There are hundreds of MLM companies,then what makes DXN special?
 The two across-the-board parameters to see in a company are:
(1) Product
(2) System

a) that can repeatedly be used at the shortest interval
b) that can be used by the biggest section of population irrespective of age

The System,
a) that continues the membership alive without any renewal or refilling year on year
b) that remunerates on a global basis

Is the one that will stay for long and grow. And all those who stay for long will certainly get repeated INCOME.

Now, let’s see why is a DXN product so special:

There are 3 types of dependencies everybody passes through.
1. Physiological
2. Pathological
3. Financial

Why DXN is a special MLM Company?

There are many seniors in families who need help even to go to the wash room. Their mobility is very much affected and this is named as physiological dependency.

There are many who say they take more medications than food. Without some form of medicine their day does not start neither end. This is called pathological dependency.

There are a lot of seniors, who after retirement, for their own personal disbursals depend on their adult children. This is what we say financial dependency.

Now, if someone consumes Ganoderma regularly his energy state is enhanced and his mobility is largely effective and he becomes least dependent.

Regular consumption preserves immune system so well that his recourse to medicines gets reduced.

If someone plugs into the system for lifelong he will certainly get repeated Income and that too on a worldwide basis. 

Why DXN is a special MLM Company?
There is no multi-level marketing company I experience of has the system of remunerating the distributors with a single membership number and you need not have to register in every country to get net worth from that country’s network if you develop one. Your one Membership number in the country of your origin is suffice to gain income from every country.

So the main course product Ganoderma, whether you are healthy or unhealthy can be consumed irrespective of any age. It has no fallouts or side effects. There is no cross chemical reaction therefore can be combined with any system of medicine.Ganoderma since is added to all the products that we use daily like toothpaste, soap, shampoo, coffee & tea; it has a wider utilization profile.

Health & Wealth in a single place.
Thus :-