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Thousands of Medicines / Drugs are bearing on the market everyday. The last 450 years have seen estimable development in Science and Technology, specifically in the field of Medicine.  Thanks to the world of Scientists, Researchers and Engineers, who have made it possible. Centuries of machinery and equipments are available for diagnosis and treatment.

But, with all these advancements, man has not captured Diseases and Degeneration. As a matter of fact, the health is degenerating faster, with advanced lifestyle. Though the caliber of Life today is attractive, the Quality of LIVING is pathetic.

Preventable diseases like DIABETES, ARTHRITIS, BP, ASTHMA, HEART DISEASES, KIDNEY PROBLEMS, LIVER DISEASES, CANCER and NEUROLOGICAL Problems are increasing at an alerting speed.

Manageable (even recoverable, heavily !) disorders like HARMONE problems, INFERTILITY, IMPOTENCY, STRESS, MIGRAINE, INSOMNIA, OBESITY, ALLERGIES, skin disorder*, HAIR-LOSS, COSMETIC problems and Body PAINS are haunting man-kind to unmanageable proportions. There is a chronic patient in every home today, practically. Simple health issues are becoming major CHRONIC Diseases leading to permanent disabilities. The net result is: ‘Man exists – He does not Live’. It is time for us to act intelligently. ”

DXN is committed to this campaign of giving a healing-touch to the needy-consumers, who are suffering from a wide range of sickness including, Diabetes, Arthritis, BP (hyper tension), Asthma, Allergies, Heart Diseases (CHD), Kidney Problems (Dialysis),Liver Diseases, Cancer, Neurological Problems, SLE & Immune System Disorders, Hormone Problems, Infertility, Menstrual Problems, Impotency, Stress, Migraine, Insomnia, Obesity, Dental Problems, Skin Problems, Hair-Loss, Facial Cosmetic Problems