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What is Candida Overgrowth?

Candida overgrowth is often responsible for chronic fatigue, digestive issues, mental health changes, and many other ailments. Candida is a fungus that already exists in your body, in the form of yeast. This is what often causes fungal infections in the form of rashes or with yeast infections. However, some people have an overgrowth of the candida in their body, which can lead to other physical and mental changes.
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Where Does Candida Overgrowth Come From?
It is important that you understand the candida (yeast) is already in your body. There is nothing wrong with having it; the problem occurs when it starts to grow and can cause other side effects. Candida usually lives in your mouth and intestines, so it can cause anything from oral thrush to gut problems, emotional or behavioral changes, fatigue, and so much more.
The cause of an abundance of candida in your body can come from different sources, but it is more common in people that kill off the good bacteria in their gut. This commonly occurs when you have one too many rounds of antibiotics. Your gut has good and bad bacteria that provides a peaceful balance, but if you lose too much good bacteria, the bad bacteria takes over and can cause a growth of the candida.
Other things that can lead to candida overgrowth include:
Eating too much sugar and refined carbohydrates
Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol
Having a lot of stress in your life
Taking certain medications, like oral contraceptives
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Signs and Symptoms
The combination of symptoms of candida overgrowth are what might convince your doctor to test you for it. This is because many of these symptoms often point to other medical conditions. Here are some of the more common symptoms that you might have candida or yeast overgrowth:
Chronic, severe fatigue that doesn’t get better no matter what you try.
Craving sweets and processed carbohydrates.
Mood and behavioral changes.
Increase in anxiety, stress, and depression.
Frequent, recurring infections, including vaginal infections, UTIs, and skin infections.
Digestive and gut issues.
Problems with focus and concentration.


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