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13 Perfect Blog Post Title Ideas

13 Perfect Blog Post Title Ideas

13 Perfect Blog Post Title Ideas

What if in about five seconds every time you make a new piece of content, you could increase the traffic that comes to that piece of content by about 10%.

We just did a recent test on this, and it’s something that we all know about, but not enough of us are implementing, so in this video, we’re gonna help you with titles this is really fun.
We have a weekly digest email that goes out to our members, and the subject line usually is weekly digest with an average open rate of about 37%.

13 Perfect Blog Post Title Ideas

So for this last week, we decided to do a split test, and so some of the audience got an email titled weekly digest just got way better finally and instantly nine percent higher open rate on that email. We went back as well and looked through several of the emails we’ve sent out to our email list and which ones were sort of outliers and the kind of titles that they got to check out some of these titles on the screen, and you can see clearly.
Why these emails get opened while a lot of the others don’t the same exact principle applies to blog posts and YouTube video posts, Pinterest pins, everywhere that you’re putting your content out in front of people.
So today we’re gonna talk about some of the things that we’re doing with our titles that we’ve seen to work really well the first thing we need to understand is there are really three different types of titles that we can be creating one is for a piece of content that is purely informational the second it has some interest to it and then a real interest.

Title the reason that it’s very critical that you understand these three different types of titles is because when we talk about this when we talk about making more interesting titles we’ll then go back to somebody’s blog and we look at their titles, and it’s like oh no this is just not going to work for search because they’re using the wrong type of title on a piece of content so an example of that.

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Let’s say I’m writing about “the best water filters who are the water filtering pitchers” right like it’s a pretty bland topic nobody’s like into water filters nobody wants to read reviews an hour they just want to know what’s the best water pitcher with a filter in it right this is pretty quick information and so if I write something really flowery it’s probably gonna do more harm than good.

Like if my title is “this is the most amazing water filter” I’ve ever used it’s like they don’t annoy me just do a quick review and tell me which one is best and so a lot of posts are just informational, and we need the type of title that appeals to somebody who wants quick pure information other things people are searching for the kind of want to be sold on.

If you’re looking for a phone review very few people are going to read one review and be done and go buy it usually you’re gonna research this thing for an hour you’re gonna be stuck with this phone for two years right, and so you wanna kind of read into it and get more information, and you want to be sold on it, and so a title with some interest is going to be perfect for that kind of audience something to add some mystery or intrigue and then other titles are pure interest on.

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What we mean by that is I don’t even care if I rank on a search for this term it’s just a YouTube video that will just go out as cool information in my industry and YouTube will say well this person has been searching about home remodeling this interest videos about home remodeling let’s shoot it out to the right or it’s for Pinterest or Instagram etc. It’s a post intended for social sharing, and that may not even need to tell the person the topic of the video so now we’re going to talk through each one of those buckets because it is critical that you understand and I do think that that’s really key to understand Google doesn’t have a way for you to just like hey Google browse through titles from blogs that I’m interested in on topics that I mean that’s not a feature of Google, but that is exactly how things like Pinterest and YouTube social networks that’s exactly how they work.

So kind of a neat trick you can use is like if you have a blog post that you want that kind of title for you can write a headline that’s a little more descriptive than can do well in search but then on that entry on that image that you put out on Pinterest that’s where the super intriguing just interest title goes so the first one is just that strict information when we write a response post in virtually every case this is the kind of title we go for and the most important principle for the strict information posts as well as real for some interest titles is that the title itself has to be appropriately descriptive it has to have enough information about what’s in the post but I know exactly what to expect.

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When I click on that title okay so look at these titles these are great titles for response posts because they’re telling the user yes I have exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s also telling them how you’re helping them, so an example of this is a title, in fact, today if you google “why in 560 version 4 it’s a very popular flash for photography” if you search why in 560 version for manual my website improve photography that I used to own comes up, and the reason this article work to pop to number one is that I what I added to the subtitle a helpful Illustrated guide, and it ranks above the actual user manual right like when you’re googling “wine 564” manual this ranks above the young new Oh website just because of that title it’s a helpful user Illustrated guide that’s what somebody wants.

When they’re searching for it, and I think that’s a really valuable principle is not only being descriptive about what this article is about but then being descriptive about how you’re going to help them in some cases it might be a helpful Illustrated guide just like you just did there it could be hey with charts tables or with an infographic or whatever it is so another example from this list here you know this best X for X an example we could use is like “best water filters for cabins” right and so then you might say speed life convenience and performance right and so on these are some of the criteria that I use to rank which one I think is best and that way people just have an idea that not only am I just you know.

Rosie the Blogger

I’m not just going to Amazon reviews and saying hey everybody like this one best what I did is I actually did a comparison on these bits of criteria and so that again just add some more credibility to your post and makes it a little more interesting to click on even though it’s clearly just a highly information-based title and post you’re basically just listing out where your subtitles are what kind of information you have there okay next we’re going into the interest posts now when you have a title that has some kind of interest intrigue to it you still have to very carefully identify the search topic because you do want to rank for it but because of the competition that’s there because of the mindset of somebody who’s searching for some things they want something a little bit more sexy and so we’re gonna provide it to them we used one on you last week on or two weeks ago on YouTube we use the title the surprising results from our 2020 study on blog post length.

Now that’s a great title for some interest because it’s about blog post length somebody could search this right and you know what’s their best word count for a blog post how long should a blog post be and it would very much fit that search, but if we had just titled best word count for blog posts it’s pretty bland and so somebody who’s you know already a subscriber maybe like yeah maybe we’ll skip that one and just move on to the next we wanted it to have something, and we did have some surprising results from it, and so we wanted to present it that way there are so many cool titles you can use that have some interest in it but still match a search.

13 Perfect Blog Post Title Ideas
I want to highlight a couple others that I think are really interesting the best x4x I’ve ever tested, but you shouldn’t buy one, so this would be you know the best camera for sports photographers I’ve ever tested, but you shouldn’t buy one so that’s a perfect beautiful title right because if I’m searching you know “Best camera for sports photographers” it’s definitely going to show up, but you see it, and it’s like why shouldn’t I buy it if it’s the best you ever test it.

It’s adding some interest and intrigue to it that make you click on it it’s about just marketing what you already have we’re not using that title unless it’s actually applicable you know maybe you tested them and you say you know this is the best I’ve ever tested but it’s just way more expensive than everything else that’s ninety-five percent is good, and so you can use your title as a way to highlight what you’re trying to express in the video but notice that in some of these other examples we’ve implemented some of the principles we talked about with those just purely informational tactics so like twelve never-before-seen date ideas okay what I’m telling you is you’re gonna get 12 date ideas they’re not the obvious ones that show up on every date idea list go on a hot-air balloon ride, yeah, and then I say with photos, so I’m telling you how I’m going to help you like in this blog post.

I’m going to I’m going to give you these ideas and I’m going to give you these photos to help with inspiration and so you can use those same principles we talked about for those interest posts and their titles to help add a little bit more interest to some of these interest titles there’s kind of a spectrum of how much interest to add and in this case we want to add a higher level of interest and focus a little bit less on the really specific description of what they’re gonna get in exactly in this post or in this video now there are some times where you do not care how a piece of content actually ranks on google sometimes you’re only titling it to be interesting now in the world of blogging this basically doesn’t exist anymore mostly the pure interest content is gone in blogging unless you’re going to post it on reddit unless you’re going to post it on Pinterest unless you’re going to make it as a YouTube video but we actually create a lot of this kind of content and we find it’s often our best-performing when we’re using it in the right way on those channels so here are some titles that you could use.

So let’s say you have you know a true crime or something YouTube channel titling it you really shouldn’t have walked her dog with that night ah it’s beautiful right you’ve got a click on that you’ve got to wonder why what happened right and so somebody who isn’t even searching or who has done some true-crime video searching that Google says I they like this kind of stuff throwing that out there is just like a guaranteed click, so it’s perfect you see YouTube channels all the time off drives me crazy but how many channels have done my last YouTube video and then it’s like I’m burned out guys I really need a break I’m gonna take seven days off before my next video they’re not really quitting YouTube right, but they all want to make you think now it’s clicker bait it’s ugly I do not recommend it, but you know it’s working for a lot of people.

So we can learn something from it how one man’s invention changed farming forever even if I haven’t really been searching farming stuff it could hit entrepreneurship business history farming a lot of people could be interested in that kind of content even if I’m not really searching for what inventions changed farming you know what I mean so if you’re gonna create this kind of stuff you have to have an audience first even if that audience is a prepackaged one like I just participate on this Reddit group and I know they would eat this up I know I’m gonna get a few a thousand clicks right I know this recipe would kill on Pinterest if I title at
this and I don’t care about Google, so if you have access to that kind of channel and you’re ready to make that kind of content, it’s beautiful.

If you’re taking our YouTube course if you’re in our list go through the YouTube course and you’ll hear about the source inversion after that source inversion is when you create this kind of content and that’s killer
I’m here on I’m making puns off of your true-crime stuff but no but I think that’s really key is that like on a platform like YouTube this type of content is actually most of the content that does well it’s not about search so much anymore it’s about that interest and being found that way after you have that initial audience, but we should still give a little bit of a clue right.

This is about inventions and farming, okay that’s I know that it’s along those lines but now there’s a lot of mystery surrounding it like okay but what is the invention and how did it change farming forever it’s enough that I’m interested so find that balance you know to run some of your headline ideas off of other people look at what works really well on other YouTube channels what are some of the videos that are really really pop and look at their headlines for ideas you’re gonna find some things that work really well and the more you practice this, the better you’re gonna get it creating just awesome headlines that are gonna boost your traffic boost the clicks substantially thanks everybody for joining us in this video and we will see you after our next video which will be our last

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13 Perfect Blog Post Title Ideas
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