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Mains 365 Vision IAS

Topic: Mains 365 Vision IAS

Mains 365 Vision IAS

Introduction to Mains 365 Vision IAS


Preparing for the IAS (Indian Administrative Service) exam heavily relies on Mains 365. It refers to a specific course or resource that coaching centres frequently offer to candidates to assist them in getting ready for the Union Public Service Commission’s (UPSC) Civil Services Examination (CSE) Mains exam.

To grasp its importance, remember these important points:

1. In-depth Reporting on Current Events:

  • With an emphasis on topics and occurrences from the previous year, UPSC Mains 365 offers thorough coverage of current events pertinent to the exam.
  • It covers subjects from various disciplines, including science, technology, international affairs, politics, economics, and the environment.

2. Organised Text:

  • Because of its hierarchical organisation, aspirants will find it easy to study and rewrite the content.
  • It frequently contains summaries, essential points, and interpretations of major events to aid candidates in understanding their significance and ramifications.

3. Pay Attention to the Mains Exam Requirements:

  • Mains 365 strongly emphasises analytical and descriptive writing and is designed especially for the written Mains test.
  • It aids in developing candidates’ writing skills, which are essential for achieving high marks in the Mains.

4. Practice Writing Answers:

  • Candidates can practise writing answers to likely questions in some versions of Mains 365’s answer writing section.
  • This facilitates better thought processing, time management, and writing abilities.

5. Notes on Value-Added:

  • Value-added notes are frequently provided in the course; they are concise and pertinent, saving candidates the time it would take to collect and organise information from multiple sources.
  • Before the test, these notes are very helpful for last-minute modifications.

6. Professional Evaluation:

  • Subject-matter specialists or knowledgeable professors examine current events, offering a range of viewpoints and deeper insights on several subjects.
  • Candidates can write better answers using the complex understanding this expert analysis helps them develop.

7. Pertinence to Articles on General Studies:

  • The General Studies papers (GS Papers I–IV) on the UPSC Mains exam directly relate to the material covered in Mains 365.
  • It covers the dynamic sections of the curriculum that are impacted by current events and recent advancements.

8. Boost Your Confidence:

  • Mains 365 gives candidates more confidence by studying a large amount of the current affairs course.
  • It guarantees that candidates are ready to handle questions on current affairs with grace.

9. In addition to the Static Syllabus:

  • Mains 365 bridges the knowledge gap between current events and static content by complementing the static portion of the UPSC syllabus.
  • It combines outdated ideas with current problems, crucial for thorough exam preparation.

In conclusion, Mains 365 is a priceless tool for IAS candidates, offering targeted and well-structured current affairs content that will improve their exam preparation and ultimately lead to improved scores.


The following is a brief overview of Vision IAS, a top IAS tutoring centre:

  • Reputation: Regarded as one of India’s top schools for preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE).
  • Offerings for courses: offers a thorough study schedule that includes:
  • General Studies Foundation Course: Builds a strong base for topics that are on the core exam.
General Studies Papers
  • Test Series: Prelims & Mains: Helps improve test-taking techniques by simulating the real exam environment.
  • One-on-One Mentoring: Personalised coaching for targeted preparation.
  • Resources for Current Affairs: Contains the Mains 365 programme for targeted Mains test preparation.
  • Across the country: Provides classroom coaching in India’s main cities.
Across the country
  • Emphasis on quality: Highlights a combination of quantitative (test-taking practice) and qualitative (concept clarity) approaches to learning.
  • Student Support: Thinks that features like these should be used to support students continuously.
  • Lectures were recorded for further revision.
  • Student performance tracking via an online portal.

It’s crucial to remember that, even though Vision IAS is a reputable school, UPSC candidates should always do their homework and weigh their options before choosing a coaching programme.

2. Detailed Description of Mains 365

Content Structure:

The Mains 365 program’s framework varies slightly depending on the coaching centre that offers it. Still, it generally adheres to a set format that covers current events in great detail and improves UPSC Mains test preparation. The Mains 365 programme typically has the following structure:

Overview and Introduction:

An outline of the course, its goals, and the best ways to apply the information. Explaining why recent events are important for the UPSC Mains exam.

Subject-Specific Current Events Reporting:

1. Polity and Governance:

  • Important laws, acts, bills, amendments, and political plans.
  • Important Supreme Court decisions and constitutional developments.

2. Economy:

  • Key economic indicators, economic surveys, budget analysis, and economic policy.
  • Important business reports and indices, as well as government programmes.

3. International Relations:

  • Groups and deals at the bilateral, regional, and global levels.
  • India’s connections with key international powers and its neighbours.
  • The influence of international organisations on India.

4. Social Issues:

  • Social justice, health, gender issues, and education.
  • Government programmes and projects with a social development focus.

5. Ecology and the Environment:

  • Climate change projects, conservation measures, and environmental policies.
  • Wildlife protection, biodiversity, and foreign environmental agreements.

6. Technology and Science:

  • Innovations, space missions, and recent advances in science and technology.
  • Programmes and rules made by the government that deal with technology and science.

7. Security Issues:

  • Difficulties with internal security, border concerns, and advancements in defence.
  • Disaster management, terrorism, and cybersecurity.

8. Thematic Coverage:

  • Examination of significant topics and themes that affect many areas.
  • A thorough conversation about issues like poverty, urbanisation, government, etc.

1. Monthly compilations:

  • Monthly compilation of current affairs to provide thorough coverage of all events year long.
  • Updates every month on important events and what they mean.

2. Expert Views and Analysis:

  • Professional writers’ articles and essays on a wide range of topics offer deeper views and different points of view.
  • Examine key themes and events to provide candidates with comprehensive knowledge.

3. Practice Questions and Model Answers:

  • Questions that are likely to be on current events and pertain to the Mains exam.
  • They’ve included sample responses and writing advice to assist candidates in honing their writing abilities.

4. Modules for revision:

  • Candidates can review key topics quickly and effectively using summarised notes and short revision modules.
  • For last-minute changes, emphasise key ideas and important facts.

5. Engaging Discussions and Dispelling Myths:

  • Interactive lectures with teachers to address questions and have discussions.
  • Webinars, in-person instruction, or Q&A meetings to elucidate ideas and offer further support.

6. Content with Added Value:

  • Infographics, charts, and graphs can help you understand and remember things.
  • Extra materials such as practice exams, analysis of past years’ questions, and advice on strategy.

7. Continual Updates:

  • Regular updates are made to ensure the material stays relevant and updated with the latest events.
  • Current events are constantly being watched to include any new important events.

The UPSC Mains examination is dynamic and comprehensive, and students who adhere to the Mains 365 program’s systematic approach will be better equipped to handle current affairs-related questions easily.

Subjects Covered:

Subjects like geography, history, and politics are not specifically included in Vision IAS’s Mains 365 programme. Rather, the emphasis is on current events and how they relate to the extensive GS Mains exam subject.

Current Events

Here’s how the program approaches subjects and topics:

Focus: Analyze important current events and issues across various domains relevant to the UPSC syllabus.

Examples: This could include recent developments in:

  1. Economy (e.g., policy changes, economic trends).
  2. Governance (e.g., social welfare schemes, administrative reforms).
  3. International relations (e.g., global conflicts, trade agreements).
  4. Science & Technology (e.g., space exploration, advancements in healthcare).
  5. Environment & Ecology (e.g., climate change, conservation efforts).
  6. Social Issues (e.g., education, poverty, gender equality).

Linking to the syllabus: The programme shows you how to link these recent events to the GS Mains syllabus in a meaningful way.

For example, examining a new policy to reduce poverty could entail comparing it to the idea of inclusive growth discussed in the Economics section.

By smartly using current events in your answers, you can show that you have a broad understanding and good analytical skills, which are valued on the UPSC Mains test.

It’s crucial to remember that the program’s coverage of specific current events may change based on global events during the programme period. Vision IAS may customise the curriculum to highlight the most pertinent and current advancements.


Here’s how the Mains 365 program by Vision IAS stands out with its unique features:

1.Entire Coverage:

  • Many subjects: explores important current events in various fields, including the environment, social concerns, governance, and the economy, going beyond merely the headlines.
  • Year-round focus: Make sure you don’t just study for the test but also keep up with significant advancements throughout the year.
  • Relevance to the Mains exam: This helps you relate current affairs to the GS Mains course, which makes them helpful when composing responses.

2. Professional Evaluation:

  • Comprehensive insights: Skilled instructors offer in-depth examinations of current affairs, assisting you in comprehending their context, ramifications, and possible long-term effects.
  • Answer writing technique: Teaches you how to thoughtfully use current events in your Mains exam responses to show that you have a broad viewpoint.
  • Trustworthy sources: Gets news and opinion from reliable sources like The Hindu, The Indian Express, PIB, and Yojana.

3. Continual Updates:

  • Two forms are available: The year-round resource package with updated books or the 20-day intensive course with daily sessions on changing current events.
  • Adapts to shifting conditions: The programme’s curriculum modifies itself to include the most recent and pertinent events as they happen.
  • Doubt clearing (potential): Depending on the format selected, the programme may allow you to clarify your comprehension of the subjects covered through sessions dedicated to clearing any doubts.

Mains 365 combines these characteristics to give you a thorough awareness of current events and the capacity to apply them to your UPSC Mains exam preparation.

3. Benefits of Mains 365 Vision IAS

Current Affairs Mastery:

To ace the UPSC Mains exam, one must master current affairs, and resources such as Mains 365 might be quite helpful in this regard. Here’s how mastering current affairs can help you ace the Mains:

1.Improved Response Composing:

Analytical Thinking
  • Relevance and Depth: Adding thoughtful analysis of current events to your responses greatly enhances their worth. It exhibits your capacity to relate the material covered in the syllabus to actual circumstances, indicating a deeper comprehension of the subject.
  • Analytical Thinking: Being well-versed in current affairs challenges you to evaluate events and comprehend their causes and effects. This analytical approach produces stronger responses that explore the intricacies of diverse topics and go beyond simple facts.
  • Example Support: Current occurrences can effectively illustrate theoretical concepts from the curriculum. This adds interest to your responses and gives your justifications a modern setting.

2. Strategic Benefits:

Connecting Various Subjects
  • Exam Trend Prediction: The UPSC regularly poses queries derived from current events.
  • You can anticipate possible exam subjects by keeping up to date and adjusting your preparation appropriately.
  • Connecting Various Subjects: Current events frequently serve as a link between subjects that appear to be on different pages of the syllabus. Knowing these links enables you to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded viewpoint in your responses.
  • Displaying Knowledge and Awareness: Being well-versed in current events demonstrates your awareness of relevant topics and your capacity for critical thought about the world.
  • Future civil officers must possess this attribute.
How Does Mains 365 Help?

The following Mains 365 features directly aid in mastering current affairs for the Mains exam:

  • Extensive Coverage: This guarantee ensures that you are exposed to a broad spectrum of pertinent subjects, keeping you informed and ready for a variety of test questions.
  • Expert Analysis: Gives you a wise comprehension of current affairs, enabling you to evaluate them successfully and strategically incorporate them into your responses.
  • Emphasis on Mains Relevance: Helps you make the connections between current events and the syllabus so that your answer writing strategy can benefit from them.
  • You can raise your chances of passing the UPSC Mains test by using Mains 365 efficiently and becoming an expert in current affairs.


The syllabus for the UPSC Mains is extensive and covers a wide range of subjects from multiple disciplines. By bridging the gap between current events and static syllabus information, Vision IAS’s Mains 365 course becomes relevant. How to do it is as follows:

Joining the Pieces:

  • Integration with the Syllabus: Mains 365 provides more than just news and information. It focuses on the connections between these events and particular GS Mains curriculum themes and areas.
  • Example: One way to connect the syllabus item on globalisation and its effects on the Indian economy is to analyse a recent trade deal (a current occurrence). This clarifies how you might use current events to enhance your responses.

Improving Response Composition:

  • Unique Perspectives: You can offer novel perspectives in your responses by fusing recent occurrences with pertinent historical context.
  • This illustrates your capacity for critical thought and the application of theoretical knowledge to practical circumstances.
  • Issue-based Approach: Many main questions require evaluating problems and offering solutions.
  • Mastery of current affairs enables you to demonstrate your grasp of the dynamic character of these issues and bolster your claims with examples from recent events.

Staying Up to Date:

  • Pay Attention to Recent Developments: The UPSC regularly asks questions about recent occurrences. By informing you about significant advancements, Mains 365 improves your chances of being ready for queries like these.
  • Exam Trend Prediction: Mains 365 might be able to give you ideas for possible future exam topics related to current events by examining past exam trends and the current state of society and politics.

In general, Mains 365 contributes significantly by:

  • Making the curriculum relatable: Illustrating how current events are interwoven with the static syllabus content closes the gap between academic understanding and practical application.
  • Improving analytical abilities: Examining current affairs helps you hone your critical thinking abilities, which is essential for producing well-written Mains exam responses.

Recall that Mains 365 is a tool; how well you use it with your overall UPSC preparation plan will determine its effectiveness. You can obtain a big advantage in the Mains exam by carefully utilising current events to enhance your responses.

Success Stories:

Testimonials and Success Stories

4. How to Use Mains 365 Effectively

Plan of Study: 

Taking into account the two programme styles, the following study strategy is recommended for incorporating Mains 365 into your everyday UPSC Mains preparation:

Option 1: Making Use of the 20-Day Intensive Course

1.Everyday Timetable:

  • Set aside a particular period each day—ideally a few hours—to devote to Mains 365.
  • Attend the provided live online classes or view the lecture recorded for the day’s subject.

2. Engaged Education:

  • Take notes while attending the lectures, paying particular attention to important details, analysis, and linkages to the syllabus.
  • If lectures are recorded, pause them to look up new ideas or explore a particular topic.

3. Utilisation & Exercise:

  • After the lesson, spend some time practising answering written responses on the current events topic.
  • Incorporate the current event and lecture analysis into your attempt to answer possible Mains 365 test questions using the syllabus to find pertinent areas.

4.Examine and Organise:

  • Set aside time at the end of the day (or during revision) to review your notes and practise answers.
  • Determine which parts require more explanation or editing.

Option 2: Make use of the All-year Resource Package

1.Weekly Timetable:

  • Set aside a certain day or time weekly for Mains 365.
  • Please select a subject from the publications offered and set aside time to study it.

2. Comprehensive Analysis:

  • As you read the booklet carefully, pay close attention to the analysis, background details, and any possible connections to the syllabus.
  • If necessary, expand on what you already know by conducting further study using reliable sources, such as government websites or publications referenced in the booklet.

3. Self-evaluation and Exercise:

  • After learning the subject, practice questions from past years’ Mains 365 papers related to the subjects covered should be attempted.
  • Analyse your responses and note any places that need work. The research and insights provided in the pamphlet can help you improve your answers.

4. Making notes and Revising:

  • For later review, keep brief notes summarising and relating the most important ideas to the syllabus.
  • Review your notes and practice questions frequently to ensure you comprehend and remember the material.

Integration Pointers for Both Choices:
  • News practice: To stay informed about current events beyond what is covered in Mains 365, read a reliable newspaper every day (such as The Hindu or The Indian Express).
  • Mains Focus: Approach current events from the standpoint of the Mains exam at all times. Examine the events, determine how they relate to the syllabus, and consider how you may use them in your responses.
  • Mock Tests: Regularly participate in mock tests to get experience composing answers and evaluate your performance. In your responses, strategically apply your lessons from Mains 365 to examples of current affairs.
  • Recall that this is only a suggested strategy. You can modify it according to your tastes, available time, and learning style.
  • To improve your ability to write responses for the UPSC Mains exam, it is important to maintain consistency, successfully include Mains 365 into your overall preparation, and practise using current events.

Effective Time Management:

Here are some pointers for using Mains 365 to manage your time efficiently:

Recognising the Time Invested:

  1. 20-day Course: This demanding schedule includes daily sessions. Compute the typical duration of each session and incorporate it into your daily itinerary.
  2. Year-round Package: Based on the intricacy of each topic, decide how many booklets to make and set aside a reasonable amount of time for each.

Organising and Setting Priorities:

  • Plan it out: Include Mains 365 in your daily or weekly calendar, considering the format you’ve selected and the amount of time you have to give it. Consider it a fixed component of your study schedule.
  • Set sensible priorities: Harmony Along with other crucial components of your UPSC preparation, such as practice writing answers and reviewing the static syllabus, focus on Mains 365. Give subjects demanding more concentration more time.

Maximising Your Method:

  • Active learning instead of passive consumption: Don’t merely read pamphlets or watch lectures silently.
  • Make notes, underline important points, and stop (if recording) to conduct more study. This concentrated learning will reduce the time required for subsequent revision.
  • Make connections your top priority: Prioritise the connections between the syllabus and current events over rote memorisation. You’ll save time later on by applying the knowledge more skillfully when crafting your response.

Time-Selection Strategies:

  • Make strategic use of pauses: Plan brief breaks throughout prolonged study sessions to help you stay focused and prevent burnout.
  • Reduce distractions by turning off your phone’s alerts and keeping it silent while you study the Mains 365 content. Locate a dedicated, quiet study area to increase output.
  • Effectively review your notes by reviewing your brief notes again to refresh your memory and mark any sections that still need work. This is preferable to reading through complete booklets or lectures again.

Extra Things to Think About:

  • Determine your preferred learning method: If you are a visual learner, make mind maps or diagrams highlighting the course’s main ideas.
  • Leverage technology: Use internet resources like note-taking applications or flashcards to efficiently organise your study and consolidate material.


  • Maintaining consistency is essential. Maintaining your routine and regularly interacting with the Mains 365 content is critical to optimising its efficacy.
  • Monitor your advancement: Monitor how you manage your time and modify your plan as necessary.
  • This will assist you in making sure you’re covering everything effectively and in the time allocated.

By paying attention to these pointers and effectively incorporating time management strategies, you can maximise Mains 365 and maintain the momentum of your UPSC preparation.

5. Comparison with Other Programs

Unique Selling Points:

The following contrasts Vision IAS’s Mains 365 with other current affairs courses provided by different organisations to help students prepare for the UPSC Mains:

Typical Qualities:

  • Focus on Current Affairs: Every programme seeks to offer thorough coverage of current affairs topics pertinent to the UPSC Mains syllabus.
  • Analysis & Insights: They provide knowledgeable commentary on current affairs, assisting you in comprehending their context, ramifications, and possible relationships to the curriculum.
  • Answer Writing Strategy: Many programmes teach you how to write well-rounded responses for the Mains exam, including current events.
Features That Set Mains 365 Apart:

Put Integration First: Mains 365 is more than just a source of up-to-date news. It strongly emphasises connecting these occurrences to particular GS Mains curriculum themes and topics, enabling you to provide responses that reflect a comprehensive understanding.

Two Layouts: It provides a choice between two programme formats:

  • 20-day Intensive Course: Offers live or recorded lectures and a planned daily schedule to facilitate concentrated learning.
  • All-year-long Resource Package: Provides self-directed instruction and topic-specific publications for all year-long coverage.

The repute of Vision IAS, a reputable UPSC coaching institute, supports this. This could provide legitimacy and a well-organised curriculum for the programme.

This will-organised stacks up against a few possible rivals:

  1. Current Affairs GS Score: The answer writing technique and current affairs focus are comparable. It is less organised than a daily program and has as many year-round resource selections as Mains 365.
  2. INSIGHTS IAS Mains Answer Writing: Emphasises answer writing abilities; may not have a current affairs-specific programme. Mains 365 integrates both elements.
  3. Rau’s IAS Current Affairs is an additional competitor offering current affairs coverage. Examine particulars such as format and syllabus integration to contrast it with the distinctive aspects of Mains 365.

It’s crucial to remember:

  • Since this is only a general comparison, different institutes may have different features or formats.
  • Look into specific programmes different organisations offer to see which organisation you prefer and your learning style.

Here are a few more things to think about while contrasting programmes:

  1. Faculty Expertise: Seek out courses taught by knowledgeable instructors who may offer perceptive commentary on current affairs.
  2. Study Material Quality: Consider the format and calibre of the available study materials (such as pamphlets and internet sites).
  3. Success Stories: To assess the program’s efficacy and see if the institute offers endorsements or anecdotes from previous participants.
  4. Cost: Look at programme costs to see which best suits your spending plan.

Consider these factors in addition to the special features of Mains 365 to choose the current affairs programme that best fits your UPSC Mains test study approach.

Benefit vs. Cost:

The precise cost-effectiveness of Mains 365 in relation to rivals can only be ascertained with accurate information regarding programme pricing, which is subject to change. How to approach the comparison is as follows:

Compile Data:

  • Mains 365 Cost: To determine the cost of the 20-day Intensive Course and the year-round Resource Package, visit the Vision IAS website or contact them personally.
  • Pricing of Competitors: Check out the websites or contact other organisations providing Mains current affairs courses. Please find out the specifics of their programme costs.

Comparing Prices:

  • Direct Cost: After obtaining pricing details, contrast Mains 365’s up-front expenses with other programmes’ expenses. Take into account any applicable discounts or packaged goods.

Worth for Money:

  • Features & Advantages: Consider more than simply the cost. Examine the features and advantages that each programme has to offer. Think about elements such as:
    • Content: Is there a focus on syllabus integration, thorough coverage, and in-depth analysis?
    • Extra Resources: Does it provide access to online study resources, mentorship opportunities, or sessions to address doubts?
    • Format: Is it structured or self-paced to fit your learning style?

Hypothetical Example Scenario:

  1. Mains 365 (20-day course) costs ₹10,000.
  2. Rival A: ₹8,000 (with comparable features and format).
  3. Rival B: ₹12,000 (comprising extra resources such as sessions for clearing doubts).

In this case, Competitor A may appear more affordable at first. Still, Mains 365 may provide superior value despite its higher price if its daily schedule and emphasis better serve your demands on syllabus integration.

On the other hand, the higher expense could make sense if you depend on Competitor B’s resources more than they do.

Extra Things To Think About:

Success Rates: An institute may offer more value for the money if it presents examples of prior achievements or testimonies about how its current affairs programme produced positive outcomes.

Reputation: The program’s sponsoring institute’s standing may also be important. A reputable organisation such as Viorganisationld provide more assurance regarding the calibre of the curriculum.


Cost-effectiveness is a personal opinion. The most affordable programme might not provide the value you require, and the most costly programme is sometimes the best.

What you can do is as follows:

  • Set your needs in order of priority: Determine which elements of a current affairs program—format, content, extra resources—are most important to you.
  • Value-based comparison: Consider the features and benefits you receive for your money and the price tag.
  • Free Materials To enhance your preparation, look at complimentary resources like official websites (PIB) and reliable news outlets (The Hindu, The Indian Express).

For your UPSC Mains current affairs preparation, you can evaluate whether Mains 365 is the most affordable choice by closely examining the prices, features, and value provided.


Call to Action:

Important lessons learned from Mains 365 for preparing for UPSC Mains:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: Vision IAS’s Mains 365 provides an in-depth study of current affairs in several sectors pertinent to the UPSC Mains syllabus.
  2. It goes beyond headlines to assist you in comprehending their context, significance, and relationship to the syllabus to write excellent responses.
  3. Expert Analysis: Skilled instructors offer perceptive commentary on current events, enabling you to assess them critically and deftly apply them to your Mains test responses.
  4. Emphasis on Mains Relevance: The curriculum helps you connect current affairs and certain GS Mains syllabus themes and topics. This guarantees you can exhibit a comprehensive comprehension and the capacity to utilise your knowledge in practical scenarios.
  5. 2 Options for Flexibility: Select a year-round resource package featuring updated booklets for self-paced learning or a 20-day intensive course with daily sessions on changing current issues.

Is Mains 365 a useful tool for UPSC Mains preparation?

Of course! Your chances of passing the UPSC Mains exam can be greatly increased by becoming an expert in current affairs and judiciously incorporating it into your replies.

You may successfully integrate current events in your preparation using the knowledge, analytical abilities, and strategic approach Mains 365 provides.

All set to discover Mains 365?

For comprehensive details about the programme, including the most recent information on course offerings and costs, see the Vision IAS website.

If you have any specific questions about Mains 365 or their UPSC coaching programmes, you might want to contact Vision IAS personally.

Recall that a well-rounded strategy and consistent effort are essential for success in the UPSC Mains exam.

Although Mains 365 can be an effective tool for improving your understanding of current affairs and your ability to write answers, it’s crucial to incorporate it into a thorough UPSC preparation plan.

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People Also Ask:

What is mains 365 Vision IAS?

Through the 20-day Mains-365 programme, civil service aspirants can benefit from unique, all-encompassing coverage of 1 YEAR of current affairs for GS Mains from Vision IAS. With its comprehensive curriculum, students will have daily plenary sessions covering key areas related to the Mains examination.

What is the difference between PT365 and mains 365?

While monthly current affairs contain information and concerns pertinent to mains as well, PT 365 often covers only those facts crucial for prelims. In general, PT 365 is a compilation created from these monthly current affairs coordinated and compiled in one location.

What is the difference between vision value added material and mains 365?

While VISION IAS PT 365 provides significant issues connected to the UPSC Prelim test, Vision IAS Mains 365 primarily covers the vital topics linked to the UPSC Mains exam.

What is mains in UPSC?

The second part of the Civil Services Examination is the UPSC Mains exam. Those who qualify for the UPSC Mains as IAS candidates must first pass the Prelims, scoring higher than the cutoff in General Studies Paper I and higher than 33% in General Studies Paper II (CSAT).

Which monthly magazine is best for UPSC by toppers?

  1. Top Current Affairs Magazine for Yojana Magazine, UPSC CSE. One of the most-read current affairs magazines is Yojana, the UPSC magazine.
  2. The Kurukshetra.
  3. PrepareMagazine.
  4. Darpan Pratiyogita.
  5. Every Week in Economics and Politics (EPW).
  6. The magazine Down To Earth (DTW).

Mains 365 Vision IAS 2024 release date

The 20-day course Mains 365 2024 is currently out of stock. However, you can get it via their official website.

Mains 365 Vision IAS PDF free download

Mains 365 Vision IAS current affairs

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Lord Krishna With Cow

Lord Krishna With Cow Topic: Lord Krishna With Cow Lord Krishna With Cow Introduction to… Read More

2 months ago

Early Pregnancy Detection Kit

Early Pregnancy Detection Kit Topic: Early Pregnancy Detection Kit Early Pregnancy Detection Kit Introduction: Definition… Read More

2 months ago

IFB Air Conditioner Review

IFB Air Conditioner Review Topic: IFB Air Conditioner Review IFB Air Conditioner Review Introduction: Introduction… Read More

2 months ago

Loreal Shampoo With Conditioner

Loreal Shampoo With Conditioner Topic: Loreal Shampoo With Conditioner Loreal Shampoo With Conditioner Welcome to… Read More

2 months ago

Lotus Professional PhytoRx Whitening & Brightening Cream Product Review

Lotus Professional PhytoRx Whitening & Brightening Cream Product Review Topic: Lotus Professional PhytoRx Whitening & Brightening… Read More

2 years ago

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Crystal Micro-Essence Product Review

L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Crystal Micro-Essence Product Review Topic: L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Crystal Micro-Essence Product Review L'Oreal… Read More

2 years ago

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