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Types of Depression Sexual Problems

Types of Depression Sexual Problems

Depression Sexual Problems
 Sexual Problems
Sexual problems can occur in people who are already diagnosed with depression thus adding to the already depressed state of the individual. In men the Sexual depression symptoms can take the form of erectile dysfunction, while in a woman it can be the inability to have an orgasm or sexual desire, and for both sexes. It can take the form of an inability to initiate or enjoy sex.
The brain is the major sexual erogenous zone. When the neurotransmitters responsible for mood are not balanced that causes depression, and when the brain is in the state of depression, sexual depression will occur because of the suppression of blood to the sexual organs when neurotransmitters required to regulate mood (sexual desire) are not functioning the way they should be. If the signals for desire are turned off or slowed down, sexual dysfunction will occur. Sexual depression is associated with the general depression causes of chemical imbalances in the brain and these imbalances can really disrupt a sexual relations and disrupt the normal sexual activity of a marriage.
The routine depression drugs such as, the serotonin reuptake inhibitors help regular general depression, however, they cause imbalances in the sexual response and tends to inhibit sexual desire. These depression mediation side effects, will become pronounced as the medication increases to the point that some depression sufferers no longer have any sexual desire at all. It is unfortunate that a depression medication that helps in one area, can hinder in another

How Can We Manage Depression Sexual Problems Side Affects

There are various depression medications on the market today and so your doctor would keep trying different ones to find the right antidepressant and the right dosages of medication for you. Some of the later generation depression drugs on the market do not affect sexual desire as much as the earlier generations. However, an alternate approach would be to prescribe depression medication to specifically fight depression yet does not affect sexual desire, in fact they should improve sexual desire.
Human beings are sexual creatures and sex is a normal part of life. Sexually intimacy is important on social, emotional, and physical levels. Intimate contact is important and needed. If you are married and cannot enjoy sex anymore because of depression medications, don’t let that affect your marriage, even if you do not have any desire anymore, you must consider the needs of your partner as well. A good marriage is very important for a depressed individual. A spouse may begin to feel unloved or unwanted, they may not understand that this lack of sexual interest is due in part to depression medication. When all it takes is an adjustment in your medications to get back to feeling the way you once felt, you owe it to yourself and to your partner.
Fortunately, not every depressed person lacks any sexual desire and can still have a great sex life. Sex therapy can be exactly what a depressed person needs to feel loved and sexually desirable to his or her partner. Having a good sex life can help a couple get through the trying times of dealing with depression.


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