Nuts over salads? What are the facts? Is it really true that this style of eating is healthy?

Nuts over salads

Now, one may argue that people should eat more nuts than salads. But there is a problem with this strategy. And that is, how can you eat too much of something that you might be already eating? You have to control your portions and not over consume the food you are consuming.

When you eat a salad with chips and a drink, you are taking in a lot of calories. And if you eat it on a regular basis, that becomes a habit. So, eating the salad will become a habit and this will then make you want to snack on the salad.

Another thing to consider is, where can you find healthy nuts? A fast-food restaurant is not going to offer a good variety of nuts because these restaurants use lots of oil and sugar to dress up their foods. In fact, the oils used for cooking usually can add as much as 300 calories a serving.

So, when it comes to healthier eating in our current society, there is just no replacing a fresh salad with some fries or another topping. This is one area where you have to do a little more research.

Nuts over salads

Ways for Nuts Over Salads

If you do find some nuts over salads, try making them yourself. You can make your own seed butters, pureed dried or fresh fruit. Just be sure to avoid heavily salted nuts as they can pack a wallop.

No, you do not have to buy French fries or other high-sugar and oil filled foods. You can still enjoy the benefits of the nuts. They can be added in your daily meals and get the same benefit as the higher calorie foods you can find in fast food restaurants.

The next question is, if nuts are good, should they replace salads as well? Yes, they should! In fact, this is a great idea for any person who suffers from eating disorders.

We all have an emotional aversion to food, whether it be eating too much, eating too little, or just not being able to eat at all. The good news is, if you have these issues, then eating nuts is a great way to help you overcome your issues. While there are some health concerns when choosing a low-fat diet, this does not include avoiding certain types of nuts and oils that are high in fat.

Plus, healthy nuts can also provide nutrition as well as improving your diet if you are following a low-fat or low-carb diet. It is always best to choose low-fat varieties and ask your doctor if you need to add any more fats to your diet.

Eating nuts over salads can be easy if you use the right methods. It does not matter what type of nuts you are using; you can use cheddar cheese, peanut butter, cream cheese, almond butter, coconut oil, or olive oil. You can even mix them all together and then add a little wine vinegar to your dressing.

The important thing is, when eating nuts over salads, do not feel deprived if you are not getting the same nutrition that you would get from eating salads with salad dressing. The nuts will still fill you up, giving you the benefits of not only the nuts themselves, but also of their oils and fats.