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Multi-Grain Stir Fry

Multi-Grain Stir Fry Ingredients * Sesame oil – 2 Tbsp * Whole millet cooked – 1/4 cup * Whole barley cooked – 1/4 cup * Whole quinoa cooked – 1/4 cup * Black rice cooked – 1/4 cup * Any other whole grain of your choice – cooked – 1/4 cup For the Stir Fry * Cilantro – few sprigs * Salt/pepper to taste * Celery chopped – 1 stick * Lemon – 1 * Chopped beans – 4-5 * Soy sauce – 2 Tsp * Carrots chopped – 2 Tsp * Green onion chopped – 3 Tbsp * Peas – 2 Tbsp * Peppers chopped – 2 Tbsp * Garlic chopped – 1 Tsp * Ginger chopped – 1 Tsp * Onion chopped – 1/4 cup * Tofu small cubes – 1/4 cup * Mushrooms – 2 Tbsp Instructions * Heat sesame oil in a pan * Sauté onion ,garlic, ginger, celery in a pan on medium heat * Add beans ,carrots, peas, peppers, beans and mushrooms * Cook for 10 mins * Add tofu and season with soy sauce and salt/pepper * Add lemon juice * Cook till it’s a little dried off * Add the ancient grains mix well * Finish with onion greens and chopped cilantro Your opinion are precious and we want you to write about this Video in the comment box below and share this Video with everyone whom you know. Subscribe to DXN Health and Wellness to get instant look at New Video published. *********************************************************** How to Get Youtube Channel to 1000 Subscribers and Get 4000 Hours Watch-time Fast : *********************************************************** My Viral Playlist’s: Elite Instagram Marketing Videos : DXN Health Product Knowledge : Motivational Videos Playlist : Dr Steven Gundry Playlist : Do you want to Rank Your Videos on Youtube? Click the link to get Instant Discount here – To Join me in DXN : (Contact me after Joining For more Info. if needed) Get Socialistic ****************************************** Share, Support and Subscribe to my Channel Youtube: Twitter: Facebook:… Website : (Follow by Email) Instagram :… Email : [email protected] (Only serious Inquiries and no Spam please) ******************************************* I am an DXN Independent Distributor. Our Main AIM is to Aware People about Food Supplements and its Miraculous Healing Powers. DXN is the company which is know for its Lergest Ganoderma Producing ability since last 2 decades. In Direct Selling Company DXN Ranks 24th in Top 100 Companies. It is one of the most well known and fastest growing organization in the world by virtue of the One Dragon, One World, One Market. #DXNHealthandWellness #dxn #health #healthtips #healthiswealth


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