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10 Ways To Use Tea Tree Oil (Product tips, how to and review 2016) ✖ James Welsh

[VidSitePro id=3 ][Music] hello everybody welcome back to my channel first things first excuse my hair I’m experimenting with a few different products at the moment and this one is kind of so ignore anyway this video is not about my hair today this video is all about the 10 ways I like to use tea tree oil now throughout this whole video we’ll be talking about the diluted version of tea tree oil even though tea tree oil is one of the very few oils you can apply directly onto your skin without diluting my skin would go crazy it’ll kind of burn it will go red so I like to use this is from the body shop this is pre diluted for me so it’s good to just whack on my face and of course follow me on all my social media and don’t forget to subscribe as well I’m doing roughly 1 or 2 videos a week depending on how I feel and if I have anything to talk about so yeah subscribe and you won’t miss any of my videos let’s go straight into it with number 1 so I shave very rarely what I do is just as a little patch under here as you can see all my facial hairs everywhere and because I don’t show you that often I haven’t really invested in a good razor so I use one of those disposable razors you know the more expensive kind not that that makes a difference at all really but of course with that I’m gonna get cuts so I will apply a bit of tea tree oil directly onto the cut now tea tree oil is an antibacterial agent and anti-inflammatory as well so what this does is immediately starts to heal that wound and it’s also antiseptic so it’s going to keep it nice and clean this also helps heal the cut super quick as well and not left with any of those really horrible dark scars and scabs leftover from the cut number two this is for only extreme circumstances and I mean extreme I will sometimes not always I will use tea tree oil as an emergency deodorant these are all those days where you forgot to buy deodorant and no one in the house is any deodorant you can borrow take a little bit of tea tree oil a little bit of baking powder and just rub that onto your armpit and then just wipe the excess away this is going to keep you smelling fresh and a little bit drive throughout the day like I said extreme circumstances but it’s always good to have this around just in case number three I permanently feel like I have a blocked nose in summer I have hay fever in winter I have a cold I’m not really sure if this is my natural voice because I just feel like I’m constantly nasally so what I like to do is take some Vaseline in the middle of my palm put a few drops of tea tree on that then just rub it on my nose on my sinuses here and also just on my temples if I have like a sinus tea headache and this is going to help clear your blocked nose it’s going to help clear any congestion kind of like Vicks rub without that stinging sensation which I do kind of like but I find that tea tree is a lot softer and you can also sleep comfortably tea tree is really good at helping clear abut up nose number four of course tea tree is great for fighting acne I use a lot of products with tea tree in where it’s a toner and moisturizer or a cleanser tea tree seems to be like a miracle ingredient when it comes to spots and acne as I mentioned before tea tree is an anti-inflammatory and an antibacterial product so what this is going to do is take away that redness and that bumpiness and that kind of like soreness that you get when you have acne fight that spot causing bacteria as well as an antifungal and it’s not gonna dry out your skin which is a huge plus obviously a lot of people do try prescription medication and which can read right out your skin and other direct spot treatments can really really dry out your skin so your tea tree a go if you haven’t already diluted tea tree number five sticking to the whole spot thing a few drops of this in your daily moisturizer can help get rid of scars and dark spots left over from acne and of course prevent any more spots or acne appearing this isn’t going to mess with any of the ingredients because it is very natural and you’re also going to find tea tree and a lot of kind of teenage to mid young adult or whatever kind of moisturizers anyway so all you’re doing is giving your moisturizer a little bit that boosts it’s going to help fight acne throughout the day and without leaving you smelling completely like tea tree oil whereas in the night you can just apply the straight on your face with a cotton pad number six is going to help control foot odor it’s really really simple just a few drops in your hand and massage that between your toes and all round your foot and of course it’s antifungal so it’s going to help battle that bacteria that pretty much gives you body odor number seven this can actually help with an itchy and flaky scalp so being an antifungal this help kills the bacteria on your scalp which over produces skin cells which then leads to blocked follicles flakes and dandruff so on the days that I’m washing my head for a shampoo or takes on this and massage this into my scalp you don’t to be massaging that shampoo into your scalp because it might not be all that scalp friendly but a few drops of this massage didn’t leave for about 15 minutes and then wash it out of your shampoo number eight also goes along with this this can actually help with hair loss and hair fall now I can’t pronounce this very well but tissue contains terrapin 400 L or ole as I mentioned this contains antifungal and antibacterial properties so this is going to help fight the bacteria that can lead to clogging up those hair follicles and it’s also an anti-angiogenic which can help against male hair loss now is male only because of something to do with the male hormones of course I have really thick hair so I did find that when I was doing this my head did get a little bit thicker over the space of maybe three to four weeks if you’re finding that your hair is thinning or falling out quite a bit it give this a go if your hair follicles aren’t dead and fully blocked then this may be a good resort to kind of renewing those hair follicles and letting that hair grow back through now it’s not a miracle product but it’s definitely worth a go number nine this consume irritated skin so whether it’s a shaving rash a sunburn or you’ve had a really bad reaction to a product what you need to do is get a very water-based moisturizer something like aloe vera gel put a few drops of this in and what the teacher is gonna do is help boost that moisturizing gel to take the information right down it’s gonna take away the itching it’s also going to take away any redness kind of take away that unsightly Ness and make you feel a bit more comfortable a bit more relieved I like to kind of mix it together keep it in the fridge and then apply it and number 10 my favourite is I use this when I steam my face I don’t think I’ve ever talked about steaming face in any of my skincare routines I probably haven’t but when I feel like my face is full of and gunk and I just want to get all that crap out of my face what I do is boil a kettle pour that water into the sink put a few drops of tea tree oil in then put a towel over my face over the sink and let that steam loosen up my pores so when I cleanse it really helps to get rid of all that gunk in my skin different oils do different things so tea tree oil is perfect for oily and spot prone skin it’s going to help with acne prone skin it’s going to take away that redness it’s going to take away the shininess as well if you have oily skin but it’s going to leave you a really bright and renewed looking skin so yeah I probably steam my face once every three weeks if that and it’s not something I do all that often but I really recommend it if you’re feeling like your skin just needs that little bit of a boost if it’s looking a little bit dull a little bit drab if your dryer combination skin put rose oil in it they aren’t my ten ways to use tea tree oil if you guys have any other ways that use tea tree or your favorite tea tree products leave them down below let everyone know what you’re using if you got any products that you want to see ten ways to use and leave that down below as well this is an ongoing series I’ve got a few more products but after that I think I have to start looking around for different products to talk about yes subscribe do all that follow me on everything but that is it for now I will see you next time

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10 Ways To Use Tea Tree Oil (Product tips, how to and review 2016) ✖ James Welsh
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