10 Types of Depression – Holistic Meaning 

10 Types of Depression - Holistic Meaning
Types of Depression

Chronic Depression
Chronic depression, or as it is often referred to Dysthymia, is a form of depression that is not as severe and disabling as severe depression but can still affect the patient for periods up to two years or longer. People affected with chronic depression are usually able to cope with day to day living but []

Clinical Depression

Although most people believe that depression is just sadness there is a lot more to it and it can be serious health becoming a major life issue if not properly diagnoses and treated. People with clinical depression often can not function normally and lack the ability or desire to find joy in people []

Major Depression

The majority of the medical community agree that of the various forms of depressive disorders major depression should be classified as the most severe of them. The patients who are affected by major depression usually have more of the symptoms of depression and also more severe episodes of them. They are also more frequent []

Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression (PPD) what also known as postnatal depression and to mothers sometimes as the “baby blues” is considered by the medical profession as a form of clinical depression following childbirth. This form of depression is fairly common with 5 to 9 per cent of woman who gives birth are affected by it. []

Depression Disorder

Depression Disorder is often interchanged with Depressive Disorder and Major Depression. Depression Disorder is a mood disorder. Individuals affected by Major Depression Disorder must have uninterrupted symptoms for a period of at least two weeks. Basically, these individuals are depressed, they do not see any joy or excitement in life. []

Sexual Depression

Sexual problems can occur in people who are already diagnosed with depression thus adding to the already depressed state of the individual. In men the sexual depression symptoms can take the form of erectile dysfunction, while in a woman it can be the inability to have an orgasm or sexual desire, and for both []

Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety do not necessarily mean the same thing. Stress can be associated with a feeling of frustration, anger, and anxiety; it could be the stress of having a heavy workload, or the need to meet a deadline and more. What is stressful for one person may not have to be stressful []

Bipolar Depression

Bipolar Depression is a depression that must include at least one episode of mania. Mania and depression are polar opposites on the range of human moods, which is why they are called bipolar. Most people who have this condition do have more than one episode of mania. On average, a person may experience []

Alcohol and Drugs

Depression is a common complaint about individuals seeking medical attention in the USA. Over 25 million Americans go to a doctor’s office for antidepressants as the treatment of depression. Depression affects people of all ages and depression can lead to some very serious consequences. About 13 per cent of senior citizens have some kind of []


Thoughts of suicide are common among depressed people. Though it does not mean that every depressed person will have suicide ideation or worst still attempt suicide, it does put people suffering from depression at a higher risk for suicide than the general population. Usually, sufferers of major depression will not have the energy []

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