The first thing you want to do before starting any type of exercise routine is an evaluation of your current physical state. While there is quite a bit of self-assessment that will go into this, you should also pay a visit to your doctor before you start on your muscle-building journey.

Why Visit the Doctor?

Visiting your doctor for a health assessment before starting a new exercise routine is important for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, your doctor will be able to tell you if you physically capable of doing what you are setting out to do. There are some medical conditions that may require you to do modified strength-training exercises and your doctor can help direct you in this. The other reason you’ll want to check with your doctor before you begin is if you are planning on taking any supplements. While the vast majority of protein supplements are perfectly safe, there are some types of supplements that could interfere with medication or medical conditions, so you’ll want to double check with your doctor before starting any supplements. Here is a checklist of everything you will want to get for a baseline before you begin: o Body weight o Body fat percentage o Biceps measurement o Triceps measurement o Quadriceps measurement o Calves measurement o Waist measurement o Chest measurement o Bust measurement (for women only) o Neck measurement o Number of push-ups done o Number of crunches done o 1RM for every exercise