3 Powerful Reasons You Should Meditate
Everyone should meditate. It is that simple. Meditation is something that can benefit everyone and with more and more research demonstrating just how profound its effects are, this is something that is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore.
In this presentation, we’ll be looking at 3 incredibly powerful reasons that you should take up meditation and make it a part of your routine.
1 Meditation Makes You Smarter
Studies show that meditation can literally make you smarter and increase your score on IQ tests. There are many reasons for this but one of the most likely is that it works via increasing working memory and concentration. In other words, this can enhance your ability to focus on one thing and that in turn has been linked with our ability to keep information stored while we work on other tasks. This can help you carry numbers across when you are doing math, to know where other players might be on the field while playing sports and to keep in mind all the subjects you’ve covered in conversation.
In brain scans, meditation has been shown to encourage greater cortical thickness, meaning that your brain literally gets heavier and thicker in the most important areas.
2 Meditation Helps You Control Your Emotions
Also highly important is the fact that meditation can make you more emotionally stable. This is demonstrated in studies and it makes logical sense when you consider that meditation can allow you to shut out stressful thoughts and to find a place of calm. Meditation makes us significantly less stressed on a daily basis which is incredibly good for our general health and which can improve our performance and our ability to thrive under pressure.
What’s more, is that if you appear to have greater control over your emotions and to be ‘unflappable’, then people will respect you more and be more likely to follow your leadership and your advice.
3 Meditation Gives You Discipline
But perhaps best of all is that meditation makes you more disciplined and better able to choose what you want to focus on. This means you can accomplish more, work faster and even perform better in athletic pursuits. Once you unlock that self-discipline, you can take back control over your own behavior and stop being dictated to by your feelings and whims.
If that’s not enough reason to meditate then I don’t know what is!