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Why Your Site Content Isn’t Even Getting Ranked

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Why Your Site Content Isn’t Even Getting Ranked

Why Your Site Content Isn’t Even Getting Ranked

Hey Guys, You may not have realized this but there’s a chance Google’s burning here website on Twitter right now when John Mueller from Google was asked about why content that was being crawled was not being indexed or showing up in search and asked about whether or not they should force index the content.

Here’s what he had to say if your site relies on manual index submission for normal content you need to significantly improve your site search console does not fix your site you need to do that yourself how so in this video you hear in a lot walk away with two different things, first of all, you’re gonna understand the nerd burn if you didn’t understand what was just said by nerds about your web site indexing you’ll understand why that was a burn and number two what you’ll understand in this article is exactly what to do to make sure your site is found by Google crawled.

Make sure it’s indexed and that you’re ranking for the things that you want to be ranking for we’re gonna go through the specifics of exactly how to do this is a very procedure driven video exactly so first things first when you create brand new content on a brand new website nobody, not even Google knows it exists however Google is using a lot of tools to constantly crawl the internet.

If you’ve connected Google Analytics they know your website okay lick them out let’s go back to Ricky’s bar where you can come out as soon as we give them attention he does, however, Google has numerous tools that they’re using to identify new websites they have their robots that are constantly crawling the internet that’s kind of a scary image bromide is growing.

We will find you yes crawling the internet I mean if you’ve connected Google Analytics to your website they know what exists right if you’ve connected Google search console if you’re using an Android device to look at your website if you’re using Google Chrome browser to look at your website Google obviously knows it exists and they are out there crawling all the content on the Internet and so they will find it there’s not some special thing needed to be done get you able to find your internet your website on the internet.

However a lot of people feel like there’s no way that can be true and that’s exactly where this tweet came into play people are having problems right now getting their content indexed by Google and so what they’re concerned about is that it’s not being found or crawled at all Google is gonna find your content the way that you can check to make sure that your content has been crawled is by going into Google search console and you’ll there’s a URL report and you are a suspension tool type in the URL and it’s going to show you a green check mark and say this has been crawled it was crawled on this date and some technical information about it and so you’ll know immediately if it happens if your site is existing and you’re updating it frequently you may find that your site is getting crawled within hours of when you release a piece of content.

If your site is brand new it may take a few weeks don’t worry about it it’s okay it will find it and it will crawl it now if for some reason you found an X there that it’s not being crawled then you could manually submit it but like the tweet says it’s a sign that something may not be going well exactly know if your content hasn’t been crawled yet it’s worth going into your WordPress dashboard and clicking on settings and making sure the little box is not checked that says discourage search engines from indexing your site like double negative that yes no checkmark you do not want to discourage them from indexing your website obviously if you wanted to search to show up in Google search.


What’s up my shampoo bottle this morning a double they get a no it says yes not tested on animals and I thought that’s that box every time why did they say discouraged anyway I hate that check bars make sure there’s no Jam okay exactly so make sure there’s no check there and then just make sure your contents being crawled if you have a brand new website give it a couple of weeks it’s okay if it takes that that’s perfectly normal next is your content being indexed not the so Google found it is it wanting to even give it the chance of ranking so when Google first finds your website and crawls it’s going to do it’s going to initiate the process of a stepped ranking google sent a patent out about this filed for a patent about a year ago where they’re showing that as soon as they find the content.


They’re running some tests to get an initial ranking to see where it should rank what category do we put this site in etc and then it will start doing more user testing which is why it takes more time to this to see how you rank in the actual searches so is your content being indexed the way to find this out is to just do a site colon and your domain name and then you’ll see all of the pages that are actually indexed just go into a browser and go into Google search bar site colon your domain name hit enter and it will list in the search results all of the content that’s been indexed on your web site.


Another thing you can do is just grab four sentences the first four sentences of the post and just put that in a search and it’s going to show you right there if it doesn’t pop up even with four sentences of an exact quote of your site then it’s not good so if you have content that when you go check in search console it says it’s been crawled but when you do these you find that it’s not being indexed that’s an indication that there’s an issue with the content itself the content does not meet Google’s quality standards and guidelines to the point that they don’t even believe or at least their computers don’t believe that it should even get a shot at showing up in the Google search results and that’s a problem that no amount of like SEO trickery is going to fix for you this is a problem with the content itself and you need to reevaluate the content as well as like the topic of the content whether or not it’s even a relevant search so don’t spaz out about this spazz out.


Nobody says that anymore in the first month or two of your site it’s okay and it’s alright if it takes a little bit of time but if your site is six months old and we’re having a problem this is a sign of a much deeper issue with the content so this is the question that you just have to ask yourself and there’s no silver bullet or anything else that can get around it is your content actually better than what’s appearing in the Google search results right now if not then why is Google gonna waste its time on it now you understand the sick burn the nerd burn this is what he’s saying is saying if you feel like you have to go manually submit each URL every time it’s because we just hate your site and we’re not going to spend crawl budget on that isn’t that yeah that’s why both of us when we read that tweeter like ooh okay.


The third situation you may find yourself in is that you know you’ve done both of these checks and your content is showing up like as being indexed but it’s nowhere to be found in an actual search result you go search the primary search term that you should rank for and you’re nowhere in the first several pages of Google that’s a third and separate issue that’s really what the rest of this channel is all about is creating content that’s highly relevant and high quality.


So that it meets the needs of the user and if you do that you’re going to start ranking well on Google this is where it gets much more qualitative so Google search console and this more technical stuff I log in maybe twice a year yeah there is some cool data in search console like your impressions and stuff I rarely check it because most of the stuff in there like you’re gonna get an email.


If there’s a manual action or a crawler or something like that we need to check on but I just spot check it every once in a while because if you’re using a good theme hint ah Kobato is built for search these if you have a good theme you haven’t done anything goofy with your SEO and you’re just writing solid content you just don’t even need to worry about this I just know it’s going to be found I just don’t need to concern myself but this part the actual rankings this is where it’s a lot more qualitative and so for this, we use a tool called manage WP it costs a buck a month and you can type up to a hundred primary search phrases and what URL you’re trying to use to target that search phrase a blog post that I answer that question and it will just check once a week on Sundays.


It runs everything and then usually Sunday night or Monday morning it will have the report for that week and it’s just gonna say you rank number whatever for somebody who searches this primary search phrase and that’s really useful because then I don’t have to Google 100 things to see how all of my blog posts are doing it’s just nice to have a good report just to see am I generally moving up in the rankings and that’s the beauty of it is you it stores that data for you so if you’re using that tool you can look at how you’re doing over time and that way you can get good feedback on things that I did that help to improve my rankings this whole process is not an overnight process most people out there are looking for a silver bullet that’s going to allow them to crack the Google algorithm and ranked number one tomorrow.


AHA just put your URL here and you will shoot up if you just put in this meta tag here and do these other things over here your SEO plugins are doing very very little for you they’re not causing your site to get crawled faster indexed faster or ranked better it’s the content itself that’s going to allow you to do really well in the indexing and in the search rankings part and the crawling part as long as you haven’t done something really weird with your website if you’ve just structured your website like a normal WordPress blog Google is going to have no problem crawling your website.


So very little of this is the stuff that you really need to worry about and that way you can focus on the content which is what we do that’s why it’s so important to follow a proven step-by-step process to get this done because many are the ways that you can screw up a website and many are the people who will tell you information that will actually just screw up your website and so go check out our webinar where we’re going to explain the process of just SEO and 20 and this is exactly what we do we’re going to walk you through that process of the important steps you need to take to get crawled indexed and ranked well.


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