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How To Get Rid of Garlic Breath?

How To Get Rid of Garlic Breath?

How to get rid of Garlic BreathWhat is Garlic Breath

Garlic is one such food item, which not also makes the food smell good, flavourful and better but comes with many health benefits too. Garlic is best for reducing many types of cancer, heart diseases and blood pressure. The aroma of Garlic is widespread as and when it is chopped, roasted or crushed it. But then there are some compounds like Allyl Methyl Sulphide in Garlic, which does not, breaks and remains undigested. This creates a certain odour and smell, which is released while we breathe or sweat. Thus, Garlic Breath is the result of undigested compounds of Garlic after its consumption. The smell can linger around in the mouth for longer and can be embarrassing at times.

True Reason Behind The Bad Garlic Breath

Garlic is an aromatic food, which can leave a dangerously bad smell afterwards. Although Garlic makes the food taste better, have various health benefits, it can be very frustrating to deal with the bad smell it produces. But not many knew the reason behind garlic breath due to consumption of Garlic. Garlic comes from alliums plant, which generates a cysteine sulfoxide, which provides them with a unique odour, smell and taste. The bad breath occurs due to some of the sulphuric compounds present in Garlic which is produced by a bacteria called Anaerobic. By knowing the scientific reason, we can easily predict the answer to “how to get rid of garlic smell”.

How to get rid of Garlic Breath

6 Common food recipes that cause Garlic Breath

Garlic is such an ingredient which while eating gives a kick to the meal but then it makes one uncomfortable with the bad garlic breath afterwards. So, today we are listing the common foods that cause Garlic breath. We have already written the best guide on How to get rid of Garlic Breath. By following this guide, you can avoid bad garlic breath in just a few minutes. Garlic is used in all sorts of dishes round the year. Right from soup, snacks, sides and main course, garlic can be added in any form – dry, roasted and in powder to the dishes to take it to another level. Some of them who love garlic and not worry about the smell and pungent breath later on but some of them avoid using or having garlic just because of the bad garlic Breath later on. Let’s look at some of these Garlic Recipes, which can give a bad Garlic Breath.

Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread is a basic food recipe in Italian food cuisine and is enjoyed by many in States. The garlic bread requires garlic as the main ingredient and a garlic spread is made to spread over the bread. Bake the bread and the garlic bread is ready. A strong flavour of Garlic can be smelled while cooking as well as while eating.

Garlic Chicken

Chicken is like a staple dish and many new varieties of a dish can be made for chicken. A garlic marinade is prepared using a lot of garlic cloves, olive oil, oregano and chilli flakes. The chicken is marinated with the garlic, stored overnight, and cooked the next day. A very pungent taste of Garlic can be tasted in this recipe.

Garlic and White bean dip

If you are a dill and garlic lover then this dip would be lip-smacking. It has strong flavours of roasted garlic and white beans, which can be paired along with any of your snacks. It can be an alternative for pickle too. For those who love Garlic and do not care for the bad Garlic Breath, later on, can even have extra Roasted garlic layers to it.

Honey garlic Glaze Shrimp

Seafood lovers are sure to find Shrimp at their house and can bake them, grill them and use them in various foods. Shrimp is marinated and then cooked. Over the cooked shrimp, a mixture of Honey and chopped and crushed ginger is added to form a glaze. This will give a strong, raw and pungent flavour of Garlic. Although it tastes delicious garlic can make your breath smell bad and would require you to brush immediately.

Garlic Chicken soup

What better than a chicken soup on the winter nights. Garlic is good for warmth and is very strong in taste. Raw garlic is used in Chicken soup to spice up the flavour and can be smelled in the breath afterwards.

Garlic Thyme Quinoa Patties

Patties are a real quick snack made at home and this does not require much of time or ingredients. Simple patties can be good to taste but when paired along with thyme and garlic, the blast in mouth happens. It requires cooked Quinoa and other herbs. Raw garlic is used and crushed in the mixture. Patties are formed and then cooked in a pan. A pudgy Garlic flavour leaves a bad smell and requires to scrape down immediately.

Garlic can make every food tastier and gives a strong flavour to the dish overall. It is not considered as herb and is a seasoning but the aroma of Garlic is very strong giving punchy taste to food. It would not be advisable to consume garlic dishes when out or with unfamiliar people because the bad Garlic Breath would be quite embarrassing and would restrict you to communicate with others. The smell would also not easily go even after brushing or scraping and would leave you tangy headed. Try to avoid garlic completely together and if not get rid of the bad breath by using various remedies.

How to get rid of Garlic BreathScientific Reasons Behind Garlic breath

Garlic Breath is the Halitosis occurred due to undigested components present in Garlic. But then the Garlic bad breath happens majorly out of two reasons. The first can be a direct one. When a person consumes Garlic, the sulphur compounds present in the Garlic would stay in touch with your mouth and on the immediate basis would give a garlic breath. This breath does not remain for so long as it is gone as and when the person brushes, scraps or flush out the Garlic smell.

The other way Garlic breath is produced is out of Lungs. This can be surprising because all of this time we only knew Garlic smell coming out from the mouth of coming in direct contact with garlic. But the Garlic breath coming out from lungs is due to one component present in garlic named Allyl Methyl Sulphide. This sulphide remains unabsorbed in our body and when the person exhales or breathes the bad smell produces. This smells bad and stays for a longer time comparatively. That is why the garlic breath smell coming out from the lungs cannot be rid off with brushing or scraping even after doing it for multiple times.

How to Get Rid of Garlic Breath

How to Get Rid of Garlic BreathGarlic is loved by many in their meal and this is because it uplifts the taste and flavour of the food and gives a certain kind of Aroma, which pleases the eater. But as much people love eating Garlic, they hate that bad garlic smell coming out after its consumption. They make sure all the ways possible to get rid off from the bad garlic smell but at times it is in vain as the smell would remain and would go after some time on its own. Sometimes even it gets stuck on our hands. So if you are thinking about “How to get rid of garlic smell on hands”. Then it is only possible in two ways.

Removal of Garlic from the diet

If you want to get completely rid off from the bad garlic smell, the best and wise option would be full avoidance of garlic in your food. You should stop eating garlic in your meal and this is how you can get completely rid off from Garlic Breath.

Reducing it using remedies

If you cannot completely stop eating garlic then the other solution to it can reduce the bad Garlic breath. There is no such way to completely getting rid of Garlic breath but it can be neutralised by using various remedies to reduce the smell coming from the mouth. They are not completely effective but can lower it.

How To Get Rid Of Garlic Breath Fast – Best Remedies

How To Get Rid Of Garlic Breath FastSome people want garlic in every food or meal they eat just because of the taste and aroma but do not want to have that smell. Getting completely rid of Garlic after its consumption is not possible but yes, it can be reduced by the application of various food remedies.

Raw Apples

Apples are very nutritional fruit, which not only keeps a doctor away but also helps in reducing the bad Garlic Breath. Out of all remedies, raw apple is considered the most effective. The reason being the Polyphenols working as an antioxidant helps in breaking down the undigested Allyl Methyl sulphide which causes the smell and thus can mitigate the bad garlic breath.


As apples have polyphenols, the same is in Spinach, which breaks down the sulphuric compounds present in garlic. The best part is that the taste of Spinach and Garlic cooked or eaten together is marvellous and one cannot say no to it.


Lemon works as a natural deodorant for bad garlic breath as lemon has antibacterial properties. After consuming garlic just squeeze the lemon in your mouth and can even wash hands with lemon juice to remove the smell from hands.

Parsley, Mint & Basil

Parsley Mint and Basil have the strong aroma of their own and contain polyphenols helping in fighting back with the bad garlic smell. They are highly rich phenol food and can be consumed separately while or after having Garlic in the food. The combination of basil, parsley and Garlic is mouth-watering.

Coffee Beans

Coffee has a strong flavour made out of Coffee Beans. These coffee grounds are a bit stronger in taste and it reflexes the bad smell out from garlic. It is said that chewing coffee beans for a while would let garlic smell away.

Green tea

Green tea is not only good health-wise but the enzymes and antioxidants present in it help in eliminating the strong garlic bad breath. You can have green tea after consuming garlic or can even drink it while having garlic.


Milk is a great nutrition booster and is recommended to drink milk every day to get the required carbs and calories. But milk has some other benefits too. It helps in neutralising the garlic odour thus preventing the bad garlic smell. The fat content helps in doing so that is why the whole milk is stated to be more effective in reducing the smell than the skimmed or toned milk. Also, it is advised to drink milk and garlic together rather than drinking it after consuming Garlic.

Anise and fennel seed

As the herbs like mint, parsley and basil help in eliminating the bad odour, the same way anise and fennel seeds act as an effective remedy to get rid of bad garlic breath. You can consume them directly or along with water. Taking it directly will be more effective, though.


There are various other remedies, which helps in removing the bad Garlic breath such as gargling, brushing, scraping, chewing gum etc. The above-stated remedies only help in reducing the bad Garlic breath to the maximum and not all together. Many are effective and can be readily and easily available at your home.


How To Get Rid of Garlic Breath?
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