Suffering from high blood sugar levels can be quite damaging to your health over a long period. Even thou eating clean can help you lower your blood sugar, levels; other foods can help.
If you feel you’re getting tired during the day, then you do not maintain the right levels of blood sugar. By getting the right levels, your body will be working at optimal levels allowing you to get through the day without feeling tired.
To help you maintain your blood sugar levels, below are several ways to help you have more energy.

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1.    Check Protein
Eating carbs purely will cause your blood sugar levels to rise. Making a switch to protein only for a few weeks will help lower your levels, and it’s very effective for people suffering from type 2 diabetes.
It’s the reason why bodybuilders are drinking their fair share of protein; they need more energy. Protein helps repair damaged cell tissues and other cells in the body.

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2.    Eat Nuts
Nuts on their own or with any dish you can of. A handful of nuts per day are all you need to keep your blood sugar levels at bay. Nuts contain a high amount of healthy fats, carbs and a fantastic source of many nutrients such as Vitamin E and magnesium.
Eating nuts help lower the risk of type 2 diabetes as your replacing high carb foods with nuts which lower your blood sugar levels.

Bring Balance to Your Blood Sugar Levels

3.    Use Natural Sweeteners
Using everyday sweeteners or refined white sugar can cause your blood sugar levels to rise. You can make a change by using natural sweeteners such as raw honey or maple syrup, and the other benefit is that natural sweeteners contain added vitamins and minerals.

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4.    Get Sleep
When you’re tired, it can be hard to remember things even those that are quite important, and you may even feel edgy. This is because your blood sugar levels are unbalanced. By getting a good night, sleep will make you feel calm, less stressed and lower your blood sugar levels. It also decreases your risk of heart attack and stroke.

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5.    Add a little fiber
You can help balance your blood sugar levels by eating foods which are high in fiber such as apples and fruits with skins that are edible. You can even take it a little step further and add a little fiber to your meals.

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6.    Go for a walk
Instead of hitting the couch after a meal, go for a little walk which also helps with digesting your food. You only need to walk for around 10 – 15 minutes and your blood sugar levels will return to normal.
You can also go for a walk before your meals as it will get your metabolism working making breaking down your food easier which helps prevent your blood sugar levels from rising.
Use as too many of these clean eating tips as possible to keep your blood sugar levels from rising. You’ll see the benefits almost instantly.