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RRB Railway Recruitment 2019: More than crore applications came, yet these posts remain vacant

Railways are not getting drivers, fitters, painters, and carpenters in the crowd of unemployed. Railway Recruitment Board released the final result of hundreds of technical posts along with Assistant Loco Pilot in the past. Appropriate candidates were not found for 504 technical posts separately. After the results declared on January 9, the posts of the painter, driver, carpenter, blacksmith, fitter, etc. remained vacant in North Central Railway, Northern Railway, and DLW. A total of 6978 candidates were successful in the examination. Railway Recruitment Board Allahabad had advertised for the recruitment of 7482 posts for Assistant Loco Pilot and Technical post in January last year.

Posts left vacant

Driver, armature, plumber, pump operator, trimmer, welder, blacksmith, bridge, carpenter, fitter

RA Jamali, Chairman, Railway Recruitment Board Allahabad, said that more than one crore candidates participated in the examination conducted across the country. Railway Recruitment Board Allahabad received 4 lakh 20 thousand applications. In this, ITI diploma candidates applied for BTech and technical posts for ALP. Of these, almost all diploma posts remain vacant.

Railway said the RRB Ajmer NTPC exam date announcement notice fake.

B. Tech candidates application on technical posts canceled

Prayagraj Different educational qualifications were sought for the examination conducted last year for about seven and a half thousand assistant loco pilots and technical posts. Railway Recruitment Board had made it clear on the educational qualification of each post in the advertisement that only diploma holders candidates will apply for technical posts. Even after this, hundreds of B.Tech candidates applied for technical posts. The board rejected the applications of all BTech degree holders for technical posts. RA Jamali, Chairman, Railway Recruitment Board Allahabad, informed that B.Tech Pass on technical posts could not include candidates.

RRB Ajmer – RRB Group D Recruitment 2019: Disabled people sitting on dharna at Mandi House for 17 days

The police on Wednesday evening removed the Divyang, who was sitting on a dharna at Mandi House against the alleged rigging of Group D recruitments. On Wednesday evening, the police filled up about 300 Divyang protesters in buses and left them near Anand Vihar bus station and railway station.

Been on dharna for 17 days: Divyang was sitting on dharna on Mandi House Chorahe for the last 17 days. Police say that no one is allowed to travel on the traffic routes as directed by the High Court, we have asked them to remove from here and choose some other place. At the same time, the protesting students with disabilities say that the police beat them up and forced them out of the picket. Women were also included in the Divyang protesters. Demonstrator Naveen Meena says that at the moment, he is meeting with his other colleagues to decide further strategies on how they can continue the agitation for their demands. These protesters included candidates from different states of the country.

Many people came in support

15 students also went on a hunger strike for six days against the alleged rigging of the recruitment. His demands were supported by the Aam Aadmi Party. Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi also tweeted in support of them.

RRB Ajmer – RRB Group D Recruitment 2019: Disabled candidates are preparing for picketing at the venue

Disabled candidates sitting on the dharna demanding employment from Railways at Mandi House intersection are now sitting here and preparing for competitive examinations. Candidates have also asked for books to read from their homes. The strike of the disabled candidates has been going on for the last 12 days.

UP Congress leader met: UP Congress Committee Secretary Sachin Chaudhary has started an indefinite hunger strike at the protest site in support of the disabled candidates. He said that this strike would end once the problem of the candidates is resolved. This big scam has happened on the railway. Their right is being taken away from the Divyang. I will remove them from here by providing them employment.

Police asked to get up: Divyang candidate Naveen Meena says that from here, the contestants will sit and prepare for the exam. He said that the police have now asked to get up from here. Explain that the candidates have alleged that in the year 2018, Railways had recruited 729 posts for the differently-abled, which was to be documented and medical examination of the candidates with disabilities who passed.

Railway Group D and Group C Recruitment: Filled forms for Rs 1 lakh and sent to fake railway training, and then the ground slipped under the feet

RRB Ajmer – RRB group d: 40 lakhs were cheated from seven youth in the name of Group C and D jobs in Railways. An FIR of cheating has been registered at Kidwainagar police station against 12, including the railway driver involved in the case. The deal was fixed for the job at eight-eight lakh rupees. According to Juhi Baradevi resident car driver Raj Narayan, Sakishnagar resident Ashish Kanaujia was his coaching friend. Ashish’s father, Rajendra Prasad, is a driver in Kanaujia Railway. Ashish joined his father for a job in railways. His father assured that he would get a job in Group C and D after spending eight lakh rupees. Convincing things, Raj Narayan also introduced his friends Chetan Kushwaha, Govind Kumar, Saurabh Singh, Abeed Akhtar, Ajay Singh, Akhilesh Kumar and Alok Pal to Rajendra Prasad.

As an advance from all, the forms were filled with one lakh rupees each. A few days later, some were sent to Northern Eastern Railway Gorakhpur for training and some to Eastern Railway Howrah. 40 days of training was done there. After training, it was said that soon after joining the letter; one will get a job. Vinay, aka Rajendra Paswan, Yogendra Singh Yadav, Ankit Tyagi, Balveer Singh, Shailendra Singh, Keshav Singh, Bhagwan Sharma, Rita Tiwari, Ankit Sharma, Puneet, Haneef, and Sanjay Dwivedi were also involved in this fraud and forgery.

12 lakh cheated in the name of a job in the electricity department

The matter of cheating millions of rupees in the name of a job in the electricity department has come to light. Unemployed youths lodged an FIR of cheating against two brothers of Daraganj at Colonelganj police station. Kamran Hussain and Anil Shukla, hailing from Govindpur, have filed an FIR against Daraganj’s Faizan and his brother Zeeshan for grabbing Rs 12 lakh. Kamran alleges that Faizan and Zeeshan are his old acquaintances. During the meeting in 2017, it was said that if anyone wants to get a job in the electricity department. Her father has a good setting with big officials in the electricity department. The lineman will have to spend Rs 11 lakh. An advance of six lakh rupees will have to be paid, and the remaining five lakh rupees will be given after the appointed letter. Kamran and Anil Shukla gave him six lakhs each. In six months, the job was to be done in the electricity department, but the job did not take place. It was said at that time that the Minister of Energy had been talked to, it is getting late, but the job will be found, but it did not happen. The accused got into the court one day and threatened to shoot him on asking for money.

RRB Ajmer – RRB Group D Recruitment 2019: Disabled people celebrate Black Day with a bowl in their hands

The demonstration of Divyangs against the alleged rigging in Group D recruitments of Railways continued for the eighth day on Tuesday. The protesters celebrated the International Day of Divas as Black Day. During this, he performed a symbolic demonstration with a bowl in his hands, begging. On World Divyang Day, hundreds of Divyangs celebrated it as Black Day by placing black flags on Tuesday. He demanded to investigate the faults in the recruitment and examination of the Railways. During this period, some girl students performed a symbolic demonstration by begging for their graduation, Masters’s qualification badges. During this time, some railway officials came to meet the students, but the students said that they did not give any satisfactory answer to the questions. There are many protesting students whose families had prepared for the exam by taking loans. Abhishek, a student, said that even though he has obtained degrees like MBA, B.Ed, and LLB, due to rigging in government jobs, he may have to beg, while the money earners get the job.

Preparation to finish SSC RRB AJMER IBPS, Govt Jobs recruitment exam to be done from CET

Mother got the land mortgaged and coached: Robin

Robin, a resident of Saharanpur, said that when he was younger, his father had died. The family is very poor, so my mother always motivated me to study. He has done B.Ed. His mother was a laborer, so there was no money to teach. In such a situation, he took a loan by mortgaging a part of his land and got his studies and coaching done. He was preparing for the Railway Recruitment Examination for the last four years. Robin said that they are just asking for their rights, but they are not getting it either. After all, what is the problem in conducting an investigation on the allegations of rigging?

RRB Ajmer – RRB Group D Recruitment 2019: Disabled people sitting on hunger strike

Yashoda came from Rajasthan to demand justice with her husband
Yashoda Chaudhary, hailing from Hanumangarh, Rajasthan, reached Mandi House eight days ago to protest against the alleged rigging of Group D recruitments. Together her husband has also come. Yashoda says that the life of a disabled girl is very difficult. Her husband had worked hard to get the exam done so that his life could be better, but how could he trust if there were rigging in the recruitments. She has left her 14-year-old son at home. He cooks alone. Yashoda did her MA in Hindi, and for two years, she was preparing for this exam.

RRB Ajmer – RRB Group D Recruitment 2019: Railway Recruitment Board gave this answer on the uproar

The family sent to Delhi to fight for their rights

Vijay Vishwa Kushwaha, who is just 20 years old, cannot see properly with eyes. They have come to Delhi to demand their rights from Gorakhpur. He told that his family let him come to Delhi alone for justice. Vijay said that now whatever happens, till the matter is investigated, he will sit on the dharna. He said that at the time of notification, the seats in many zones were not empty due to which the candidates had not filled the form there, but when the seats were increased, the seats were increased in many zones. The question is, in the zones where the form itself is not filled, then who is being given a job after increasing the seat? While the board was not given the option to make changes also.

The government should listen to them on the handicap day: Priyanka Gandhi
Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has also given her support to protesting students with disabilities. He tweeted on Tuesday that for the last 6-7 days, some of our youth have been protesting in Mandi House about their demands related to recruitment in Railway Group-D in the freezing cold. On World Disability Day, the BJP government can at least take steps to listen to them. Priyanka Gandhi, in her tweet, has also shared pictures and demands of the protesting youth who are spending the night in the cold. He has also shared pictures of these protesters spending the night in the cold on Facebook and appealed to the government to listen to them.

RRB Ajmer – RRB Group D Recruitment 2019: Disabled people sitting on hunger strike for six days in Delhi

Today i.e., Tuesday is International Day of Disabled Persons, but hundreds of Divyang have been going on a hunger strike at Mandi House intersection for six days against the alleged rigging of Group D recruitment of Railway (RRB Ajmer – RRB Group D Recruitment). The Divyang strike continued on Monday as well. Many students were out of health due to sleeping on the ground hungry stomach amidst the cold, and they have been rushed to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital. Among the protesters, Divyang candidates from different states of the country have alleged that the recruitments have been rigged, but the Railways have not even given an assurance of investigation. Here is the report of Hemwati Nandan Rajaura on the suffering of the disabled.

Weeping mars – what is the problem in conducting the investigation

Mangal has reached Delhi after traveling 22 hours by train to join the protest against the alleged rigging of railway examination from Ara district of Bihar. His father runs a tea shop. Mangal has four brothers and three sisters. Divyang Mangal has been sitting under the open sky at the dharna site for the last seven days. On Sunday evening, he suddenly got dizzy and fell unconscious. Friends immediately rushed to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital. He was then sent to Gangaram Hospital. Doctors say that he became ill due to frequent cold and sleeping between goons. Mangal almost cried, saying that he is just asking for his right, but he is not getting it either. After all, what is the problem in conducting an investigation?

Pramod said, no one is listening even after eating for six days
Pramod Bhagat from Surat in Gujarat is hungry for six days. It is insistent that there should be an investigation into the alleged rigging in recruitment. He fainted late on Sunday night. He was admitted to Ram Manohar Lohia. Then he was discharged the next day after treatment. Pramod Bhagat said that he was preparing for this exam for the last four years after completing his B.Com. His father is a farmer and has three brothers and two sisters at home. Dad was coaching the family by cutting expenses. But the recruitment was rigged, and his name did not appear in the result. He said that I have been hungry for six days, but still, no one is listening to us.

RRB Ajmer – RRB Group D recruitment issue raised in Parliament, know what the whole matter is
Bhavna said, will bear everything till justice is done

Bhavna, who came from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, had tears in her eyes when she was stating for a hunger strike for the last six days staring coldly under the open sky. Bhavna said that her father is a driver and trained her for six months after saving money with great difficulty, but when she came to know that there has been a lot of manipulation in railway recruitment, she got upset. Bhavna said that after this, she came to Delhi, asking her father to fight for justice. He told me that she has been sitting on the ground on the road for six days. At night the entire sheet gets wet from the ones. She says, we will bear everything but will not move till justice is done.

RRB Ajmer – RRB Group D Recruitment 2019: Railway Recruitment Board gave this answer on the uproar

The demonstrator said – call us disabled
Disabled candidates, who have been performing for six days, said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked them to honor him as a Divyang, but they do not want to be called Divyang. He said that we should be called handicapped because our respect is far away; we are not even heard. We have been sitting hungry and thirsty for a week, but nobody listened to us. We want our right, not false respect.

Sanjay Singh and Gopal Rai met.
AAP’s Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh and Delhi government minister Gopal Rai met the protesting candidates sitting at Mandi House. MP Sanjay asked to write a letter to the Railway Minister in this matter, along with raising their demands in Parliament. At the same time, Gopal Rai talked to the railway officials and the Railway Minister and assured the students of getting justice.

These are allegations
1. In 2018, many candidates passed the written examination of Railway Recruitment Board Group D, but when the result came, the cut-off mark was not shown. He was told that the first document verification would happen. The candidates got involved in making the document, but after a few days, the railway increased the seat in the recruitment. Then came to the result again, but many successful candidates were not named in it.
2. According to the reservation of four percent for the disabled, seats were not given in the recruitment. Along with increasing the seat, many new categories are also added, in which multiple disabled is a category. At the time of application, there was no option of both bow leg and both head under multiple disabled categories, so how did the Railway Board show the result by increasing the seat in multiple disabled categories?
3. The seats in many zones were not empty at the time of notification, due to which the candidates had not filled the form there, but when the seats were increased, the seats were increased in many zones. The question is, in the zones where the form itself is not filled, then who is being given a job after increasing the seat? While the board was not given the option to make changes also.

Number game
– Hundreds of Divyang candidates have been sitting on hunger strike at Mandi House intersection since 06 days
– Allegations of rigging in Group D examination of Railway Recruitment Board held in 2018

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