How Much Do Health Care Administrator Make?

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How Much Do Health Care Administrator Make?

How Much Do Health Care Administrator Make
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Today, I am going to talk about Health Care Administrator Functions and Duties etc but before that let us know what is a health care administrator and then will see how much do health care administrator make?.

What is a health care administrator?

A healthcare manager directs and monitors the daily activities in a healthcare facility. Unlike doctors and nurses, health administrators have minimal contact with patients. Instead, they work to develop policies and procedures, make necessary changes, and provide leadership to the facility. This article will further highlight the primary responsibilities of health care administrators, their work environment, academic qualifications, and job prospects.

Key Roles of Health Managers

  • Make sure that the establishment offers services in accordance with applicable laws.
  • Conduct research to find new ways to improve the level of service delivery within your facility.
  • Monitor and manage the processes used by the establishment to store and use information.
  • Participate in the development of new strategies that ensure that the information is accessible, legible, accurate and secure.
  • Supervise the training of new staff.
  • Participate in the formulation of the budget.
  • Evaluate payroll to verify that it is accurate.
  • Participate in disciplinary actions against offending staff members.

Work environment

Most health care administrators work 40 hours a week. However, in some cases they have to work harder. These may include during emergencies or when the number of patient visits increases. Most of their work is done within the health facility. Some may travel to inspect satellite facilities, attend conferences, and meet potential clients.

Health administrators are highly qualified individuals who fulfill important leadership roles. As leaders, they have strong management and organizational skills to keep staff up to date and ensure facilities run smoothly. When dealing with staff and patients, they are often faced with volatile situations that require effective problem-solving skills. In such situations, health administrators think creatively to find effective solutions. Health administrators also have a better understanding of the legal framework governing the health care sector. They often apply this knowledge to make sure the facility is operating as required by law.

Qualifications to become Health Care Administrator:

The minimum academic qualification for those who work as health care administrators is a bachelor’s degree in health administration or public health. Since administrators perform very important roles, many employers require individuals with higher education, such as a master’s or doctorate. Those with a bachelor’s degree often work for smaller health facilities and clinics as administrators or assistant principals. They also earn less than those with a master’s degree.

Career path

Healthcare administrators often begin their careers in entry-level positions. Most of them start out as deputy administrators or department heads as they gain more experience and rise through the ranks. To manage a large facility, one may be required to have at least three years of experience and a state license. State licensing may require one to have considerable experience and proof of academic excellence.

How to be a health care administrator step by step:

  1. The first step to becoming a health care administrator is obtaining a bachelor’s degree. Although there are degrees and specializations specifically geared toward becoming health care administrators, such as a degree in health care administration, business administration, or human resources, there are also many other bachelor’s degrees that can help you. For example, some health administrators go to school for nursing or public health and go into administration from those fields.
  2. The next step in becoming a health care manager is gaining the right experience for the job. Depending on the bachelor’s degree you have earned, you may have several options for obtaining relevant work experience. If you graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing or another medical professional, finding work in those areas can provide you with invaluable experience that you can use as a health care manager. If you earned your degree in healthcare or business administration, you can find other experience through entry-level clerical jobs.
  3. Although health administrators work primarily in hospitals and other health facilities, you can also gain experience in other organizations. Business and insurance company management experience can be very helpful to you as a health care manager and can also make your work history attractive to hiring managers.
  4. After gaining valuable work experience in a relevant field, the next step to becoming a health administrator is to complete a master’s program. Choosing which master’s degree you need for a health administrator position is similar to choosing a bachelor’s degree. Many health administrators earn their master’s degrees in a variety of fields, including business administration, public administration, or public health.
  5. One way to decide which master’s degree to pursue is to use your college degree as a starting point. For example, if your college degree was in business administration, it might be easier to get accepted into an MBA program.
  6. A graduate health care manager program or scholarship, although not required by some organizations, is an effective way to get further education and experience in the field. A fellowship typically lasts one to two years and gives you the opportunity to work directly with hospitals and other healthcare facilities and their administrative staff. These programs are typically paid positions that allow you to rotate between departments and hospital assignments. This practice can help you learn the different tasks that healthcare managers perform and train you to work in various departments.
  7. In the field of health care administration, there are more specific titles than Health Care Administrator, including General Manager, Director of Patient Care, and Nursing Officer. Use your interests and previous experience to guide you in your search for the right position. For example, if you are more interested in mental health, consider applying for an administrative position at a mental health facility. If you want to work in long-term care or care for the elderly, you can start by looking for administrative positions at these facilities.

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How much do health care administrator make?

The healthcare industry remains one of the largest employers in the country. As baby boomers remain active until they retire and the median age population grows, more healthcare professionals will be needed to adequately respond to these demographic changes. This presents a bright future for healthcare administrators. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects that demand for healthcare administrators will increase 20 percent from 2016 to 2026. The Bureau also puts their median annual salary at $ 96,540.

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