what to say when you talk to yourself

what to say when you talk to yourself


What To Say When You Talk To Your Self

Product description

The international best-seller Self-Talk, updated in this new edition of eBook.
Each of us is programmed from birth and up to 75% or more of our programming can be negative or work against us. In this recently updated and revised eBook issue, Shad Helmstetter shows the reader how to erase and replace past mental programs with new, healthy, life-changing programs. Considered by many to be one of the most important and useful personal growth books ever written.

About the Author

Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D., is the best-selling author of more than a dozen books in the field of personal growth. His books are published in more than 64 countries around the world. He has appeared on more than 1,200 radio and television shows, including Oprah Winfrey and ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN News.

Review on What To Say When You Talk To Your Self

Motivational lectures and books never go out of style as long as there are people who follow a magic formula that will bring magic into their lives. But despite various books and sources, enduring transformation remains difficult to follow by following any idea or technique prescribed by a motivational speaker. Although you see a short time shift, it never translates into lasting transformation. Still elusive.

The author, I believe, has discovered the reason why temporary change does not become a permanent transformation. The basic premise he comes up with is that “Behavior, a person’s expression, and their belief in themselves, like” I’m good at this and not so good at it. “It depends on the program you received while growing up. So , each person grows with a mental image of himself. The mental image he forms for himself comes mainly from what he hears from his close circle as parents, relatives, friends and teachers. If a child hears a negative comment about himself and believe it, then his growth in that particular area of comments fades and the child grows with little self-confidence in that area. That’s why, for example, a child who says he is good at music but not at math might have grown up with a comment that “you are good at music but not at math.” Most motivational books and techniques fail because you are not trying to eliminate this past program that a person carries, but rather provide it on superficial methods, which do not last long.

According to the author, only by changing this preprogram that is present in the subconscious mind and giving the subconscious mind a newer program with what we really want to have in their lives, a lasting transformation occurs. Give practical methods by which this can be done. I feel that it is a good book that both children and adults should read. The chapters are short and easy to read.



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