How to make Money Online from wemedia?

Have you ever thought abouthow to make money online fast”? or how to make money online in India? Or maybe “how to make money online at home”? then you have landed on the right page. 

Today, I show the website on which you can make money online. The website name is Wemedia where one can post articles, videos plus much more and you could make money from home by writing articles, upload original videos.
In this article, I write about all the things you need to know in details and how to join wemedia, how to earn money and much more. So follow the post to find out more.

How to make Money Online from Wemedia?

What is wemedia?

Wemedia is India’s versatile website which provides Hot & top articles, movie clips, what’s app status, viral videos and much more. It offers more than 12 channel and provides more than 3, 000 articles per day.
Join Wemedia and earn real money from home by uploading your video clips or write articles. So, in this app, you can earn money up to 30, 000 per month but you have to work honestly.
How to make Money Online from Wemedia?

How to register in the Wemedia?

1. First of all Signup on Wemedia here. (choose category carefully)
2. Then Verify your account thru email. ( Read Faq)
3. Then go to Wemedia website and begin writing articles.
Watch this Video Tutorial on How to work on wemedia:

This Video is Just for demo Purpose “Rights belong to Respective Owner”
How exactly you can Write an Article? Continue reading because I’ll reveal how to write articles and submit posts on wemedia which is accepted with no issue.
Note: Anybody having fundamental Knowledge can perform this work thus don’t panic and follow the steps properly.
There are many ways to find Articles, I have provided 2 ways to find and Generate Article for Wemedia.
1) Watch Full Video on “How to Write an Article “Unique Article”?
This Video is Just for demo Purpose “Rights belong to Respective Owner”
2) Watch Full Video on “How to write a unique article for your blog post, WordPress and website”?
This Video is Just for demo Purpose “Rights belong to Respective Owner”
So basically you have to get Unique article to get approved in Wemedia.
I hope you have learned the best way you can get the job done. Moving on, you will need 3 to 4 images to place in your article which should not be watermarked or company name or any kind of logo representing rights.
That’s it…..
Repeat this procedure and you will have a unique article every time you do the same.
Note: If you want to earn a decent amount of money in Wemedia then work daily and continuously for at least 6 months and then see the magic.

Wemedia have different threshold levels for writers and incentives accordingly.
The more you publish an article, the more you get followers and you will get more views and you will earn accordingly. Consistency is the key in Wemedia.
Note: If you have any questions you can ask in the comment box below. If you want more trick and tips on how to earn money online then comment below the same.