the hip to the right, allowing the knee to rest on the mat/floor and opening the other arm to the side. Inhale and exhale deeply. On the next inhale bring the knee up, press it with the opposite palm and open the right arm to the side, allowing both your scapulae/shoulder blades on the mat. Take the knee across the left hip, stretching your outer hip and twisting your whole spine, restoring its natural range of motion, cleansing your internal organs and stimulating your circulatory system. During a twist the organs are compressed, pushing out blood filled with toxins. When you release the twist, fresh blood flows in carrying oxygen, preparing the body for tissue healing and improving the circulation. Return to center, making both legs straight. Keep both knees bent, place both feet on the mat and turn your body to the left. Place the left hip on the mat, hips aligned, shoulders aligned and open your palms to the sides, turning your head to the right. Look to the right palm or close your eyes and feel the spinal twist. Try to keep both shoulder blades connected to the mat, knees together and breathe deeply and calmly through the nose. Inhale and return to the left, bringing the palms together. Your opinion are precious and we want you to write about this Video in the comment box below and share this Video with everyone whom you know. Subscribe to DXN Health and Wellness to get instant look at New Video published. *********************************************************** How to Get Youtube Channel to 1000 Subscribers and Get 4000 Hours Watch-time Fast : *********************************************************** My Viral Playlist’s: Elite Instagram Marketing Videos : DXN Health Product Knowledge : Motivational Videos Playlist : Dr Steven Gundry Playlist : Do you want to Rank Your Videos on Youtube? Click the link to get Instant Discount here – To Join me in DXN : (Contact me after Joining For more Info. if needed) Get Socialistic ****************************************** Share, Support and Subscribe to my Channel Youtube: Twitter: Facebook:… Instagram :… Email : [email protected] (Only serious Inquiries and no Spam please) ******************************************* I am an DXN Independent Distributor. Our Main AIM is to Aware People about Food Supplements and its Miraculous Healing Powers. DXN is the company which is know for its Lergest Ganoderma Producing ability since last 2 decades. In Direct Selling Company DXN Ranks 24th in Top 100 Companies. It is one of the most well known and fastest growing organization in the world by virtue of the One Dragon, One World, One Market. #DXNHealthandWellness #dxn #health #healthtips #healthiswealth


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