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Getting Rid of Candida Overgrowth

Candida overgrowth is a common occurrence that often gets misdiagnosed, and therefore mistreated. If you have been getting frequent yeast infections, are fatigued, or have persistent abdominal discomfort, it might be from too much candida in your body. Here are some different ways you can get rid of it.
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Following a Candida-Fighting Diet
For a candida diet, you will be cutting back on sugar and refined carbohydrates, including sweets, bread, potatoes, baked goods, rice, and most grains. Instead, you will replace them with whole, fresh foods like some fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. Try to add in fermented foods, coconut oil, cruciferous vegetables, citrus fruits, and spices like cinnamon and garlic.
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Add in Exercise to Your Routine
This is also a good time to start getting more exercise into your regular routine. Candida overgrowth doesn’t just affect your gut, but your physical health, energy levels, and mood. To combat this, it helps to start getting routine physical activity. You don’t want to make it strenuous just yet, but try to get 20-30 minutes of walking or other simple aerobic exercise a few days a week. This is going to improve your mood and is wonderful for increasing your energy levels.
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Increase the Good Bacteria
In addition to changing your diet to help fight off the excess yeast, you also want to promote good bacteria in your gut. The first way to do this is to change your diet of course, including more fermented foods. After that, it is a good idea to take a probiotic, which is filled with good bacteria. You don’t have to take this long-term, but at the very least, take it for a few months to help treat the candida overgrowth.
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Deal with Any Emotional Issues
There are also some behavioral and mood changes that can help when you deal with candida overgrowth that need to be addressed. You might notice that you have heightened anxiety or stress, or that you start stress eating, which means you might teat foods not allowed on a candida diet. You need to get to the root cause of any emotional issues you have. This might already start to cure itself with your candida diet, but some of these issues may have been present before. Talk to a doctor, get therapy if needed, and get regular exercise to help with your mood.
Candida overgrowth is very treatable as long as you stick to your diet and take those probiotics.

Getting Rid of Candida Overgrowth
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