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What is The Role of Saliva in the Digestion of Food?

What is The Role of Saliva in the Digestion of Food?

The mouth is like a door to the digestive tract. If you open that door too much, you will lose the foods’ nutrients. So keeping it closed is the best thing to do.

Saliva absorbs the nutrients and juices in the food we eat. You need to eat plenty of food to keep the mouth healthy. Otherwise, our teeth can get very sensitive and will make chewing difficult.

Our saliva also breaks down the digested food into smaller particles. This helps the food go down easily. Also, saliva is the way to transport the food and fluid in the stomach. It gets there where it belongs, and it will not cause problems.

When our stomach acids attack the stomach contents, our saliva gets rinsed out of the body. We can even do it right in the shower if we need to. It will still leave behind some residue so we can brush our teeth again. A little bit of saliva is required for digestion.

In fact, if we stopped producing saliva, our stomach acids would become too strong and digesting food would be impossible. That’s why we should always keep the saliva we produce flowing through our bodies. It’s a protective mechanism.

What is the role of saliva in the digestion of food?When we do not drink enough water, the saliva leaves our body in the form of urine. Then that uric acid and other salts go straight into the kidneys and liver to be detoxified. If your kidneys and liver are getting overloaded with these salts, your body cannot digest properly, and you can develop health problems. It could be a problem with your heart, bones, and kidneys. The kidneys are one of the most important organs for the overall health of the body.

Also, the excessive production of saliva can cause stomach acids to burn through the lining of the stomach, causing ulcers. Saliva has an antacid property, and that helps the ulcer heal faster. It is important to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and not just junk foods.

Another way to get rid of stomach acids is to exercise. But remember, you don’t just need to get the sweat going.


One of the best things to do when you do exercise is to bite your lip and “wash” the food from your mouth. This helps to ensure the acidic contents of the stomach are not transferred to the throat or oesophagus, where they can irritate these parts of the body.

Another method to prevent food from being eaten too quickly is to chew well before eating. Think of the saying: “a bite of food is a lifetime of regrets.”

Most people have trouble chewing their food, and that causes the acid in the mouth to be released. This acid goes right to the stomach and destroys the muscles and tissues in that area. And as we know, this is the reason we get gas in the first place.

Saliva is important for a healthy digestive system. Without it, the body won’t get the proper nutrients. That’s why we should pay more attention to our oral hygiene.



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