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The Complete Guide to Blogging for a Living

The Complete Guide to Blogging for a Living

Hello friends, If you are looking for how to start a blog in India or how to start a blog for free in India for a long time, then you have landed on the right article for all of you today. If you do not know a little about blogging, then by reading this post, you will get complete information about it.

We came from a situation probably a lot like yours we heard years ago that you could make income online and it just felt like such a pipe dream and we have spent years learning from the school of hard knocks but now we earn our full-time incomes online and this article is all about taking everything that we’ve learned over the last many years and showing it to you to save you all of that time so here’s what we promise over the course of this article.
First of all, we’re gonna show you our method for replacing a full-time income with passive income online in 24 months in the most reliable way is writing that I should add because there are like a thousand different ways you can make money online and frankly they’re great there are a lot of different ways to go about this but this is the way that we’ve found that’s like it’s actually pretty repeatable and we’ve taught lots of people how to do it and it’s sustainable over the long term.
This isn’t something that’s going to make you a good income you’re gonna quit your job and then all of a sudden it’s like gone the income just disappears it’s something that if you build it right the way we teach it’s gonna be able to sustainably provide that income for years to come yeah and another thing we want to give you is something that we call The Complete Guide to Blogging for a Living timeline so you’re gonna be hearing The Complete Guide to Blogging for a Living a lot during this we call that just a project where you’re working today with the goal of in 24 months replacing your current income with money from income websites.

The Complete Guide to Blogging for a Living
The Complete Guide to Blogging for a Living

So we’re gonna give you a timeline of just what you should do every month how much traffic we expect your site to have at that point and how much income you should be earning each month of your journey so you know when you’re on track and we’re sharing that with you in this article that’s not something that you have to go by okay so you’re gonna get that just for watching this video and it’s huge because like that is by far the number one reason after working with thousands of people.

The Complete Guide to Blogging for a Living

Starting online businesses for one reason we see sites fail is that the entrepreneur quit too soon yeah we find that it takes about 35 weeks this after looking at thousands of blog posts about 35 weeks for a new article on a new website to get to about the highest level of traffic that it’s gonna get from Google and so if you quit too soon you may have done everything right but you didn’t wait long enough to see that result so this timeline is huge and it can completely prevent that big problem that we often see.
We’re also gonna share with you our content mix this is our first of a few years saving tips that’s what we call them because knowing this thing could literally save you a year or more of the frustration of failed attempts at your website because you just didn’t know what to do right and because there’s this lag between when you do the work and when you start to reap the reward and because of that lag you just you don’t get immediate feedback you don’t know if what you’re doing really worked and so again this content mix is the first recipe and/or the first tip and what it’s all about is what types of posts to write and in what order to write them we’ll get into that in a lot more detail later.
When we actually talk about the content yeah we want to give you in terms of a tangible thing that you’re gonna have is a site I do ideas tool so okay this sounds interesting but you’re just not quite sure what to do to get started what topic for your website this tool should mostly remove that problem from you we’ve spent a lot of time on making it for you so please give us your attention I mean we have spent years making these mistakes and in just this 45-minute article.
I think we can save you years of frustration I’ve worked with a lot of entrepreneurs both of us have people starting online businesses who have just tried and failed and stumbled for years and I really feel like we can prevent a lot of those problems and get you reliably to earning income for your family if you’ll just give us 45 minutes of I promise we can make it worth it for you so if you’re meeting us for the first time this is Jim I’m Ricky we’re a couple of normal guys from Idaho.
we were friends in high school Jim went off and did his thing he went to law school I went and got an engineering degree worked a normal job earned an MBA and somewhere along the line we learned that this whole business model was possible and really by accident not by accident through hard work yes my accident but with luck yes like there are some things that I did in the beginning that I kind of just lucked into that like hey actually that did work and I earned a little bit of money and then you just learn what’s possible and you keep going exactly and over time this has become the full-time income source for both of us we’ve been doing this full-time now.
We’ve built up a network of successful websites and over the course of six months we went from being a couple of guys building blogs to a company with over 50 employees just creating awesome content for these websites just building a significant business out of generating awesome content for the internet yeah it’s real and for our families that’s been awesome, I have a wife and three kids Ricky has about 400 kids it’s so cool what it has done for us to have that freedom of time place and the money to be able to do things so we’re really excited to share and we’ll talk about it a little bit more but this approach to building websites into SEO is just blowing up it’s working so well right now because honestly it just is so in line with what the search engines are trying to do and because of that we are personally just doubling down on this and doing it ourselves but at the same time.
We’re wanting to share the things we’ve learned with you there’s so much more opportunity available than we will ever be able to take advantage of and we want you to be able to jump in and get a piece of that pie so let’s get down to brass tacks that’s the way this all right so I want to tell you a story of one of the income sites that we have built it was a website about pontoon boats so several years ago I I really wanted to buy a boat I got that the boat stars in my eyes I was looking at him for a long time and eventually I saved up the money.
I paid cash for a boat and I was so proud that day to get off my boat the first time and take my family out I loved it but you get that pit in your stomach the first time that outlay of cash it’s just so I turned to my wife as we were pulling out of the dealership and I said I’m gonna make a website about boats and it’s gonna earn more than I ever spent on this boat and she would she believed in me it was really cool and I had built other successful sites by this point already but I knew I was gonna do it and so I started writing a blog just I what I did is I looked at my Google search history and I’ve like I’m I’ve learned so much as I’ve been researching to buy this.
I’m just gonna write a blog post answering all of those questions that I’ve already learned now and it ended up I think of 33 posts and me about a month right yeah I just wanted a big one today just publishing our and I got it done and then I got busy with my other websites doing other things but I’d planted good seed in the ground of this website it took time a lot of time for the website to start ranking on Google which is completely normal and then I started to look back at the analytics.
I was like hey let’s turn it into something and in the end that website was earning over four thousand dollars a month from those thirty-three articles and then I sold it for seventy-four thousand bucks for four I spent I earned in the time that I owned I had the site plus what I sold it for like more than three or four times what I had spent on that brand new book we’re talking so cool we’re talking about like an hour a day for a month basically is what it took to generate that kind of income now.
This isn’t just a super easy get-rich-quick kind of thing it took real work and it took a lot of effort to be able to write those articles and it took a lot of time and I think that’s the key point but the fact is that this is something that’s so repeatable and we’ve proven that because we keep doing it over and over again I’ll tell you another quick story about another website this is camper report com we still own this you can go check it out Jade up right now another time but the camper report you can see what we’re talking about the same idea okay actually almost exactly the same story.
Jim Jim bought a camper right and I was like I’m gonna make a blog about campers and you know in searching for information online it was easy to see that there were just a lot of gaps in the information available and so in another month or so Jim wrote the first 30 to 40 articles on that website and again it kind of sat for a while and a little while later about a year later just looking at it it was earning a pretty good income, in fact, a year and a half into that website it was getting over a hundred thousand pages a month.
That’s great and it’s – it at two and a half years three hundred thousand page views the capability of that can – to grow it like that we stopped writing we didn’t just outsource the writing to get into that we turned that one website into its own little business hired some freelance writers and more we’ve just outsourced the content and been able to grow it which is not expensive I mean we’re paying 2 to 3 cents a word usually to hire a freelancer to write on the site.
So it’s not that expensive to do especially once your websites earning a little bit of money that exactly yes so but how does the website earn money because it’s something that I think a lot of people wonder like okay but how so on these websites that we’ve talked about so far they’re really simple like the most basic way that these sites are earning money is ads and affiliate and so ads is you just sign up with a network and they’ll put these display ads on your website and they’ll pay you generally and about $15 per thousand page views but it can go way up or way down from there depending on the topic and then affiliate like linking to Amazon Amazon will give you a commission for sending somebody that bought or Walmart or many just about that rate large retailer online has commissioned for things like that it’s really pretty simple if you can get the traffic you can get the money.
So here’s a question for you what’s a topic what’s something that you have just googled to death like something that you have just researched like crazy whether it’s a hobby something to by submitting purchase lifestyle um a health problem and go ahead and comment below just what is it that you have googled to death before and then just kind of look through the comments under this video every single one of those is the beginning of an idea for a website and another cool thing is what have you googled to death and been frustrated that you couldn’t quite see even better that’s even better because that means there’s not as much competition for that topic but we’ve continued to build out a network of websites.
We have dirt bike planet calm we have a website on parenting we have outdoor troop we have pets websites, okay but this isn’t about us right this is all about you so let’s talk about what we can expect for you because again we mentioned that timeline at the beginning and by far I mean we have worked with thousands of people now on their websites and hands down the number one reason why too many people give up is that they fail or the reason they fail I should say is because they give up too early and it’s usually because they don’t have any idea of what they should expect at each point along the way this is our timeline of what to expect over the course of 24 months.
The actions are the most important part but then we share with you the realistic idea of about how many pages views your website should be able to be getting at this point and how much money you should be able to earn this timeline really is the outline the template of our whole The Complete Guide to Blogging for a Living and how to get there over the course of 24 months and it’s a realistic expectation.
We try not to be too rosy yeah it’s not rosy or pessimistic yeah just kind of like what we often see and obviously it depends so much on your industry and etc you know some industries are gonna have high monetization and low page views and vice versa but this is just what we very often see and I think it’s just important to note if you look at the timeline look at about month five.
If you’re not really earning anything that’s totally normal it would be abnormal if you were earning it yeah if at month three you started earning some money like that’s really nice to see but it means you’re ahead of the game and not knowing that again is what causes people to quit there are six months in and they think I’ve been working so hard on this business and it’s not doing very much yet I must have failed when I really you might have done everything exactly right okay so to get access to this we want you to have this if you’re starting a website.
Whether you do it following our course or just by yourself we you need this so go to income school comm slash income site article and we’ll get you the access to these to these things that we’re mentioning here in the article all right now let’s talk about I mean that timeline is gonna kind of walk you through all the everything for 24 months but let’s talk about the phases of this The Complete Guide to Blogging for a Living phase one is to plant a seed in the ground.
We have again over a lot of time and a lot of experience failing many times and getting a lot of things right we have refined a set of 60 steps and these 60 steps walk you through exactly the process of creating that first website setting it up creating the first content how to promote that content and just get it seen by people as quickly as possible it’s just these 60 steps are constantly under refinement as we learn more and more working just with hundreds and thousands of other people on their websites alright it is time for your first year tip and this is in phase one so the first year tip is caught what we call our content mix so after looking at thousands of blog posts we said why did this rank and why did that not rank and doing that analysis over thousands of posts.
We came up with something that has dramatically changed our success rate and that is the content makes basically here it is we write one-third of our articles what we call a response post these are short 1,350 word posts that usually answer a very specific question that you could answer quickly and have low competition these posts need to be written first on your website start your website immediately write these posts because they’ll rank the quickest and they’ll start to get you traction and credibility with Google they’ll also get your name out there once they’re ranking on Google a little bit.
So you can start to attract some links organically from other websites who find you in Google search so the response post these short very simple ones often are not gonna bring a ton of traffic because they’re on just very specific low competition keywords but by writing them they can really get things going and sometimes you find one that just kicks butt I’m gonna tell you something that no one ever will dare tell you who in the internet marketing I’m just gonna give away one of our top keywords that brings in about a thousand people a month to our website and it’s how much do RVs way somebody’s towing and they want to know just how much it weighs if their vehicle can tow an RV.
So I wrote a simple article and just how much in RV weighs generally where a camper weighs and I mean it just brings in huge amounts of traffic and by creating that first on the website you really get the ball roll that’s exactly right and that’s an article where the last time I checked it ranks number one on Google and has the snippet because we just wrote a really good response post nailing the answer to that question giving a nice average and then providing lots of good examples so people can figure out about how much of their camper probably weighs this is super important getting that initial traffic on your website but then from there we don’t just want a website full of low competition keywords because some of them are only gonna bring in a few hundred page views every month.
we need to start getting into the little bit more competitive a little bit more meaty topics and that’s where the staple post comes in so a third of our initial posts are gonna be staple posts and we write them after the response posts these tend to be about twenty-two hundred words long and they tend to pick up on topics that are just again a little bit more involved it’s not something you can necessarily answer with one sentence a response post you can usually give at least the initial answer very quickly a staple post might be a list type post where you’re gonna give ten tips or thirteen neat places or fourteen ways to do this it might be kind of a how-to type article.
It might just be a little bit beefier response type post but where there’s just not quite a simple short answer that you can give or just where there’s a lot more information to share I know like there’s a lot of different ways that you can write a staple post the point is normal post though yeah the length and kind of the level of competition that you’re going up against these are topics that there are other articles on the internet that kind of covered the same topic but you’re gonna give a resource that’s just better and more helpful and then the last type of post is your pillar post.
So as you’re doing your search analysis and you’re trying to decide which articles to write on on your website you’re gonna find a few that you just know are searched a lot and will bring in a lot of traffic it’s a big topic in your industry and that’s where we save them for a pillar post this is where you put everything you can into making the ultimate resource for that search query and these will usually bring in big traffic but well the if you don’t follow this content mix that we’ve learned through the school of hard knocks.
We see so often people write these amazing posts put them on their website and they just die they just never bring in traffic and it’s because you just didn’t write them in the right order you got to start with the smaller posts and work up to there once you have a little bit of credibility with Google then you can get them to actually rate and that’s exactly it these pillar posts are on much more competitive topics and Google’s not going to give a shot to a brand new little website until that little website has just shown that it has what it takes and by winning a few of those low competition searches.
First with those response posts you really do pick up that credibility what we find is that this approach is a lot safer than a lot of the sort of tricky SEO techniques and tactics that other people in internet marketing or teaching yeah they’re teaching these backlinking programs and link wheels and all this junk that can get your site banned from Google and this is a way that you can actually rank but do it totally legit so Google will love your site yep and then things get a little bit more difficult.
So it’s really exciting when you’re starting your website and all the promise of it and working on your site making it as helpful as you can for other people and then it’s like you’ve created a ghost town remember Sim City oh yeah like where you’re building your own little city like you’re building your blog and then like you look around and you’re like hey nobody’s here website and this is where a lot of people get discouraged because they don’t have the timeline and they don’t realize that that’s actually very normal at this phase and you’re probably right on track doing what you need to do it just takes time for Google to start ranking it but there’s still a ton of work you need to be doing during this phase and we have some tips to help you to make the most of it and I will say I know it can be frustrating.
I know it can be really scary but we believe so much in this approach to earning an income to building this kind of websites that we are scaling up like crazy we have created we have our own creator studio where we have I mentioned that we have all these employees these are people who are building these websites for us and just adding tons and tons of content why because we believe in this business model so much that we’re doing it ourselves there’s so much opportunity available so I want that to be motivating for you it can be easy to feel like you should just give up I can never succeed but a couple of Hicks from Idaho can make this happen you can too yeah about that’s a really good point because sometimes we’ll get a comment on our YouTube channels to become kind of popular and so we get a lot of comments of people saying like if this works then how come you’re just teaching it instead of just doing.
where doesn’t really know we’re doing it we’re spending thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars every month to just hire an army of people to write blog posts and make videos and stuff cuz it is working and even doing that there’s no risk of us ever filling the whole internet with information this is such just like it’s the whole world there are 350 million active websites so like our whatever 10 there’s a lot of space alright so let’s get started on that page – yeah yeah so this is where we want you to start into a publishing routine we call it our publish hour it’s like what would it take for you to just like wake up one hour early and just do a little bit of work on your website or maybe you have a lunch hour at work or maybe on Saturdays you like have a good chunk until noon where you could just get a lot done you’re just setting aside your routine.
Where you can continually keep adding content to your website and getting things moving and that doesn’t necessarily mean just writing blog posts an hour every day but you should spend time every day just create this publishing routine of creating content that you can publish whether it’s podcasting whether it’s YouTube whatever it is spend an hour a day creating content I’m not talking about spending an hour a day promoting your site doing all sorts of other things creating content and we do this because this is a phase where we can really spend time scaling up our website so that as that initial seed starts to grow there’s just a lot more stuff there for the people that start to come to your website and that’s going to enable it to just snowball rather than just kind of trickle and start to trickle in some income it can really start to snow but we call this the hockey stick.
We’re like because you have done so much work, in the beginning, writing this content that takes a long time to rank but you’ve piled on and piled on and written so much content there that like once some of it starts to take google just starts to pay attention to your whole website because you add so much of it just like almost all at once like it can be going and a little bit of growth and then over the course of like three months it quadruples you know we just see that so often in the normal growth curve and right one of the ways that you can really pick this up because obviously publishing our yourself you’re not gonna necessarily get to be able to turn this into just like just a massive website and so at this phase of your website it’s okay to start outsourcing some of that content well if you want to in our course it’s you know maybe a quarter of the members.
I would say yeah who are outsourcing I think it’s fantastic if you can once your website is earning some money you really should reinvest it to reinvest but you don’t have to if you want to drill yourself fine if you can commit to a publishing hour every day you can create enough content on a website to be able to earn a very good and substantial income we’ve seen it we’ve done it many times but we’ve seen it with other people who are members of the project we yeah we have a member of our course so we just went out to lunch with a little bit ago who’s earning a lot of money way more than a full-time income about probably twice what he set out to initially yeah and it’s because of this all this thing and he’s like he did everything himself and he just went crazy at it just continually working at it but he’d created so much content that when it hit bad hit all right so here’s another year tip oh this was kind of hurt me.
So I grew a giant Facebook community for one of my websites called improve photography.com and this website you know got to over a million pageviews and has earned millions of dollars over the years became a large website and I was really proud of this Facebook page back in the day that Facebook page used to bring in a lot of customers who would buy my online video courses teaching you how to do photography and so I spent a lot of time on it and I think that’s what most people want to do in this phase it’s like okay I got a destructive Instagram Twitter and get some people coming to my website and one day I realized like man I’m spending like 25% of my working week answering questions on Facebook engaging with the community posting memes and just engaging this community and then I thought you know I haven’t checked in a while how much traffic is this bringing in I checked my Google Analytics for that website all of that 600,000 people that I was spending 25% of my working time engaging with brought in less than 1% of the traffic to their website I was gutted.
I mean it was so painful I just realized like I have waste and I wasted an incredible amount of time doing what I thought was best for my community and so I said you know what I quit yeah I’m just gonna stop Facebook and guess what happened to the numbers on my website nothing the traffic didn’t go down the sales didn’t go down I just realized that I was on a treadmill I was working working working working but I wasn’t actually moving anywhere further go trying to find a Twitter post from three weeks ago no one will ever see it you could hide a dead body under Twitter also no one will ever find it you’re doing work what it’s not evergreen it’s not gonna be there later on and so avoiding social treadmills has been a major part of our game plan for these websites but there are social media channels right where you can do work that will give you benefits years in in the future and can drive significant traffic.
Think about the imagery of the treadmill right on a treadmill you walk or you run and run and run and run but you don’t go anywhere and that’s how it is on Facebook and Twitter just like you said you post something and a saying good Instagram it’s gone in minutes most of the time right almost nobody will ever see it and even if they do what’s the likelihood they’re actually going to engage with that content and be you know to perform an action that earns you an income it’s just very very very low however there are some places in social media where it’s not a treadmill you can actually put out content that is evergreen YouTube and Pinterest are two great examples of social media channels that allow you to create content that will still show up for months and months and years and years.
We get views all that’s every day thousands of views on videos that are two years old mm-hmm absolutely they’re pins that I’ve pinned years ago you’ll get a star getting to reap end and still bringing in pin people to the website and so you should promote your website while you can just write your content leave it out there and Google will find it organically and rank it if it’s good quality content but you should also do some promotion and by using dry doing it smartly intelligently using the right networks it can be a huge boon to your website there are social media gurus out there that want to tell you something different but it just remember that that’s their business.
That’s how they make money and they don’t want you to know what we had to discover the hard way yeah we don’t care how we show you how to get the traffic we just figure that you get the traffic well show you the way that actually works all right then we’re gonna go into the next phase phase 3 is where you’re actually launching a product so info products you know selling a video course selling an audio guide selling an e-book an information product that you can put together is really easy to do and we have found to be the most valuable way to monetize our sites so whatever your topic is we want you in phase 3 to start working on an info product that you could put on your website for some of you you may have an info product that somebody else has made and you just want to be an affiliate for it but this is a time to start building an email list YouTube subscribers a list or a community of people that you could market something to once it’s ready and this is where we see the websites really taking off and once you have a really cool info product then what you want to do is create just a nice funnel.
That’s gonna just you know you bring in the loads and loads of people through the content on your website may be a YouTube channel and a lot of those people aren’t ever gonna buy that product but what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna sift through those people using a funnel approach and then you’re gonna end up putting the right people in the right place to make that hard sales pitch to them when they’re ready to buy that info product and that’s gonna allow you to be able to sell that info product just passively just a month after month and year after year if you just get at the right funnel in place so that’s something we’re gonna be doing in Phase three of a The Complete Guide to Blogging for a Living absolutely and so talking specifically you know let’s say it’s normal for a website to earn twenty dollars EPM.
That’s estimated earnings per thousand page views so you know let’s say you know you have a hundred thousand page views you know you’re earning a pretty decent income from that but what we’ve seen is that when we take a website into Phase three where we have an email list we’re like marketing to these people on the websites we can take it to two hundred four hundred dollars EPM P so from that same amount of traffic you can be concerning eight times the amount of money by getting smart with your marketing this is a little bit down the line you know most people are focused on getting the traffic first and that’s great we want to walk you through that but this is where you’re going is eventually if you can turn that marketing engine on and you can substantially increase how much money you make per person on your website it completely changes the game and then we move into the phase for the phase four on a website is turning this thing into a real business.
whatever that business looks like for you in our case it was hiring our own team of writers that we can train up to write exactly the way that we want who can become somewhat expert in the industry that we that we have them riding on the websites for you it might look like that it might just be freelance writers it might be that for you you just want to you’ve reached a point where you’re actually happy with the income and you just want to make it more massive make it more passive and just let it steady just keep rolling in for years and years to come and really you just need to add kind of a small critical mass of it of new content where you’re really creating processes that can just keep the website rolling to either grow it even further or to sustain what you’ve created those are the four phases of creating your website and that’s you know what we expect you to be working on during your The Complete Guide to Blogging for a Living in order to get there.
Can you see how incredible the business that the model is that you’re doing work today that can bring results for such a long time in the future that’s why we call it passive income it’s not that it suddenly happens to you and you don’t have to do anything it’s that you’re doing work today that will have value for a long time in the future and that has the capability to reach the billions of people in this entire world that’s what we’re doing here is we’re taking something that one person can do and where it used to be in traditional business models and is for many people that you can only reach the people?
That are right next to you now you can reach the whole world yeah it’s crazy like can you see the potential yes like improve photography.com like I became a photography teacher in a non-internet world how much money could you really me make teaching photography at a college a high school whatever like okay yeah you could kind of meet your salary but instead this is you know are millions of dollars from this website it’s just like a dork ad behind a laptop of making videos of teaching things that I learn on the camera it’s awesome what you can do head into the comments and just say I’m in commit to doing something and create something for yourself by creating this online business.
We want to pitch you on something and the reason we want to pitch you on it is because we really believe in it it matters to me as a person like a lot that we actually are helpful to the people who are in our course we can actually get those people earning an income for their families because that is our goal for for this for everything that we do on income school that is our mission so we created a course called The Complete Guide to Blogging for a Living that’s kind of the complete version of this article that’s just an introduction to it and we’ve included a lot of different things we had long discussions about like what should be in this course to help them with this but then they have this problem we need this so we want to walk you through everything we’ve included in the course because it’s not one of those things where you get this PDF and that’s it yeah this is a lot more it’s and it’s constantly evolving as we learn more as things change and as we just see more and more needs from members of The Complete Guide to Blogging for a Living we are constantly adding new things.
So what are you getting first thing is a community this isn’t you know a cruddy Facebook group that you’re invited this is like a custom community that you’re you’re brought into I see all the time internet marketers that are selling their their communities for $99 a month it’s worth every single month and it’s just such a good group when we start a The Complete Guide to Blogging for a Living like I was nervous like yeah but we got to make sure everybody gets answers good answers to their questions I don’t want to start this community that ends up not really being that helpful and well I’ve heard many times from The Complete Guide to Blogging for a Living members is this is the part of the course that they didn’t give that wasn’t the thing that made them buy but in the end ended up being the most valuable right to them like anytime you have a problem with your website you’re not sure am I on track is this post any good why didn’t this rank on Google you just post in there and we have lots of very knowledgeable people in there Rickie’s in there constantlt.
I am in there constantly Freddie is in there constantly like we are in there making sure that people get answers to their questions in the commune it’s really really cool we’ve personally talked to people who’ve said I don’t have anybody in my real life that I can talk to about this my family and friends they think I’m crazy that I’m wasting my time exactly and so I get no positive feedback I get no reinforcement from the people around me and the community is the thing that gets me going so pretty awesome thing too is the 60 steps this is the meat of the course what we do is we’ve broken down the initial planting a seed the initial starting a website that can get traffic and income writing those first 30 posts and we’ve broken it down into 30 steps and it is a step by steps these days that download you know to decide.
What your niche is today and we’ll give you a video course on exactly how to do that and you just click it off ok done with step one move to step two get your domain move to step three hosting if you’re a beginner all the detail is there if you’re more advanced all the theory the strategy the numbers are in there what we don’t want you to do is waste time doing things as I’ve done on treadmills things that just don’t bring that result and so the 60 steps is where you’re gonna spend your majority of the time in the put in the course showing you exactly what to do at each step we have already spent over three years refining just the 60 steps it’s it’s just constantly being updated and upgraded.
We have had members of The Complete Guide to Blogging for a Living who was just spending way too long writing their post so we went in there and just shared a lot of helpful information about how they could speed up their researching and writing a please I mean a long time people say I’m spending about four hours writing one post and we’re like no no no no we’re gonna get they’re staying too long so we went to our writers at our creator studio and we’re like let’s see what we can do and so we made of course and we tested it and we’re like okay now how can we get their time down so we made a format of exactly how to format every post and then we found they could buzz through it and in ninety minutes.
They’re producing a post like it’s really cool this kind that it can do for you this kind of complete course sells very very common in internet marketing for like five hundred ninety-nine dollars Justin yes very just for one course like this but in addition to that, we have an entire catalog of courses that we’re constantly adding to we just update our we’ve just updated it recently with another course we’re just updating another course it is just full of course as you can see here in the course catalog just course after course after course every time that we find something else that we feel like the members needed it’s gonna be there we’re gonna add it as a course yeah and this is like most internet marketers want to sell you on a zillion different courses and that was like one of our manifestos.
When we decided we’re this is like no upgrades, not weird bundles and upsells give you what you need yeah to be successful online and so it’s all in there there’s so much more we have in there we do a podcast we want you’re learning while you’re at the store everywhere podcasts where you’re gonna be learning what we’re working on right now the up-to-date tips that we’re doing we want you to check it out go to income school comm slash go it’s going to show you everything in the course we’ve been really aggressive with the pricing to do the best we can for you at a very reasonable price rate and so check it out income school comm slash go while you’re listening to the rest of this go check out that the sales page there is so much there and you can see there’s a little video there’s a lot of information there that’ll walk you through everything that’s in there but when it comes down to it you know no it’s not super cheap no it’s not the easiest thing to do.
We have been very aggressive on pricing but if we could just save you one month to success if we could get you to a full-time income one month sooner the course would pay for itself out many times over and what we find is that we are helping people who have been doing this for years I’ve had people tell me I’ve been trying to make money online for nine years and I have never succeeded at making more than a few dollars a month and now suddenly I am consistently earning income from my website you may be one of those people who saves years or who may just give up altogether but cuz of The Complete Guide to Blogging for a Living you have everything you need to be successful the first time okay speaking of that we’re gonna get really non-Hollywood here.
This is my office welcome my office just in my home I want to show you this Rikki mentioned how we celebrate the success of our members you know I feel like most people selling online are mostly interested in just they celebrate when they make a sale our celebration is when our customers succeed and so these are not sales of our course these are each pin on this map is somebody who is actually earning money from their website from learning the things that we have taught them and I actually have a lot of pins that I need to put up that I haven’t quite updated yet okay sorry for the weird video work there but like it’s just it’s really important to us that we are aligning ourselves with you like it matters a lot to us.
When I see a customer who’s frustrated not seeing the success it matters a lot to us and we want to celebrate your success so we wanted to get you to what we call our pizza day as soon as possible pizza day is when you earn your first five dollars from your website and you’re supposed to order pizza for your family and just have a little bit of celebration they’re like hey things are moving in the right direction and we’re seeing some early success so when you sign up for The Complete Guide to Blogging for a Living here is what you’re gonna see it’s gonna take you straight to a welcome page there’ll be a nice little video from us and justice yes and this step by step process will show you the community just how to get set up with the podcast how to get into the community the timeline links to the timeline and the download center and of course the dashboard of courses.
This is the course dashboard you’ll see there are a lot of courses in there with new ones being added all the time and this is you’ll get this instantly after you purchase you’re instantly brought in here you have access to everything all at once yep very good stuff okay so let me just share with you briefly a little story I spent years just in the ground of a normal day job I got a degree I got another degree I did everything right and what I found was that I was in a job that just drove me crazy because no matter how hard I worked no matter what I did it was like being on a treadmill just like.
So she’s just like Facebook right I was on a treadmill it was hard to get anywhere and if I worked really really hard if I was lucky I might get a few extra bucks as a bonus at the end of the year or maybe I could get a raise or a promotion a little bit sooner but no matter how much value I created what I got for it was always just the same as I got into this and as I just learned and started working with gym and started building websites I was able to start creating value for other people information that helps people that gives them just what they’re looking for on the internet and provide that in a good and useful way and in return for the value that I created I got to keep all of the reward, not just the little piece that some company decided to give to me it was so freeing and so liberating that as soon as I was earning enough.
I left that job and I’ve never looked back it has been just the best thing that I’ve been able to do for myself for my family and my 4 kids it’s just been such an amazing experience and I really do want to be able to share that with you yeah for me I started my first website when I was in law school and you know I was a very poor student like many students are and I just couldn’t provide for my family like I wanted to and I did graduate from law school and became an attorney but by then the blog that I had started while I was bored in classes writing you know just every free second during law school had really taken off and you know even at that small level that website was earning $10,000 a month.
When I graduated law school and is like that’s more than I would learn to earn as a starting salary as an attorney and so I just went all-in on it and so it’s been amazing having the income that has grown a lot from there but a lot more than that for me like I get to  I don’t do well when I feel shut up and like I can’t you just do whatever project I want to go after I feel antsy and for me, the biggest blessing of working online is that I can just say I’m tired of this I’m gonna go start a brand new website and go after that I can say man I really want to go on this big vacation with my family.
I’m gonna find a way I’m gonna go work really hard and find a clever way to increase the monetization or get some more traffic on the website so I can earn it like I just feel free with my jobs in your control it is yeah it’s that control and it has just made me a happier person and I look back to what would have happened is my mental state and being in a regular job and I thought man I just would have hurt every day to feel that way and so that that’s what it really means for me.
We’re excited for you to start your journey there are a thousand reasons for you not to do this a thousand reasons that you can say yeah but what if I put in the work and I don’t see the reward yeah but what if I start in on this in a week and I hit a plateau or a wall but I can’t figure out how to do it and it just kind of dies out, yeah but what if it takes too much time away from my family there are a thousand reasons not to do this and I guess the question I have for you is what are you gonna allow you to keep you from getting the incredible reward that is out there like what reason or justification or thing are you can allow you to stop you are you capable of waking up an hour early and just getting after this and creating a very not normal incredible life for you and your family and so that’s our challenge to you is to begin your Blogging Carrier today
The Complete Guide to Blogging for a Living
Mustafa Rangoonwala
I'm Mustafa Rangoonwala having more than 10 years of working experience in the Health and Wellness Industry. I love to write articles on Ganoderma Lucidum, Health and Wellness, Relationship, SEO, Digital Marketing etc


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