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What I eat in a day (K-pop idol diet) 🌿

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What I eat in a day (K-pop idol diet) 🌿

Hello everyone. Hello, it’s Ashley This is Ashley here, hi~~ And today I’m gonna be talking about something that was highly requested, Joan first mentioned it in my blog And then you guys left comments saying like, “Oh, I wanna see a video on like what you eat in a day?” So I decided to make a video; I wanna take you guys with me through my day from breakfast – lunch to dinner and snacks in between and show you guys what I eat throughout the day and some diet tips if I have any and Yeah, I hope you guys find it helpful And yeah, let’s get started.

First some background info I came to Korea in 2011 and then I started training to become a singer then I had to go on a diet Mm-hmm. I never thought I was overweight or considered thick but of course when you’re on TV You want to look even thinner because the camera does add a few pounds. So that’s when I started trying to lose weight. That’s when I started having like crazy Cravings I had a huge appetite. I just wanted to eat whatever I saw It’s just all a mental thing. Umm, I struggled a lot with that There is a lot of diets I’ve tried. I tried like the one food diet where I would just eat one type of food I tried eating just apples for like three days and just bananas and There were days when I just survived on just ten cherry tomatoes. Do not do that. You have no energy, you feel dizzy all the time. Do not try it ever I’ve been through a lot of unhealthy diets Now I’m currently on a diet just to lose a few pounds and I haven’t been starving.

I’ve just been trying to eat healthier Whatever you see today on my video is not something I would necessarily do every day when I’m not on my strict diet, this is considered strict for me because when I’m not on strict diet I would have at least one normal meal a day But I feel like diet is really like a lifestyle You really need to change the way you eat, the way you live. You have to exercise so I feel like just deciding two weeks out of the year that you’re gonna Be super fit and that you’re gonna starve for two weeks and make your summer body Like that’s not gonna work and I’m sure you guys have heard this a lot When you guys gain it back you gain it back, even more like twice or even three times the amount you lost That has happened to me a lot, too the most important tip is to just find healthy delicious food that you like and Just try to incorporate it into your diet every single day.

Now what I eat from Monday to Friday It’s kind of different depending on the workout I do that day right now I’ve been doing Pilates on Mondays and Wednesdays and I’ve been doing one-on-one training with my fitness trainer on Tuesdays Thursdays and Fridays So Pilates is kind of earlier in the morning and then the workout isn’t too long So I just like to keep it very simple. So I’ll just have half an apple All right, guys, this is what I usually eat before I go to Pilates like the leftover from two days ago that I saved in the fridge Just gonna cut it And I like eating the skin too So make sure you wash it thoroughly before you eat if you eat the skin.

And the skin is good for you So you should eat it with the skin Then I’m gonna cut them smaller lazy Usually I would sprinkle some cinnamon powder just because spices things up and It’s less bland to eat I mean this is perfectly good without anything, but it’s even better if you add some cinnamon and I used to hate cinnamon, but now I actually like it but let’s say I’m feeling really Lethargic and tired and have no energy, that thing, then I’ll eat it with this. This is my favorite peanut butter but on days I have work out because that is Super strenuous and it is hardcore I try to eat a little more.

So I tend to go for fried eggs, because I love eggs These eggs are tiny So small I like it when my edges are crispy like that I’m gonna put some of this on it this makes everything so much better Um, why does that yolk look like it’s well done? Noo.. Nooo, it became well done This one is over-easy though Yesss, that’s what I like Lunch, and lunch too – it depends on the workout I do that day. So today is Wednesday, and I had Pilates this morning I went home. I got ready and then I came straight to practice I just packed my lunch so I can eat it here because when I eat lunch at home I kind of, even though I finished my meal.

I kind of tend to go back to the fridge Lingering with the open door like is there anything else I can eat? Mm-hmm. So there’s a lot of temptation at home So it’s best for me to just pack whatever I need and just get out of there So today I packed for lunch sweet potato One of my favorite foods like not even favorite healthy food or favorite diet food My favorite food in general is sweet potato. All our fans know that Lucky me because that makes diet Way easier for me because I have to have one, at least one every single day If I don’t have one every day, I’ll go crazy like that is my dose of like chocolate like sweet potato equals chocolate for me because it’s so sweet and I love the texture and I just just I just love it and Korean sweet potatoes are so rich and Sweet, it’s like honey If you’ve tried, you know what I mean.

I packed that for lunch today with some cherry tomatoes my tree tomatoes and grapes in here I’m not going to eat all of them at once for lunch though, because I want to save some for snacks later Just in case I get hungry So I’m probably just gonna eat half of this And then.. My sweet potato So tiny today And I just brought this to show you guys because sometimes the marts doesn’t have sweet potatoes They run out of sweet potatoes and then I cry because I’m so sad but thankfully Korean online Supermarkets, they sell packaged dry sweet potatoes and I just Buy loads of them and I have them at home just in case I run out of real potato sweet potatoes. They Look like this they’re packaged There are 70 grams of dried and steamed sweet potatoes They’re 100% percent Korean sweet potatoes and they dry it they steam it so It’s like, very squishy, too So good, but I’m saving this for now. Look how yellow it is. It’s almost the same color as my dress So I can literally eat this for breakfast lunch and dinner You can either steam it or roast it but I like roasting it just because it tastes sweeter when you roast it This is really good with black coffee like americano So silent.

And after workout, I eat more protein so that way my muscles can grow So the work that I did doesn’t go to waste this is for my meal after workout I’m gonna pop this in the microwave for like 30 seconds. It’s already defrosted. So I just want to heat it up Over here, we have paprika and some sangchu That is ready, I know this looks very unappetizing, but it’s actually pretty good And then usually for dinner because I do have radio every single day these days from to p.m I go to my radio station by like 7 p.m. When I get there they provide a Lunch box or like a dinner box for me. So they provide a salad with some fruits and vegetables and Rice balls, but I don’t eat the rice. I just eat the salad and I bring packaged chicken breasts from home So I just eat that with my salad So guys, I actually forgot to bring my chicken breast today, so I came to Paris Baguette to buy a salad I’m gonna be buying their roasted chicken salad Balsamic vinegar and chicken breast This is like my go-to place for salad when I forget to bring my chicken breast or if I feel like eating something different ‘Cause I eat the same thing every day for dinner So sometimes I just want a different kind of salad I guess I have to film the dinner part again tomorrow I forgot to bring my chicken breast today I’ll show you guys what I really eat for dinner I am here at my workplace And this is the, um Food they gave me – oh my god, the rice changed to brown rice It’s usually white rice.

Anyways, so this is what I usually get. This is the Oriental dressing And it comes with apple, orange, pineapples, a small banana and some cherry tomatoes and lettuce and cabbage I don’t like cabbage. I remembered to bring it today. I really like this flavor This is the garlic flavored so tender and when I ordered the chicken breast I ordered 50 of these and 50 of the regular ones But I only ate this I think this is like the last one I have and now I’m gonna have to eat the other Less delicious one, so, kind of sad about that It smells like kimchi Because it’s so bland without dressing I dip it, like this, once for some flavor Alright, I’m done eating.

I really don’t like cabbage And carrots and eating apples at night. I heard it’s not good for you, so I can’t eat rice. Bye-bye and then also After I eat lunch and before I leave to radio, three days out of the week I have dance lessons for two hours So after that, I get pretty hungry. So on the way to radio in the car, I’ll have snacks These days I’ve been super into grapes. So I’ll have some grapes and I make sure to have my nuts I came to the convenience store to buy some snacks so many choices Usually I get this almond milk chocolate flavored And I usually get this over easy Boiled eggs, but it’s a little salty Oh that looks so good- But no. Stop it Ashley. Stop it. Stop it. Okay. This is what I eat. Oh my gosh, they have green tea flavored almond and it’s Angry Bird We also have chestnuts, which I also love; it’s also a good snack For now I’m just going to get these two It’s five o’clock, I’m going to have a snack My nuts I know I bought the almond milk, but I don’t feel like drinking it right now.

So I’m just gonna have this for a snack So it has cashew nuts, walnuts, almonds, and raisins 25 grams, which I think it’s like the perfect amount And also the most important thing I try to drink more than 2 liters of water every single day Just because it helps to detox and it’s not only good for diet. It’s also good for your skin and your overall health So I always carry around my tumbler and I drink a lot of water And I tend to drink warm water Naturally, I just drink a lot of water because like I drink while working out and then I drink while I practice singing or during Singing lessons and then, for radio when I have to talk for two hours straight, you know your throat gets super dry So I keep replenishing my throat with water so it’s not too hard to drink two liters But I know some people just hate drinking water I recommend either you know putting some tea bags in there decaffeinated tea packs Or they have dry fruits these days that they sell that you can just put in the water that makes the water taste more fresh and fruity So it’ll be helpful to those of you who just don’t like the taste of plain water And I make sure to take my vitamins, a fan got me this one It’s vitamin C, and it’s chewable, and it’s super delicious And you’re only supposed to have one a day but I always get tempted to eat more because it’s so good All right guys, thank you so much for watching I hope you guys found this video on what I ate in a day helpful Just know that I do have cheat meals once in a while like on the weekends because I am not perfect There are so many delicious food in this world.

Like, how can you miss out on that? You know? And one of the biggest joys in life is food, you know? So, yes, I do have cheat meals over the weekend like you see in my vlogs when I go out to eat with like Joan and Christine and that makes me very happy We all need cheat meals or cheat days once in a while, so don’t be too hard on yourself Eating like this, I saw an improvement, of course, not just in weight loss But I saw that my skin cleared up as well because before I would get a lot of whiteheads and I would get a lot Of redness and pimples around my cheek area, but after I started eating clean I didn’t have any of those I think I had like one.

But yeah, definitely going to try my best to keep this up Let me know if you guys have any tips or advice for me And if you guys have any like favorite healthy snacks let me know and I’m gonna be linking some of my favorite snacks that I didn’t get to share in the video in the Description box below so check that out. Thank you for watching and let me know what you would like to see next. Thanks guys! .

Hi guys, for those of you who are new to my channel, my name is Ashley and I am a member of a K-pop girl group called Ladies’ Code!
Check out our music and videos here!: https://www.youtube.com/user/LadiesCode

In this video, I am sharing what I eat / have been eating for the past 2 months or so! This is great for those of you who are busy and always on the go as I (*spoiler alert*) don’t cook anything 😂

I’ve only been eating like this because I’ve been trying to shed off a few pounds! Keep in mind guys, that I’m not a nutritionist or an expert and I’m just doing whatever works for me 🙂

I hope you find this somewhat helpful!




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