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Drink Water More Easily

For your heart, lungs, skin, and muscles to function correctly, you need to be drinking a lot of water. Your body is made up of around sixty percent water, so it’s vital you need to keep hydrated at all times.
Water helps you get rid of toxic waste from your body, makes your joints move more freely and makes absorbing nutrients much easier.
People know full well that water can help them lose weight but not everyone, likes the taste or find it difficult to drink altogether, so this article goes over different ways to make your water drinking lifestyle easier.
Image result for 1. Drink water in the morning
1.    Drink water in the morning
When you’re hungry, you eat the first thing you see, and that is the same when it comes to being thirsty. If the first thing you see is water when you wake up, then it makes sense to put a bottle or two next to your bedside.
Water kickstarts your metabolism and gets you set up for the day ahead. If you struggle at first drinking the water, you can try sipping it throughout the morning.
Image result for Put bottles of water in the fridge
2.    Put bottles of water in the fridge
Water from the tap might not be a cold as you’d like it to be, so make sure always to have at least a bottle that is chilled. To make sure you drink three liters daily, grab three one-liter bottles and mark them in thirds. Aim to drink a third every 1 hr, and you’ll be well ahead of the recommended levels.
Image result for Add a little flavor to water
3.    Add a little flavor 
Plain water is boring to drink and can be a put off for most people, but by adding a little fruit or herbs, you’ll create an entirely new drinking experience.
Slice up fruit such as lemon, oranges and cucumbers and herbs like mint and basil. Fill your water pitchers or bottles with them and let settle for two hours. As your bottles become empty, add more water and store.
Many people have found success with this method and love drinking water now. Just make sure to use new fruit and herbs every couple of days.
4.    Grab a Bottle Buddy
Drinking from random bottles and taps can make you feel uneasy and less likely to drink water at all. Buy or use a bottle that you are comfortable with and you’ll find you’re drinking water more often. This is a habit that has worked wonders for children especially.
Image result for 5.    Try Soda Water
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5.    Try Soda Water
Want a little fizz in your life? Try drinking soda water to become fully hydrated. If you need a little flavor, then add a drop of lime or lemon. It’s better to drink soda water instead of soft-drinks and avoid tonic water as that contains to much sugar.
Image result for 6.    Set Reminders to drink water
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6.    Set Reminders
If you have a busy lifestyle, you can forget to drink water which will cause you to be tired and sluggish. With today’s technology, there are apps that can send you notifications to drink water, but a quick and simple method is to set your phone’s alarm to remind you to drink water.
It doesn’t have to be a difficult task to drink water, use the helpful tips above and you’ll be drinking more than the three liters that are recommended.


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