With so many muscle-building diets to choose from, it may be hard to decide which one is right for you. Whatever you decide to do, maintaining a good balance of macro-nutrients is the key to promoting general health, fat loss, and muscle building. We’ve gathered a few of the most popular muscle-building diets that can help you reach your goals.

Here are some of the most popular muscle-building diets:

80-10-10 Diet This diet plan focuses more on how the food is processed in your body more than what they are, so you can easily follow this while still getting the right balance of macro-nutrients. Whole foods are those that are not processed. Essentially, if you look at the ingredient list and there’s only one thing on it, it’s a whole food. If it’s got a bunch of things you can’t pronounce, it’s processed and potentially dangerous. For this diet plan, you need to have: o 80% of your daily food coming from whole foods you enjoy o 10% of your daily food coming from whole foods you haven’t tried or don’t particularly enjoy o 10% of your daily food coming from whatever you want Split-Meals Diet This diet is simple, and involves splitting up your meals throughout the day. The idea is that it helps keep your body fueled and energized throughout the day. It can also help keep you feeling full so you don’t run the risk of over-eating during your meal times, which can lead to fat gain. For this diet, simply split your normal meals up into 5 – 6 meals throughout the day plus a couple of snacks.