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How to Drop Water Weight Using These Methods

How to Drop Water Weight Using These Methods
You’ve got excess water that your body cannot seem to flush out and all you need it to drop at least 1lb to fit into your pair of jeans,  but everything you try doesn’t seem to work. We’ll go over a few ways on how you can drop the excess load.
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1.    Drink Water
You want to get rid of excess water so why drink more? The water that is currently retained in your body is due to the amounts of salt and lack of drinking water. By drinking more water, you’ll be diluting the salt, bringing a good balance of sodium. This will help reduce the inflammation, and you’ll start to notice that excess water is being flushed out of your system.
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2.    Practice Clean Eating
Clean eating is not a diet but more of a lifestyle of enjoying your food while getting all the health benefits that come with it. When you eat clean, you’ll be eating a lot more whole foods which contain anti-inflammatory properties. It helps you lose weight and drop excess water.
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3.    Sweat
You can sweat in different ways like exercise or getting in the sauna. It’s the perfect way to flush toxins out of your body. The more that you sweat, the more water your body will flush out your system, and you’ll start to see more benefits. By exercising consistently, you’ll allow oxygen to flow more freely through the body which is an added benefit due to it helping reduce water retention.
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4.    Get rid of sugar
Refined sugar is one of the main causes of inflammation. As you’re consuming the sugar, your blood sugar levels will rise and fall which causes stress on your body.  With stress present, your insulin levels will be low which causes a rise in inflammation.
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5.    Walk Everyday
Walking is considered exercise but what most people don’t realize is that a little stroll will get your blood flowing and raise your levels of oxygen which reduces inflammation. Walking for around 30 minutes each day will help you flush excess water out of your system.
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6.    Reduce Salt
Salt was mentioned in one of the tips above, but it needs to be stressed that this one of the major contributors to water retention. If you’re going to have salt with your meals, Himalayan salt is beneficial to as opposed to normal table salt.
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7.    Eat less healthy carbs.
Not all carbs are unhealthy, and even in the keto diet, you’re told to avoid them completely. You can eat healthy carbs such as fruits and vegetables in their natural form. If you can afford it, then go organic. The carbs that need to be avoided are ones found in processed food which retains water.
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8.    Sleep
As you sleep, your body goes through a natural detox and heals itself which brings balance to the body as a whole. It’s the healing part of sleep that regenerates cells which fight off unwanted toxins and help flush out water.
Follow the tips above, and you’ll be getting into those jeans sooner than you think. People have reported that following a clean eating regime, they’ve lost up to 10lbs in week purely from dropping water weight.


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