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How Long Does It Take For Rogaine To Work?

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How Long Does It Take For Rogaine To Work?

Topic: How Long Does It Take For Rogaine To Work?

How Long Does It Take For Rogaine To Work?

Rogaine, an FDA-approved hair loss treatment, is the most widely used topical treatment worldwide. However, results do not come overnight.

This article will explain Rogaine and give you some insight into its operation. This post will discuss the time it takes to see results and how you can speed up the process and increase growth.

Rogaine is for Who?

Rogaine is safe for both men and women with thin hair. Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) is most common in men who use Rogaine.
This is the name used to describe hair loss in men that affects the crown and temples of the head. It is also known as male-pattern or male-pattern. This is due to the action of DHT, a by-product hormone testosterone, on the hair follicles.

How does hair grow?

Minoxidil is a drug that works by regulating the growth of hair. It also affects hair in individuals who are genetically susceptible to hair loss.

Every hair goes through three phases during its life, regardless of whether it grows on the top of your head or your toes (1). These are the three phases:

Anagen Phase

This is the most common phase in which your hair is. This is the ‘growing’ phase. Your hair grows about 1/2 inch per month. However, it is more rapid in the summer than in the winter.

This phase lasts for the longest time and can last up to five years before moving on to the next phase.

Catagen Phase

This brief phase lasts about 10 days and occurs after the end of anagen. This is the transition phase between telogen and anagen.

Telogen Phase

This is when the hair starts to fall out. This happens slowly, so each hair is removed at a different moment. On average, 80 hairs are shed each day.

Inactive Phase

  1. This three-month period occurs after the telogen phase ends and ends when the next phase repeats the cycle.
  2. These phases are normal for healthy individuals and do not often cause any problems. It is important to remember that your body can respond to stressors such as extreme diets or other pressures by entering telogen effluvium. This means your hair will shed at a faster pace.
  3. Androgenetic alopecia is a condition where the hair follicles shrink, making the hair that grows during anagen cycles thinner and weaker.
  4. They will fall out faster and appear finer before. Eventually, you lose your hair.

What is Minoxidil?

Although Minoxidil’s exact mechanism of action is unknown, it is believed to increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles. It may be because of its ability to open potassium channels, but more likely because of its vasodilator role.

  • Minoxidil was initially developed to treat vasodilation. However, initial research revealed that the drug had hair-growth-promoting properties. Minoxidil’s hair growth properties make it thicker and more healthy. This is a characteristic that improves with every hair cycle.
  • AGA, as you know, is caused by the gradual shrinking of hair follicles. This makes hair less visible and frailer. It also increases the likelihood that hair will fall out. Minoxidil reverses the process.
  • The process of follicle shrinkage can be reversed by increasing blood flow to the scalp.

What can I expect if I use Rogaine?

Rogaine should be applied to your scalp two times per day if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This is true for both the foam as well as the solution.

Rogaine can cause a phenomenon known as shedding. This happens within the first two weeks. This is when the hair starts to fall out to make room for thicker, newer hair.

The new hair may not grow for up to four months. Even then, it may appear dull and fine. This is because hormones affect your hair follicles and make them smaller. Although it aims to reverse this process, it can take some time for your hair to return to its original condition. As time passes, hair will become thicker.

It is best to stop using treatment if you don’t see any improvement in hair growth within four months.

How much hair will I grow?

In 2014, a study was published that examined the effects of Minoxidil (5 per cent) on patients with AGA. Results showed that although 40% of users experienced some hair growth, it took an average of three to six months for this to occur.

  1. American Family Physician published earlier studies that showed significant terminal hair growth in those who had used the product for 2 years. This shows how long it can take to achieve optimal results.
  2. The review also revealed that it could take up to six months for any results to be seen, which is considerably longer than the suggested four months by the manufacturer.
  3. The study also showed that Minoxidil could be used for up to two years by half of the men who tried it (8). 36% of these men felt it was worthwhile to keep their hair cut.

You should also note that the effectiveness of the product varies depending on where there was thinning. Ideal candidates were bald for less than five years with a bald spot of fewer than 4 inches (0r10cm) and located on the vertex.

Below is a chart that shows Minoxidil treatment options for those who score between III and V vertex on the Hamilton chart.
Men with greater hair loss than others may still use Rogaine. However, men with a Hamilton score of V or higher are less satisfied. The rapid loss of hair seen in men who quit Minoxidil therapy was a result of the therapy. Hair counts dropped to or below baseline three months after therapy was ended.

Rogaine must be used for a long time. The body constantly produces hormones that cause androgenetic alopecia, the most common reason for hair loss. Rogaine can have positive effects, but you must continue using it. Otherwise, any hair growth that you might have had will cease.

What are the side effects?

Rogaine, like all medicines, has some risks. Although the product is generally well tolerated, it can cause dryness and dandruff to the scalp. Contact dermatitis can occur, which is similar to eczema.

Hair problems can be caused by dandruff. If you are suffering from it, please stop using it immediately.

Some people may become allergic to the chemical, causing breathing problems and tachycardia. Although rare, users should be stopped immediately.

How to make Rogaine more effective/work faster?

It is often a mystery how long it takes for a topical treatment to take effect. But did you know that there are simple tricks that can make it more effective? First, you need to use a derma roller.

Use A Dermaroller

  • This small device is covered with tiny metal pins. The pins penetrate deep enough into the dermal layer to wound the skin and increase collagen production. They also stimulate blood flow and reduce calcification.
  • Studies have shown that derma rollers containing Minoxidil are more effective than using Minoxidil alone.
  • Take a look at the graph below.
  • The derma roller and minoxidil combination saw a 12-week increase in hair count from 226 to 317 after 12 weeks. This is an increase of 91. Minoxidil alone was only a minor increase in hair count, with the group received it from 201 to 218, a mere 17.
    The best place to use is a derma roller (also called micro-needling) to stimulate hair growth directly. Never share a derma roller.

Scalp Massage & Exercises

  1. You can regrow your hair with scalp massages or exercises. These treatments can be used without the need for any topical treatments like Minoxidil.
  2. The exercises and massages aim to remove the scalp from the skull bone and reduce calcification. They also increase blood flow and flexibility. All these conditions make it easier to grow new hair.
  3. Look at a person with a bald scalp, and you’ll see how stiff and shiny their hair is. This is what causes hair follicle miniaturization.
    These techniques make the Rogaine product even more powerful.

Here are some scalp massage techniques.

Review of Rogaine from REAL Users

You can read the Rogaine reviews of real users if you’re still unsure whether Rogaine is right for you.
Here are the PROS and CONS of Rogaine products as viewed by real Rogaine users:


  1. It slowed hair loss
  2. It can regrow hair in newly-bald areas.
  3. It increased the overall quality of hair.


  • You should be prepared to continue using the product for several months before you see any noticeable results.
  • It is very common to shed, also known as “dread shed”,
  • Itching and irritation can occur, especially in the initial stages of treatment.
  • Naturally, results can vary from one person to another. You can only test it yourself to see if it works for you.

Generic Minoxidil Delivers the Same Results

Rogaine is the most well-known brand that contains Minoxidil. But, many other hair loss products contain Minoxidil. However, do generic brands offer the same results as Rogaine’s?

  • You should get the same results if you use generic minoxidil products with 2 per cent minoxidil. Although the active ingredient of the formula may differ from one brand to the next, it is still the most important. Therefore, products with the same active ingredients should perform similarly.
  • There may be differences in the product’s application and side effects.
  • Some users complain that the Kirkland brand of Minoxidil is too greasy. Others claim that the Rogaine brand product drys out their hair. It all boils down to inactive ingredients, especially alcohol.

What is liquid or foam?

  • You may be wondering if you should choose the foam or liquid formulation.
  • The FDA approved Rogaine’s first topical solution, and it has been used since 1988. Rogaine liquid solution caused several irritations. Itching, flaking and redness are some of the symptoms. Research revealed that Minoxidil wasn’t the problem. Propylene glycol, an ingredient in Rogaine liquid, was the problem.
  • Researchers developed a Rogaine solution that didn’t contain propylene glycol. Rogaine Foam is the result.
  • Rogaine topical, which is a liquid, absorbs much better into the scalp. Rogaine topical solution can be absorbed more deeply, which can lead to better hair growth results. This is why it is recommended that Rogaine topical solution should be used in lower doses (especially for females). Rogaine foam doesn’t penetrate as deeply into the scalp. Rogaine foam 5 per cent is approved for female use. This shows that the foam absorbs less liquid than the liquid.
  • The foam is ideal for those with sensitive scalps or who prefer an easier product to use.
  • If you want faster results, however, the liquid is the best option.

2 Percent vs 5 Percent

There are two concentrations of Rogaine or other minoxidil-containing products: 2% and 5%. Which is the best?

Are Higher Concentrations More Effective?

  1. A stronger dose of Minoxidil 2 per cent may be effective for people who have not responded to it, but you won’t see 2.5x more growth if you change from 2 to 5 per cent.
  2. Dose-response, a pharmacological phenomenon, does not necessarily correlate with dose increase (18). You may see better results but not necessarily 2.5x what you would get from using a 2 per cent minoxidil formula.
  3. Are there increased side effects?
    The law of diminishing returns is another concept that can be added to dose-response. Side effects can increase but not enough to provide a beneficial return.
  4. Although this may not be the case with the 5 per cent formula, as many people use it without any side effects, the risk of side effects increases as the dose goes up. Studies have shown that Minoxidil’s systemic side effects, such as hirsutism, are more noticeable in female users.

Results and Expectations

  • Rogaine users are often disappointed with their results. This is because they don’t know what to expect. It is essential to have a good understanding of hair loss treatments.
  • First, Rogaine is not for everyone.
  • You should also know that you will experience shedding at the beginning of your treatment. This is called “dread shed”. While it can be distressing, it is normal and should cease after the first few months.
  • Rogaine is a slow-acting drug. Rogaine is not an instant cure, and you should not use it inconsistently. Rogaine must be used consistently for at least six consecutive months to determine whether it works.


Rogaine is a great treatment for hair growth. Rogaine may not be the best treatment for everyone.

You can only find out if Rogaine is right for you by giving it a go. You may want to combine Rogaine with other techniques, such as micro-needling or scalp massages.

People Also Ask:

What happens if you stop using rogaine?

Continued use of ROGAINE® products is necessary to maintain hair growth. If you stop using it, the normal hair loss process will start again. You will likely lose your regrown hair within 3-4 months and it will look the same as before using ROGAINE® products.

Where does rogaine work?

Rogaine works best for people with hereditary hair loss at the top of the scalp (the area on the back of the head, just below the crown of the head) or for women with general thinning of hair on the top scalp. Rogaine is not designed for a receding hairline or baldness in the front of the scalp.

What happens when you stop using rogaine?

Continuous use of ROGAINE® products is necessary to maintain hair growth. If you stop using it, the normal hair loss process will start again. Your regrown hair is likely to be lost within 3-4 months and it will look as it did before using ROGAINE® products.

Where can i get rogaine?

The drug is available in pharmacies and drugstores across the country. It is also available on prescription from your doctor. Rogaine is a topical treatment intended to promote hair growth.

Where can i find rogaine?

Minoxidil is approved in the UK as a hair loss treatment for both men and women. Because it does not require a prescription, it is available at many major drugstores. Some pharmacies offer Minoxidil as a private label product, but most sell the Regaine brand version.

Where to buy rogaine shampoo?

You can easily buy rogaine shampoo on amazon stores or any nearby medical store.

What works better than rogaine?

“Finasteride is by far the most clinically effective drug compared to minoxidil,” Gary Linkov, MD, of City Facial Plastics in New York City, told WebMD Connect to Care. Linkov warns that finasteride can cause sexual side effects, such as decreased semen and decreased sexual desire.

Do you have to wash your hair everyday when using rogaine?

This product should be used once a day, every day. To be effective, it is important to apply the product directly to the scalp and not to the hair so that it can easily reach the hair follicles and help hair regrow. It is not necessary to wash your hair with shampoo before using the product.

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