When creating your personal training schedule, it’s important to keep in mind your personal schedule so you can take rest days when you need them. With this schedule, it’s flexible enough that you can take the two rest days literally any day throughout the week, and you can cover the various muscle groups in any order you want. If there’s an area that you’re focusing on, then it’s best to schedule it after a rest day. That way, you will have the most energy to be able to tackle that particular area. It’s also important to note that the smaller muscle groups that recover quickly (abs and calves) are not given days, but can be tagged onto several workouts throughout the week. Here is a sample training schedule along with several exercises you can do for each day: (If unsure of the exercises, I suggest searching them on Youtube and you will quickly see how the exercise is performed, learn exact technique and proper form) Day 1: Arms On this day, you’ll be focusing on your biceps and triceps. Your bicep and triceps muscles are responsible for allowing you to lift things, and are often what many people focus on when muscle building. This is because your arms are typically the most visible part of your body, so it’s the first part of you that people will notice after you’ve been doing plenty of muscle building. Best biceps exercises: o Barbell curl o Standing biceps cable curl o Incline dumbbell curl o Concentration curl o Reverse-grip bent-over row Best triceps exercises: o Upright dip o Bench dip o Close-grip bench press o Triceps push-down o Dumbbell overhead triceps press