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Does Yogurt Cause Acne?

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Does Yogurt Cause Acne?

Topic: Does Yogurt Cause Acne?

When I got to know yogurt, or froyo, if we wanted to be “in style,” my friends wanted to have breakfast on a Saturday night at a little store called ground yogurt. When I first moved in, I felt the idea of doing a self-service at a different station for everyone was great! Not only was it understaffed and easy to operate, the place was clean and fun. But this was not the best part, there were all the yogurt variations. With various ingredients, fruit, granola and all of this for under $ 4-5, after the box weighing process, it was good.

At the time, I still had severe acne, so I thought, “Is it safe for my acne? Should I eat this?”

Being an active learner, what did he know about yogurt, he asked the lady at the counter.

  • “What is yogurt?”
  • “It is healthy?”

Then what she told me, which I’ll get later in this article, was going through a big round of yogurt that couldn’t touch ice cream. The keyword there is “thought”. After a few months of eating yogurt, we finally discovered that none of those yogurt employees tell us. And it seems like I’m starting to get the gang together to discover a new dessert that’s actually “healthy.”

Many years have passed when I have eaten yogurt for the first time. Since then, I have created a complete acne diet, attended various diet and nutrition classes, and created a complete acne website. But sometimes, just out of curiosity, I still ask the people who work at the counter who know how healthy yogurt is.

I want to know what other people, people like you and me, are saying about what yogurt is and how “healthy” it is.

As I write this article, I am still amazed at what they say and I think that when you come to know the truth, you will too.

I have divided this article into several parts, to get a full understanding of what is really happening and how it can completely cure your acne and if it has not come back, I highly recommend it. I want you to fully read all parts of this article:

What is Normal Yogurt?

Regular yogurt is fermented milk. It is the type of yogurt that we usually see in supermarkets and supermarkets. Basically it is made with certain types of milk that are fermented with live cultures. Eventually, those live cultures or good bacteria digest parts of the milk and produce what we know as yogurt.

The end result is usually a sticky substance with a pungent or slightly sour taste. Most of the time, manufacturers add some sugar or flavor at this point to make it taste better. Examples of yogurt are Yoplat, Dannon or Activia.

Yogurt is a dessert very similar to the way it turns into ice cream, but yogurt is used instead of cream. To really understand this, we must remember the difference between cream and yogurt. Once the cow is weaned, the cream separates from the milk and begins to float on the milk. And what we know as “cream” exceeds cow’s milk.

Just like ice cream is made, regular cow’s milk undergoes a process that adds sugar, dextrose, skim milk powder and double cream to make the ice cream recipe. The material is pasteurized to ensure that bacteria do not reproduce and do not contaminate the mixture.

On the other hand, curd is generally made with a finished product of pasteurized cow’s milk. Milk is fermented through live cultures to create a thicker version of milk, only to be filled with the good bacteria cultures that now live.

Good for you?
Yes and no

First of all, let’s go with the good news. The good news is that ice cream uses regular milk and yogurt uses fermented milk. And because yogurt uses yogurt, which is a fermented food. These good bacteria stimulate fermentation in milk and release lactic acid. It is this acid that condenses the milk protein and creates a type of buffer to protect against harmful bacteria. Finally, when you eat yogurt, these live bacteria enter your body and help other good bacteria that live in your gastrointestinal tract.

Yogurt has more protein and less fat than ice cream. On top of that, because yogurt contains live bacteria, it has enzyme benefits that can aid your body in digestion.

The bad news is that yogurt, while more abundant in many minerals and nutrients than ice cream, is still not as healthy compared to regular yogurt, which is something many people ignore or ignore. Choose. Another problem is that when it contains protein, the protein found in yogurt is usually the same as a third of the protein found in regular yogurt.

Yogurt has protein equivalent to normal ice cream. And while ice cream is very high in fat, between 10 and 18% fat by weight, the process of how yogurt is made varies more widely. Fryo also has less fat than ice cream, but generally has much more sugar than other alternatives.

If we want yogurt to be on the spectrum in terms of being healthier than normal yogurt and ice cream. Yogurt is probably somewhere between real yogurt and ice cream. At the healthy end of the spectrum comes regular yogurt, then yogurt, then ice cream at the less healthy end of the spectrum. This is because a thick amount of sugar is usually added, as in ice cream, which is an important reason why yogurt is much less “healthy” than regular yogurt.

Finally, while we can see yogurt as a healthy alternative to ice cream, it should not be seen as a “healthy” food, as it still has a high level of fat and possibly a high level of sugar.

Does Yogurt Cause Acne?

It is not so thick that I worry. And although, in this article, I talk about how fat is indirectly related to acne, which everyone should know, yogurt probably doesn’t contain enough fat to be compared to other foods. It can go.

Nor am I concerned about the fact that the curd comes from the curd that comes from milk. And if you don’t know that milk and dairy can be a hidden villain due to breakouts, I highly recommend reading this article where I think milk and dairy affect acne. This is because milk becomes a more profitable form of dairy: yogurt.

And as we all know by now, yogurt is more beneficial to our health due to active crops.

I am concerned that sugar is often added to yogurt. After all, it’s still a dessert and it wouldn’t be a true dessert if it didn’t contain a ridiculous amount of sugar. Fortunately, or unfortunately, it not only lives up to a reputation for deliciousness, it also possibly causes diabetes. If you are not familiar with acne and the sugar connection, it is important that you learn how eating sugar in your article HERE can affect your acne.

This is because our bodies do not react to food and sugars as “normal” people do. When we have foods that are considered “unhealthy” for people with acne, we don’t gain weight like other people.

Have you ever had a friend who could eat what he wanted but still had no skin blemishes? Do you know someone who is overweight or even “fat” but still has a clear and silky face? Why do “fat” people not have acne? The answer is in my article: ACNE and FAT. And if you understand that article, then you can begin to understand why our bodies are a little different.

This does not mean that we will never get foods rich in sweets, candies and sugars. You will be able to But the trick is HOW. The secret I am learning about what I teach is called How to Clean Your Acne Regimen.

Solution of your Acne?

The remedy to cure your acne is not to focus on improving your health in a generally accepted way. Now what I am not saying is not exercising, not eating healthy and washing your skin. This is not what I am saying. However, what I am saying is that what we now believe should be managed a little to “take care” of our body, especially if it has acne. And the “fit” you’re looking for is exactly what your acne should cleanse.

Everyone who suffers from acne must learn, especially those who are really fit and health conscious, they still cannot understand why they still have acne, that is for us to deal with their body cancer. It is a different kind of. Our bodies are different from the “average” person who eats what he wants and only adds weight. Sometimes our body, which you have already seen, does not gain weight either. Sometimes when we neglect our bodies, we end up sabotaging. And it is useless.

It makes no sense that we are eating “well”, exercising, sweating well, going to a sauna, washing our faces, and then putting on a mask. We are having an outbreak. Why ?!

So everything you do just doesn’t work and you’re trying to eat “healthy”, thinking that something is going to change and if you just try harder, your acne will suddenly start to go away.

I know it doesn’t work. Because that’s what I used to do. I will redouble my efforts simply thinking that I was not trying hard enough. But the answer is no and it will not cure your acne.

You need to stop and think. Improve a new plan. Really try and understand what is going on, Find out why.

It’s like these questions that I rubbed my mind for years! I’ve been in your shoes before and it’s very difficult to know what works and what doesn’t. There seem to be so many acne products out there that it’s really hard to figure out what people are telling the truth and which ones are lying.

I have bought many of them, Clearasil, Murad, ProActiv, just to name a few from the people I have tried. I used to use many acne products like aloe vera, benzoyl peroxide, face cream, mask etc. But these days, I barely wash my face, even once a day, and I’m still clear.

I am proof that your acne works in a healthy and natural way. And it’s also permanent, I still have fair skin and I have no problem keeping my skin clear and acne-free.

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